Sunday, September 26, 2010

Alright!! NSV and a Sneak Peek

Well, I had an interesting morning. Going into church, we ran into friends we haven't seen since late July. The husband said, "WOW! You look fantastic!" as he locked me in a great big bear-hug. And the wife, who walked right past me initially, spun around and said, "ANN??!! Holy cow, what are you doing?!" hahaha I LOVED it.

I wrote a few days ago that I lost a pound last week, but I could already tell I've lost more since then, just in how my clothes are fitting. Well, I decided to step on the scale today ...

I cannot WAIT to see what Tuesday's weigh-in will be.

As of today, I have unofficially busted through "THE WALL" -- my nemisis plateau !! I finally ... FINALLY ... out-lasted that stubborn plateau and I am moving down the scale. I just kept blindly following my diet, and decided not to let the scale influence me away from my eating plan. And how about that? It worked! My body finally decided I meant business.

Time for my snack - a banana - and yes, I am looking forward to it.

I can't even express how thrilled and relieved I am to be putting "The Wall" behind me -- FOREVER!!

And, now I set my sights on breaking out of the 280s! I may yet make my first 10% goal of 277, before my next doctor appointment in late October. How wonderful will that be? My doctor won't believe it.

Wow, I'm almost giddy at the thought. I better step away from the computer and have a banana.

Just had to share that NSV (running into our friends), and my sneak peek scale progress.

Still Day 68 ... take THAT, you pathetic little wall. YOU LOSE, I WIN!! Ha Ha Ha


  1. Kick the wall to the curb!
    Good on ya, Ann!

  2. Great news here from you onthe NSV and busting that plateau. Feel giddy all you want, keep having fun as you lose this weight once & for all.

  3. Allan, I know, right?! Someone finally noticed, and not in a "kinda sorta" way either! It felt so good!

    Anne, I didn't just kick the wall to the curb, I dismantled it!

    Patrick, thanks! And I AM having fun, that is the odd thing of it.

    Sometimes, those NSVs are pretty great. And when they come one right after another, it is so much fun! After posting this story, I had ANOTHER NSV!

    The pants I wore today are about a month old (and an entire size smaller than the size I wore on July 20th). Well, one of my girlfriends stopped by just a few minutes ago, to borrow something, and commented that I need to retire these "old baggy pants."

    Ha, if she only knew!

    And I'd have to lose another 10 lbs before I could consider downsizing again. These are comfortable, but not so loose that my waist would be happy with the next smaller size. I'm getting there though!

    Thanks for the cheering section, everyone!

  4. Oh Ann! This post made me SMILE!!! WAY TO GO!!! You are doing it!
    nice NSV!!

  5. Good job bustin' down that wall. It's not behind you - it is gonnnnnnnnne never to be seen again.
    You go girl!!!!

  6. way to go, Ann!!! I haven't hit my first plateau yet, I may need you to remind me of this when I get there!

  7. Yay Ann- I have been fighting a plateau for awhile now, and I always get so excited when I read about someone breaking through! You Rock!

  8. That is SO cool! I love it when someone notices and comments. It really helps reinforce the hard work. You go girl!!


  9. Woohooo!!! That's awesome Ann. I haven't hit a wall yet, but I've had those weeks where the scale didn't want to show my hard work. I'm glad you've hung in there and showed the scale who's boss. you come!!!

  10. So awesome!!! its so cool when people notice

  11. That's an awesome NSV.

    Congrats on busting through the wall! Plateaus suck!