Thursday, September 16, 2010

The heinz 57 Post

This is Day 57, so I thought my theme should be a heinz 57 post - a little bit of everything.

This upcoming (next) week will be a lot of hospital-related things for Dad, so I don't anticipate being online much. I'll weigh-in as usual on Tuesday or Wednesday, but probably won't post the results until the weekend. Will I break through The Wall?

Oh, the anticipation.


Sean (blog: The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser) is celebrating an anniversary today. His post touched upon something I could not articulate nearly as well, to wit:

... I've written before about making that “Iron-Clad Decision,” and it's that decision to succeed, that rock-solid commitment to consistency that has given me these incredible results. I found out that you have to give this journey an amazingly high priority. You have to make it one of the most important things you do. You have to defend your journey from anything and everything that might try to derail it. You have to protect it from yourself. I was always my own worst enemy, I understand that.

When you make it this important, it really makes it hard to rationalize bad choices, you know what I mean? As dramatic as it might sound, this is life and death stuff my friend. And no matter if you have 30 pounds or 300 pounds to lose, if you give it that “do or die” level of importance in your life, you're less likely to fail. ...

And followed that further in his post with:

... I've discovered something that many have discovered before me, and that is this: It's really 20% about food and exercise and 80% about the mental aspects. ...

When I tried to explain what was different, in yesterday's post of that title, this is what I was talking about. There is a BIG mental shift in attitude, in priority, in taking personal responsibility. The R word. It comes down to that, really. As Sean said, playing victim doesn't get us to our goals.

This man banished nearly 230 lbs in two years. He speaks from personal experience ... SUCCESSFUL personal experience. (Happy anniversary to Sean!) And he just gave away his not-so-secret to his success (which I partially quoted above). I wonder how many readers will actually make use of this valuable insight.

The NSV of the day = The bag boy who asked me today where my aunt was. My aunt? Yes, he replied, she looks a little bit like you, only heavier. Is she on vacation? (Um ... you could say that.)

I'm lovin' the bag boy of lane 5.

What is your NSV today? Share!


  1. Watch out for those bag boys. My daughter met her husband when they were in high school and both worked bagging groceries at a local grocery store. :)

    Sean nailed it. And those who succeed on this journey are the ones that learn that this battle is mostly a mental one. Wished I'd clued in a little earlier in life, but better late than never.

    Congratulations to Sean on his 2nd blogaversary and congrats to you for 57 days on the journey.


  2. Smart bag boy!!

    Latest NSV...walking up the stairs at work has gotten so much easier!!!!

    And happy birthday, lady!

  3. Ann, I've got to say that I have had two of your posts up on my screen for the past several days. They speak to me so much, but I haven't had time to respond. So, I'll give up for now and just let you know that I think you are very insightful, I read every post and wish I could comment more often!

    There! I finally was able to comment. Maybe more this weekend.

  4. I hope all goes well for your dad.

    It is the mental aspect that gets us there in the end. And I think our little NSV's keep us going, too.

  5. Oh Ann...that made me laugh so hard (about the Aunt). That's the best NSV I've heard!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing this exerpt...I am right there with you in understanding exactly where he's coming from . I've been in the same place and have had to set some serious boundaries in my life recently.

    You're doing great!!!

  6. 80% mental is so right... I was loosing well and now I'm not, and it's all mental...

    I agree with Kimberlynn, that is the best NSV I've ever seen! Mine for today is I walked 18 minutes, and wasn't even sweating! CRAZY lol.

    Soooo, is today your birthday then??? If it is: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN!!! I hope you had a good day. Best Wishes for you, and for your Dad too.

  7. Thanks, Mary! And boy, do I wish I clued in earlier on this weight stuff. Still, as a wise woman once said - better late than never! :)

    Karyn, VERY neat NSV!! Do you track your progress formally?

    Thanks for commenting, Clyde. I love reading things people post in commentary - they often have more insights, lessons, support, tips and humor. No pressure or anything!! (Teasing you, of course.) :D

    Jo, well said. And thank you so much for your kind wishes for Dad!! xx

    Anne, VERY cool times! I'm hoping I will need to tap your photo-journalist mind to post a current profile photo (for comparison). I promised myself to do that when I reach my mini-goal. It won't be long now!

    Laugh is right, Kimberlynn !! Good thing I have a wry sense of humor and the ability to laugh at myself. This young kid reminded me a lot of my nephew (Patrick), who told me "wearing dark pants may help" (when asked if I looked like I lost any weight to him). Umpf.


    Thanks, again, for all the birthday wishes and fun NSVs!

  8. Tina, thank you so much! Walking 18 minutes and not feeling it? Sounds like someone is getting stronger! Time to increase the duration or speed perhaps? That was an excellent NSV, Tina!! (Sorry I didn't respond sooner, but I didn't see your commentary until this morning. You posted while I was composing my previous comment.)

  9. No problem Ann!!!
    Yeah, getting stronger means I have to step it up... YUCK :)