Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 44 - Trying Something New

I've tried a LOT of different diets over the years. (Most of us probably have, no surprise there.)

Well, I've been basically doing my own thing this time around. It is essentially a low-fat diet, and I'm switching to smarter carb choices (trying to incorporate more whole grains and lower glycemic indexed choices). So far, it has been working just fine for me.

Well, I'm not opposed to trying new things, and I am constantly reading on ways to improve my health through dietary adjustments. I ran across a website the other day, and I think I'm going to give this a try. It is just for three weeks, and I can do anything for three weeks.

I've always been a little curious, so this will satisfy that, if nothing else. And it certainly can't hurt ...

I ran across this:

I don't have to pay anything. I can do my own shopping for (mostly) normal stuff. And I can give this a try and see if it does anything for me.

What is it? The "Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine" is hosting a free online 3-week introduction to vegan eating. Vegan, as in no meat. (ME? Really? I can just hear my extended family members guffawing at the thought of me giving up meat for three weeks.)

I can barely live without cheese - for now - so I'm not too sure about this. However, as I said, I can give anything three weeks ... as long as "no meat" is over by Thanksgiving. LOL Okay, probably not the attitude I need, going into this, but I have been curious what the vegetarians seem to like so well.

Keep in mind, I am the world's WORST eater of vegetables. I struggle all the time to get in SOME veggies, never mind meeting the quota for suggested daily servings. That is part of what motivates me to try this. Perhaps there is some vast vegetarian secret way to actually like veggies.

Yes, me, the non vegetable eater, is going to give the vegan diet a shot. A three week tryout.

The three week period formally starts on the 6th. I am going to take their shopping list to the store tomorrow, and stock up for their week's worth of suggestions and recipes, etc.

The site says "... this program is designed for anyone wanting to explore the health benefits of a vegan diet." Well, that would be me. I am curious. And I figure it can't hurt any. So, can I do this?

I'm willing to try something new. And then, if nothing else, I can say for three weeks, I was a vegan. Sounds cool and hip, which I'm not.

I'm refusing to eat bark or pine cones, so if there is anything weird like that, I'm not THAT experimental (or curious), but I imagine, since this is an introduction to vegan eating, it will be much more gentle than that.

PCRM "promotes preventive medicine" among other things, so this should be interesting. They have a 21-day meal plan. They'll send a daily menu to my email.

People are signing up now, which is really just supplying an email for them to send the recipes and daily meal plans, so everyone will be ready to go on the 6th. I just signed up (for free), so this is my great experiment.

If you read of my pizza fiasco from last night, then you know I often look at things for their potential "future story" status. I'm thinking this could be one of those. I can look back and say on my 4xth birthday, I was a vegan.

Say, they don't meet at Stonehenge in togas every full moon, do they? I don't do druid ... not that there's anything wrong with that.


Wish me luck next week!


  1. I spent 12 years or so as a vegetarian.
    About 6 of those, as a Vegan.
    Almost died from lack of something.
    Broke my arm once - took 16 weeks to heal.
    Not enough protein?
    If I had to do it all over again, I would make sure I had a good protein supplement. Of course, this was back in the day..... Bocca burgers weren't as popular as they are now - or as good....

    So, Ann, do well! I know you will!
    With what ever plan works for you.

  2. Like you, I have tried lots of things, some of which worked and some of course did not. I will be interested in how you are doing. I think you can do anything for 21 days, and will learn a lot in the process. I'll be checking on you.

  3. Oh, Bocca burgers ... I remember being forced to try one of those once (about 15 ro 20 years ago), while visiting someone. It is what they served for lunch. The ONLY thing they served for lunch. It was like cardboard. I hope the formula has been improved since then ... geez, I almost forgot about that. LOL The reading I'm doing suggests a vegan diet needs B12 supplements, but the protein should be okay if I have enough legumes in the diet (and I like beans). I am continually amazed at your experience, Anne. You went from vegan/vegetarian to low carb ... which is meat. LOL Well, soon I will be able to say the same ... So, what IS the secret to veggies? Jo, I'll be sure to post my impressions. Can one be curious and weary at the same time? LOL That is me ... interested, but doubtful. So, I go into "vegan" as a complete skeptic who is letting her curiosity get the better of her. I hope to learn a lot in the process. It will be interesting, of that I'm sure. Thanks for checking in on me!

  4. Thanks for your concern. Reports coming sound as though it was very scary. We are fortunate in that it was at 4.35 am and people were not on the street as there is glass everywhere and buildings fell outward. Infra structure damage is severe in some places. There are a lot of brick buildings. I think we've got of lightly but there will severe disruption to a lot of lives and many buildings will have to be completely pulled down.

    It's good that we have a smallish population, Christchurch is less than 0.5 million and the police and civil defence should cope with Govt help as required. Our family is all safe. It's still unsettling.

  5. Hi Ann, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner had some internet problems that seemed to go on forever. You never know how much you miss the internet till you don't have it. I'm happy to read some of your blog, I work full time so don't have a lot of extra to spare but will drop round when I can.

  6. I think that sounds like a plan worth a try. Vegan is definitely a healthy diet overall if you balance things well to get enough protein. You are right: three weeks is not so long. Looking forward to reading how you like it. Michele

  7. WOW, very adventurous! My husband is a vegitarian and has been for over 20 years. When we first moved in together I quit eating meat at home so that we could eat our meals together and eat the same stuff. I craved red meat so bad. I would beg the girls at work to go to a steak joint for lunch. Funny now though, I rarely eat red meat and don't crave it.

    My MIL says the hubby is a "junkatarian" He does not eat many veggies or beans or nuts. He eats pizza and chips and mac n cheese. He weighs nearly 300 lbs and it very unhealthy. I think I am going to go check out that website and get some menu plans. He has mentioned wanting some help to plan his meals. I bet he could learn something too.

    Keep us posted on your meal choices. SOunds cool.

  8. Can't wait to watch your progress on this. At the very least, you will most likely develop a greater appreciation for veggies, and that is good! Seems like there's absolutely no downside to trying this out. crack me up! Stonehenge...druids! Ha!

  9. Tessa, thanks for stopping by!
    Michele, I believed that exact same thing too - food must be combined "just so" in order to get a complete protein in the vegan diet. However, that is the old school of thought. Within the last 5-10 years, researchers have discovered that this is not actually so, and vegetarians actually have no issues in getting complete proteins. No special combos required. That was news to me!
    Crazy, I am SO going to use that term, "Junkatarian." It is funny, and pretty accurate, in some instances! Yes, I am definitely going to post my impressions, thoughts and meals over the next three weeks. I want to learn something from this, if nothing else. (Yes, I'm still the skeptic.)
    Karyn, it is my primary desire to learn to develop a greater appreciation for veggies, or at least learn how to more easily incorporate them into my daily diet. There really isn't a downside that I could see, aside from missing meat, but I'm also speaking BEFORE I give it a try. Who knows what I'll feel a week from now. LOL I am going grocery shopping for this week's required items (off the list they provide). One of the items is vegan waffles. I think I will have to go to the health food store for that one. Hmmmmmm ... I wonder if they will let me in there, if I'm not wearing love beads and a tie-dyed shirt. Maybe I need to check my closet for something with fringe ...

  10. Mmmm, Boca Burgers are good. Thanks for posting, Ann. Very interesting. I've always been interested in the Vegetarian/Vegan Lifestyle. I've already given up beef and pork, and while I might not move totally to Veg. I definitely would like to have more meat-free meals. I love legumes and a lot of different vegetables.