Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 71 - Meeting A Fellow Blogger!

Time to go out and purchase a new camera battery. I think I may be using it next week or the week after, for my first official "update" photo!

I decided to take my photo when I reached my first mini-goal, and I may just shed those extra two pounds at next week's weigh-in. The cooler weather has arrived, finally, and as soon as the downpours stop, I am going to begin regular walking!

In this next mini-goal, which will bring me from 277 down to 247, I will pass TWO 25-lb milestone weights ... 275 and 250. It is hard to believe I am less than 5 lbs from 275. Do you know what I mean?

One of our fellow bloggers emailed me the other day. I mentioned I am heading to Williamsburg (VA) for something fun to do one weekend. I love Williamsburg in the fall - so pretty! Anyway, she was thinking about it, and decided she wanted to check out the place for herself, and suggested we get together! So, we are going to meet for lunch (SALADS, naturally) which will be fun. I'm respecting her anonymity, but I'm giving her permission to blog about it on her site, if she wishes. She's never been to Williamsburg, so she checked out their website and decided it was time to visit it. Hey, walking around is exercise, right?! :D

Oops, my stomach is growling at me! I just noticed the time. How about that, I forgot about lunch! Geez ... gotta grab something to eat. Enjoy the day!


  1. I love Williamsburg, too. Have fun.

  2. I am also getting to spend some time with a fellow blogger in a couple of weeks and I am so excited!! I love Williamsburg. Are you close by?

  3. I'm in the western Piedmont of NC - about a half day's drive, Sharon.

    Kathy, we're working out which weekend, but it'll be in October. The more the merrier? We could hold a weight blogger get-together, and call it the Salad Convention! :D

    Actually, she (and her family) will be doing things on their own, and we will do things on our own, but we weight-bloggers will meet up for lunch on that designated Saturday.

  4. Weight is flying off... Love that !!!

  5. You sound sooo happy.... even "chipper!"
    Good on ya, Ann!

  6. Allan, I love that too!! Amazing, when one gets focused and committed, how the body responds. A wise man once said the math works - and it does!

    Anne - I am just so tickled that I am THISCLOSE to reaching my first 10% mini-goal AND that cooler (not 90-something degrees) weather has finally arrived. I'm generally a happy person.

    Even so, I have to say, THIS was one miserably hot summer, and summer is never comfortable for someone my size anyway.

    Well, I am declaring that summer 2010 was my very last summer of being Morbidly Obese. I will NOT go into yet another summer carrying around so much weight. There is a lightheartedness about coming to that realization too. So, I guess I am chipper!

    "Upbeat Ann," that's me this week (so far) ... hahaha :D

  7. Ann...I live in East Tennessee near Sharon. We should all get together sometime!!! Sounds like so much fun.

  8. Is Sharon near Knoxville, Kimberlynn? From Asheville, we're about 2.25 ... how far are you from Asheville? That might be a good midpoint meeting destination, assuming you are near Knoxville.

  9. I agree with Anne, you sound so happy!! :)

  10. Sounds like fun times for you dropping pounds & picking up friends. ENjoy!