Saturday, September 25, 2010

How Much Have You Lost - So Far?

Anne (blog: Carb Tripper) commented "Maybe we can be statistics of the group of those who made it back to health -- and stayed that way for life!" I like how Anne thinks!! Joy (blog: Joy) mentioned she has lost 51 lbs so far (I've lost 24). Together, the two of us have shed 75 lbs! Those two commentaries got me to thinking ...

How much weight have you lost, so far? It might be fun to see, all in one location and as a group, what we've managed to do already. Newbie, long into the journey, or already at goal, post your progress in commentary!


  1. 6.5 lbs. Just getting started. :-)

  2. 15 pounds since I started my blog, 44.2 from my highest weight of 320 lbs.

  3. I'll let you know tomorrow when I weigh in. :) It's been a bit of a roller coaster lately.

  4. 75 pounds and counting. :D

    I like the idea of being a success statistic. That is a goal of mine. Along with a lot of others. :D

  5. 20 pounds and counting. And it's 20 that I will NEVER see again. They are gone FOREVER!

  6. 124 pounds of fat ass Al is gone forever...I am glad to help skew the statistics !!!

  7. I am at -24! =) Woot woot for all of us and our success so far!

  8. I'm new to your blog. This seems like the perfect post to jump in on. I'm really enjoying these comments--great idea!

    I've lost 80 pounds total--50 since I started this latest round in September '09.

    My blog started a year ago today. :D


  9. -41.8 pounds.

    Still a lot more to go :)
    Great idea Ann! And Congrats to everyone for your achievements!!!

  10. Down 37 pounds since July 31! Hooray for all of our losses!!! ♥

  11. 48 pounds! looking forward to the 50 mark!

  12. 33 lbs. since July 14 and not at all sorry to see it go!!

  13. WOW !! The 15 commentaries (above) total MORE than 500 lbs. That is AWESOME ... and we'll have to see what is added (below) to this estimate. Mary has yet to post her weight, and I can't wait to see the latest results! (Go Mary, Go!!)

    Congratulations, one and all. This represents a lot of work, a lot of effort, sacrifices and frustrations, and a WHOLE lot of joy too.

    Newbie (to my blog) Deb is down 80 lbs - I'm going to be stopping by your blog, Deb! Welcome!

    Blu - every ounce counts! You haven't been at this long, and 6.5 lbs is almost 1/3 of a clothing size! Celebrate that loss!!

    Allan - you've lost ME, at my college freshman weight. AWESOME job, and I know how hard you've worked. The food may sometimes be boring to you, but your heart is loving you right now.

    Tessa, count that 44.2 lbs! You wore it, you lost it, and it isn't coming back!! You're doing it!!

    Jo - I'm with you ... it is NEVER coming back!

    Karla hit the 50 lbs milestone - almost there!! And Wii Fit is right behind you. (I have GOT to check out the Wii stuff.)

    Oh_ is making those pounds FLY off - 37 lbs in a mere 1.5 months!

    Karyn, that is funny! I'm not sorry to see it go either (I mean, from me ... but I guess from all of us too, actually.) I'm not even kissing it good-bye.

    First Steps - closing in on -50 too. SUPER job!

    Ice Queen is showing us that walking makes a difference, with a 75 lb loss.

    Finding has me matched at -24 lbs. We're practically doing this to the same drum beat!

    And Tina, at nearly 42 lbs down said it perfectly ... congratulations to everyone on their achievements! AWESOME job. Let's see who adds to the comments, and what they've lost. The range is diverse and shows there is someone out there who has been where we've been, and can inspire us toward our various goals. One pound down, or one hundred and fifty ... we all get there, one day at a time. Good job, well done!

  14. Do yo-yo up-and-down losses/gains count? If so, I could count the same 20 pounds about 25 times.


    Congratulations to everybody for their great progress!

  15. Hey, Ann, thanks for stopoing by my blog. I answered your question over there. It was too long to put here. :) Deb

  16. René - if those same 20 lbs are lost right now, count 'em !! If 25 times didn't work, perhaps number 26 will - you won't know until you try! Never give up, right?

    Thanks, Deb!

  17. As of today...25.5 pounds in 17 weeks.

  18. -44.5 for me.

    I've had an idea in my "ideas" file for a post similar to this, but with a different twist. Stay tuned!! BTW - do this again on January 1. Mine's going to have changed to -65!!!!!

  19. Yay, Kimberlynn! There is just something about those 25-pound marks (for me) that just feel so significant. Keep up the good work!

    Sharon, that is a fantastic idea (January 1st listing). Okay, everyone meet back here on January 1st to post those losses!

    I want to see your "twist" ... can't wait! 44.5 pounds ... terrific! Oh, you'll be posting that 65 on New Year's Day, Sharon. It will be interesting (for me) to navigate through the food holidays, but we just have to keep our eyes on our goals, right?

  20. 75 + and counting!
    It will be close to 100 when I'm done!
    Thanks for the shout-out!
    Love the way you think, too!