Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day 55 - Weigh-In Results: 284 lbs. "The Wall"

The Wall ... I was hoping it would not become a reality this time around, but clearly it is here.

This is the plateau (283-284) I have not been able to break through, previously. I equate this to my body's mandatory rest stop. UGH.

I am up one pound from last week.

I reviewed my diet over the last seven days, and I've been right on plan - no overages whatsoever. So, all is good there. And I recognize this could be hormonal, fluid retention, developing muscles, or a handful of other causes.

So, now that I've hit this, what do I do now?

I have several options open to me:

1. Ignore the scale, and just keep doing what I'm doing.
2. Reduce the caloric intake.
3. Increase the exercise.

Quitting is not an option.

A few days ago, I posted:

" ... so I expect the body to make adjustments that will cause the loss to fluctuate or stall every so often.

When that happens, it will be my responsibility to carry on doing the right thing, making those good decisions. No excuses. No whining."

Little did I know!

Well, I'm going to hold to that. This is what bodies do.

I choose option 1.

I'll remain tight to my dietary plan, with perhaps a hyper-alterness to caloric intake this upcoming week. If the scale does not move downward next week, I will go to option 3.

There. Decision made. Back-up plan in place. Done.

I know I did well this past week, and I couldn't change anything even if I didn't do well, so no looking back. I've made my assessment, and now it is forward - onward and downward.

Some would say, "One pound isn't so bad." Hey, it isn't weight loss either. I choose to be pro-active and positive. No excuses and no whining.

BUT, I reserve the right to throw myself onto the floor and kick and scream if the scale doesn't respond to my efforts next week.

It IS exercise, after all. :)

Will my body respond to my efforts? It HAS to. That is science. I'm giving it no options BUT to respond. It is just a matter of how long will it take to get my body's weight moving again, in the right direction.

If I go to my old stand-by, of feeding my disappointment, I diminish my ability to remain in control of this process, and make this minor bump into a major challenge. I would also be reverting to the old habits that got me into this predicament of obesity. Not good. So, I'm going to tough it out, be the adult, and continue to work the dietary plan.

My measurements remain the same as last week, so no changes there.

In the back of my mind, I am aware my next doctor appointment is October 20th, and I'd really like to see my mini-goal reached by then (ideally). That is extra incentive to tough this out, but not extra pressure. The body is going to do what it is going to do, and my responsibility is to simply keep making good decisions.

My mindset is completely different this time around, and that is a good thing!

Bring on that wall! I'm ready to scale it ...

Day 55 and more determined than ever ...


  1. Determined is very important !!!

  2. Allan, determination is everything. If I wallow in self-pity, I let this defeat me. It is just a number on the scale, a measure of what my body is doing. It is up to me to assess this information and take action (or not) accordingly. No one else is going to do it for me! I've got this ...

  3. Wow, Ann! LOVE the attitude. You saw it coming, you prepared for it, and now you're going to scale it. Very, very cool! ;-)

  4. I think you made the right choice, do not let this get you down.
    I'll have to go back and look at your exercise, but if you add just a little it might help. When I first started to try and loose weight I would get up and march in place while watching tv. Even just during commercials. It doesn't seem like much, but it really did help! just a little somthing extra... might push you over that wall.

    Have a great week :) I hope the scale cooperates on the next one, stupid thing lol :)

  5. I have no doubt you will succeed !!!

  6. Attitude is key. I'm trying to forget the numbers game and just do what I need to do but it's hard. You have the conviction.

  7. Just keep doing what you're doing, cut a few calories here and there, and be sure to drink your water. You're definitely on the right track.

  8. Ok. Here's a thought: you might not be eating enough. I tried the vegan thing, and it was too little food. Once you start starving yourself, your body holds onto whatever it can.

    But like you, I lost nothing this week. I need exercise to really lose. If all I'm doing is dieting, I'll never get down to what I never wanted to get up to. So it's back to the gym for me.

  9. Just stick with it. Instead of decreasing calories, change the composition of your meals, maybe?

    Instead of exercising more...try a different type of exercise.

    I know you won't be like me. I stayed at that weight (early 280's) for a long time. I stayed at the nexxt one, the early 270s for ages. I busted through the 260's pretty fast. I don't intend to linger int he 250's....I refuse to let the plateaus get me.

    So...wishing you well. Stick to it and you will be fine. Just shake things up to make the body go "huh, okay, off we go. " :)

  10. Keep on doing good, Miss Ann!
    It's "just" around the next corner!
    *Really - it is!*
    (I plateaued for 8 weeks early on.....)

  11. I have found that my body will hang on to weight for a week or two and then drop a big number like 4-6 lbs. Since you know you made good meal choicew, just ride it out like you planned. The scale will catch up in no time.

    I have heard of people breaking through plateaus by varying their calories... for example if your norm is 1200, then do a 1500 day followed by a 900. Mix it up a couple times and your body might respond.

    And of course water, water, water. And make sure you are getting enough calcium.

    You'll hit those 270's in no time... I just know it!

  12. Ann, I just happen to come by from .... ???? Well I don't know where I came from. I found you this afternoon and just now am having time to read.
    I love what I'm reading. A normal everyday woman working her hardest to become the most healthy person possible.
    I too am on a life style change journey and it isn't an easy process but I am looking for a healthier, happier person.
    Keep doing what you're doing, plateaus are meant to be broken, you'll do it. I think I'm stuck right now too but just finished a week off and hoping that it'll help kick start things again. Week off doesn't mean I screwed up, I just didn't think as much about it all.
    Keep up the great work Ann and good luck. I am following you on your great journey. Take care and God Bless!!

  13. Gosh, thanks everyone! You don't know how much your insights and kind words help me right now.

    Julie, I like that ... "plateaus are meant to be broken" !! I hope you break through yours soon. I'll be checking out your blog later.

    Crazy, I'm going to try that, varying caloric intake slightly. This is normally a very tough plateau (I've tried waiting it out about 3 weeks once before, but always quit before getting the scale to budge again). NOT this time! Thanks for the tip!

    Anne, 8 weeks?!!! I bow to your determination. I thought I was determined! HA ... I'm not at all sure how I'd do against an 8-week stall (though I hope I'd get through it). You rock!

    Princess, thanks for sharing your plateau story too. Maybe I'm similar to you, but I won't know until I get into those lower 70s. I'll be checking out your blog later too! Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Kathy, my challenge buddy!! I have to be honest, my calorie intake is pretty constant (not too low at all). And perhaps that is the problem ... too constant. I like how you think, so keep the suggestions coming! You always have creative and/or other thoughts that help. Actually, you may have hit on a problem for me. I probably need to move more.

    Tina, you had a great idea to fit in more. I'm going to do my weights (upper arm toning) during a commercial break this evening, and give it a try!

    Jo, WATER. Gosh, I need to increase that. Thanks for the reminder!

    Karyn, Allan and Mensa - thank you so much! xx