Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BIG Anniversary, BIG results - Death By Food (133)

Warm December greetings, Everyone!  I have an important anniversary coming up in a few weeks.  On Thursday, December 17, 2009, my doctor informed me I weighed (officially) 327 lbs.  It was my maximum weight, according to the doctor's scale.  Of course, on my home scale, I ultimately reached 330 lbs ... 

What a difference a year makes!

Right now, this very minute, I weigh 70 lbs LESS than I did on December 17, 2009.  That would be 257 lbs, for those mathematically challenged.  I cannot wait to see what my weight will be on December 17th, a little over two weeks from now.  Most of the weight loss (50 lbs) has occurred since officially starting my diet in late July. 

This is day 133 for me.  This year has had its ups and downs, like every year, but healthwise, it was good.  I've had 133 days of (finally) being thoughtful in how I cared for myself.  Next year, healthwise at least, it will be AWESOME.  I'm getting better at it, with more practice.  The decisions and sacrifices come easier.  The temptations are weaker and fewer in number.  Habits are changing, new (better) ones are forming. 

Three months into my diet, and my doctor pulled me completely off my cholesterol medication!  Now, 4.5 months into it, I sleep better.  I move easier.  I breathe easier.  My knee doesn't complain very often anymore.  I don't have to hold my breath, just to tie my shoes.  Heck, I can easily bend TO tie my shoes!  I have infinitely more clothing options.  I enjoy more stamina ... the list is endless.  And it only gets better and better.  The hardest part, actually, was getting my mind into gear to actually start doing something. 

I could kick myself for not doing this sooner, but why?  I'm doing it now, and it does me no good to beat myself up for the past.  What matters is today.  I can make a difference today.  And each day, I choose to make a difference.  Some days, the changes are large and obvious.  Other days, I don't notice a thing, but I know I did my best that day.  And those tiny little changes DO add up, over time.

Well, we made it through another year.  It is hard to believe, we have a mere 31 days left, before greeting 2011.  And I'm going to make these last 31 days of 2010 count!  It gets easier on January first (every year), because the world - it seems - jumps on the diet bandwagon.  Tips and stories and products and discounts are everywhere.  Everyone wants to join the gym in January.  It isn't so easy in December, with the treats and rich food and crazy schedules ... the "well, I can always start anew on January 1st" attitudes ... MY attitude, in years' past. 

Not this year!

I don't know what the scale will read on December 17th (two weeks from Friday), but it will be a far different number than it was last year.  It took work, but the hardest part, actually, has been overcoming ME and my own tendencies to "treat" myself at every whim, or to try something unhealthy, "just this once." 

Persistence pays - ALWAYS. 

I persistently made bad choices, and I got to 327 lbs.  Now, persistently making good choices, I hope to get to 145 lbs.  It has been many decades since I've seen that number, but maybe the scale will have a pleasant surprise on December 17, 2011.  Time will tell, but I'm making no excuses, and I'm done being "kind" to myself, to the point of slowly killing myself - death by food.

Too much of a good thing is never good.

So, December is going to be my "big push" month.  I want to end 2010 with the best health possible.  As Patrick said in his post today (Blog: Responsibility 199), let's end the year strong!  I'm there, and the push is on, starting today - December 1st.

Day 133 (one-third of a  year!!) ... ready to tackle December, and end this year with the best possible achievements?


  1. Totally. December 1. Last month of 2010~ I can't wait.

    You are so rock'n. I love hearing about people coming OFF medications. That is awesome.

    The husband and I often laugh and make up other "side effect" of the commercial meds on TV... Synolbivitious...may cause you to devolve into a dinosaur....

    Less medication is good! :D Here is to a fabulous december!

  2. Congrats that is great news. You should be so frickin proud of yourself. Keep up the great work. Gracie

  3. Ann's "SMALL" journey?
    That's big-wonderful and small!
    Congrats - slowly killing yourself (?)
    And really just suffering, more than actually dying....
    We wouldn't let a scoundrel suffer like that....
    Yet we once "happily" did it to ourselves!

  4. 70 pounds in less than a year? Ann, that really is awesome! I can't believe it! You are doing SO GREAT!

    It's time for me to get back on it, and stop "happily" sabotaging myself!
    You're so right, no waiting till the Jan 1st. NOW!

  5. Great post!!! Reading parts of it gave me goosebumps. Your progress is amazing! You are going to kick extra butt this month, girlfriend!

    Persistence really is key.

    You rock!!!!

  6. You are gonna do it. PUSH IT!!!!!!!

    I haven't made the strides you have in a year, but it took this summer to get my mojo going. Better late than NEVER. :)

  7. Congratulations over 100 days! woohoo! Keep up the excellent work!

  8. What an inspiration you are!!! But that's one of the main reasons I look forward to reading your blog. Let's do it!!!

  9. I am in!!! Finishing the year strong! I started my blog 1/1/10 57 pounds heavier, so this has been a good year, next year will be about getting to goal and staying there!!

  10. I am in awe!!! Let's all follow your lead and finish strong in 2010!!


  11. Ann your doing fabulous, so committed and inspiring today. just what I needed to hear. It is amazing how every little thing adds up. I am committed to this month. you must have so much extra energy. wow.