Thursday, September 30, 2010

So Close !!

Four days ago (Day 69), I posted my weekly weigh-in at 279 lbs. That is just 2 pounds shy of my first mini-goal. Today, the sun has peeked out, so I am starting my walking program. I thought I'd record the weight I was when I started (279), but shoot ... that was four days ago. I should verify it is still 279. So, I step back on the scale.

Oh, I can hardly stand it ... the scale now reads: 278 !!!

I have half a week in which to lose another pound, to make my 10% goal!!

Anne H., I'm shopping for a camera battery right after my walk!

I wanted to wear the tan shirt (of my profile picture) for my walk, because it is so comfortable - only I can't. It doesn't fit at ALL. And, while I intend to wear the black pants of the profile picture (using a hand to hold it up), I realize I can't wear the shirt anymore. You wouldn't be able to see anything for all the fabric draping over me. LOL How weird is that? I selected a different shirt, that is one size smaller than the tan one, to wear for the first photo update. It is very bright green, and a little heavier fabric so should hold up for a few photo updates.

The tan shirt is going bye-bye. Another NSV (non-scale victory) ...

So, off for my walk. I hope I can make it around the block (it is a very big block). LOL No speed records this first time out, just movement. If Cinner can march in place during commercials (why didn't I think of that?), I can't use any more excuses not to walk. I hope dogs don't chase me or something - no way can I run. LOL

Still Day 72 and starting to move ...


  1. March in place during commercials!
    Great Idea!
    I do that all.the.time!
    Pics coming up!

  2. Hooray for retiring clothes! I wore a shirt today that I realized I just can't wear anymore because it's too big - what an amazing feeling!!!

    P.S. The painting from my post from today is one of my own. :)

  3. Enjoy Ann...walking has become my "me time" and I love it!!!

  4. Hey, thanks Everyone! I DID go on my walk, around our very big block. It took me 30 minutes, and I didn't stop - I wasn't breaking speed records up the hill portion, but I kept moving. It felt GREAT, with a nice cool breeze, although I admit the breeze felt much more cooling at the beginning of my walk than at the end. I was breathing hard by the end of the walk, but if I had too, I could still hold a conversation. I'm told that is a good thing.

    Anne is referring to an update photo she is helping me with, and I plan to post when I officially hit 277 (mini-goal 1). I know I should wait to take the picture, but I figure it is one pound - and if I stripped naked, I'm probably there already. SO, I took a photo late in the day. I had a heck of a time holding the pants up and yet away from me, so you can see the lost inches. hahaha

    Kimberlynn - I enjoyed the walk until the hill. I didn't exactly think of it as "me time" but I thought "this is the price I pay for my poor past dietary choices - "the hill" ..." I'll learn to love it, eventually. :)

    Oh_ (Mary), YOU did that painting?!!! How big is it? What is the medium used? And what else have you done? I thought you taught foreign language (or am I not remembering that correctly)? Wow ... Do you ever sell any?