Thursday, August 19, 2010


Look at my profile picture (that would be my profile profile).

See those black pants I am wearing? Those are actually my very favorite pair of jeans. They are my favorite, because they are so comfortable.

Plus, being black, they are "slimming." Yea, yea, go ahead, giggle ... I know.

Well, I can't wear them anymore. I accidentally splashed bleach on them. WHAT was I thinking, pouring bleach while wearing black pants? I am so mad at myself. Honestly, that was just not very bright.

I washed them right away, hoping for the best. The spots are visible, but the true telling is when I put them on. If my shirt hangs over it far enough, I might be able to still wear them in public. (My shirts ALWAYS hang out. I gave up tucking in about 100 pounds ago.)

So, I tried them on.

Look at my profile profile again. That is the last day I'll ever be able to wear my all-time favorite black jeans in public.

The bleach splash isn't the reason though. The pants are, literally, too big on me. I am not getting rid of them just yet, however, because I am going to put them on for my next picture, to show my progress.

I've decided to post a progress picture at the three-month mark, which would be October 20th (or thereabouts).

I will use that progress photo as my incentive to demonstrate self-control over the Thanksgiving holiday. Come on, you know what I'm talking about! I swear, stuffing talks to me and gravy sings ... just not this year. haha !!

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  1. Bleach, on my that will end a pair of jeans fast. But losing weight and ending apair of jeans for that reason, oh so satisfying. Hang on to those jeans and see what they fit like a year from now. Look forward to your 3 month picture.