Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is This A Sign?

I am one of those people who finds humor in almost anything. I just have to share this with Blogland tonight.

We went out grab a quick bite for dinner this evening. I ordered (for the first time in almost two months), a small personal pizza.

Now, not to panic. I ordered it without cheese, and loaded with veggies.

So, the waiter approaches our table with the two individual pizzas we ordered. He asked who ordered the veggie no cheese (ME!!), and as he reached across the table to place it in front of me ...

The ENTIRE little pizza slid off the pan and right onto the entire front of my shirt, then down onto my lap, and finally came to an upside-down heap on and around my feet, under the table.

I drew my breath in, because it was HOT (right out of the wood-burning oven), but the look of the poor waiter - who was already apologizing and "oh my gosh-ing" all over the place, and the other patrons (who collectively gasped), and the completely shocked look of my dining companion, all so tickled me, I burst into laughter.


I just had to share! The other staff at the restaurant were so shocked when they saw the devastation the pizza left behind.

And yes, I was quick to reassure the unfortunate waiter. Look, it is almost a right of passage - to either dump a meal or a drink on someone, or trip with a tray full of food - and I'm just glad this young waiter had me as the victim here. I wasn't upset in the least, and we all have a GREAT story to tell now, don't we? LOL

Afterwards, during my ride home, I had to think though ... was this a sign? The first time I order a pizza, albeit a modified one, and it gets dumped all over me.


I may not order pizza again for a while, just in case!

:D It has just been one of those days.


  1. You coulda had a "tossed" salad to go with it!
    You handled it like a pro, Ann!

  2. THAT IS SO FUNNY!!! --at your expense, but I have the same sense of humour--what else can you do but laugh at something like that! That poor waiter! He probably totally crapped his drawers when it happened! lol!

  3. Too funny! That is exactly why I have never in my life worked as a waitress.

    I bet that guy went home thanking his lucky stars that he got clumsy all over you, because that situation could have had a whole different outcome had he deposited the little pizza on some big guy without a sense of humor!

    I don't know about a sign, but it's definitely a great story!

  4. I used to be a server many years ago and this reminds me of my very first day after being trained. It was my first table, I had just taken the order and was returning with a tray full of drinks. Somehow, during my training no one had ever mentioned that I should serve the drinks from the 'side'. So when I went to bend 'forward' to put the first of many drinks down, to say this chest knocked them ALL off the tray. They hit the table and went all over EVERYONE!!! I was mortified!!! Thankfully I had a table full of people as kind as you.

    I'm sorry it's been one of those days...we all have them and apparently today was your turn. Tomorrow will be better!!!


  5. Ooooo ... tossed salad! RIMSHOT indeed!! LOL I just want you to know, I wear pizza well. Aliana, I am SURE the waiter was glad for dark pants tonight. LOL That poor kid. He just kept coming over and asking what else he could do ... the other funny part was right after he draped me in pizza, his first instinct was to grab napkins and head right for my shirt - to help wipe off the pizza. I stopped him before he actually reached "the girls" - or I'm sure we'd be talking yet another level of embarrassment for him. He just reacted and wasn't sure WHAT to do. LOL Karyn, I imagine he went home and had a very interesting tale to tell his parents tonight. I can tell you, the very next item he brought to the table was handled with two hands, and set down very deliberately. LOL I can't even imagine what a humorless big burly guy would've been life - scary, I'd imagine. LOL Kimberlynn, YOUR story was very funny! Thanks for sharing that. I wonder if anyone else has similar tales? (If so, people, SHARE ... this was so funny!!) We can all use the laughs. I bet your table of people STILL talk about the waterfall effect you created, Kimberlynn! That was hysterical to picture! Someday, someone needs to come up with a montage of just such waiting accidents - sort of along the line of "Bloopers," don't you think? And yes, today was certainly my day. (Good way to put it.) I'm happy it at least ended on a fun and funny note!!

  6. Great story, great sense of humor too! lol, thanks for sharing! Did you at least get a discount?????

    I was at a restaurant and a very young waitress dropped the drinks in the poor guys lap... it was hilarious and at the same time I felt so bad for her! I think I would have reacted the same way you did lol.

  7. TAG! You're it! :)
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  8. NO discount, Tina! They did bring me a replacement for the one that ended up decorating me and the floor. They offered us free dessert, but that doesn't work for someone on a diet. Then again, I didn't have any business ordering pizza in the first place, so lesson learned. LOL I did feel bad for the young man who served us. He was mortified. Thanks for the 8 questions! Kathy - it has been a pizza sort of week, hasn't it? LOL

  9. hee hee, thats funny, poor you!!! Good attitude you have though! You probably made that waiter feel so much better by not flipping out and getting angry.

    As for pizza with no cheese and only veggies. Hm, what is the point? You coulda just had a vegetable sandwich for that. You know I am low carb and what I am gonna say, DOWN with crust! Eat the cheese.

  10. Yep. A sign. Definitely a sign. LOL.