Monday, August 2, 2010

Confession is Good for the Soul

Okay, I totally cheated, and peeked at the scale this afternoon. All the wonderful NSVs were hinting at wonderful things to come, and I just had to take a quick look. Curiosity got the better of me (plus, I was washing the bathroom floor, and the scale just happened to be in need of handling). Excuses, excuses, I know!

I'm TRYING not to get too excited, because the formal number could be completely different tomorrow.

However, may I just say ...

Yeeee-haaawwwww !!!!

Oh, I am SO doing a happy dance, jiggly parts are flapping everywhere - watch out!

Good-bye 300s!!

There is my perfect extra incentive for next week's vacation - I do NOT want to revisit that number, ever, ever again!

It is so TWO-tiful on this side of the number ... I'd almost forgotten ...

Okay, my silly demonstration is over. I have to save something for my official weigh-in tomorrow. Wanna see a preview? Check out the newly added progress ticker at the very bottom of my blog page! I'll make adjustments to it tomorrow, if the number changes between now and then.


  1. Yay!! That is so awesome - huge victory, keep it going!!

  2. Wow, I don't blame you for a silly demonstration... demonstrate away, that is fantastic! A wonderful milestone. Yay you!!


  3. Hey girl! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...I hope you'll join in on the challenge! It's not too late! :)

  4. Thank you, all, for sharing in my mini-celebration. I really do appreciate all your kind well wishes and pats on the back. These are the fun weeks, where all the hard work shows on the scale. It won't always be like that, so I'm having fun with it, enjoying the moment. Thanks for celebrating with me! Your turn next ...