Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 45 - The More, The Merrier

How fun is this? I've heard from a half dozen people already, who were all like me - curious about vegetarian diets, but knowing next to nothing about them! I think I won't be alone in trying something new, which will make it less intimidating.

Kathy, my challenge buddy, said there was even an article in Women's World about a vegetarian diet. (I forgot to ask what issue, Kathy. Is it the current one?)

I'm officially starting on Monday morning, and I'm glad it is a holiday. I don't know how much, or how little, work this will be.

In other news ... we're seeing pictures out of Christchurch, NZ. I've been there - gorgeous town on the south island. To my blog-buddies living in New Zealand, please keep us posted as best you can. It is a miracle (literally) that no one was killed. I've said prayers for all those affected by the event. New Zealanders are a hearty and independent bunch, but they could use (at least) prayerful support right now.

The puffiness I reported of the other day seems to have receded. It was probably the pizza ... Umpf. Even though I ordered it without cheese, it apparently had enough hidden oil in it (somewhere) to stain my shirt. Yes, after washing it several times (even using oxyclean), you can still see the oil stains where it hit my shirt and tumbled (well, more like cascaded) down the shirt front. The shirt wsa only about 2 weeks old. Oh well. On the plus side, I now have a VERY nice shirt to wear around the house for chores. (sigh) I'll be the best dressed gardener in the neighborhood.

No plans for the holiday weekend this year, aside from grocery shopping for the vegan 21-day kickstart supplies.

Enjoy this Labor Day weekend!


  1. That's what I've done with most of my 2x clothes...
    Except for the pizza, of course.

  2. Hi Ann. The news from Christchurch remains grim but still no deaths as far as we know although there are 2 serious injuries and a lot of heart admissions to the hospital.

    The rural areas are of great concern as the damage is HUGE. There are so many stories of MIRACULOUS escapes they blow your mind and even the Mayor is using the M word. The farm land around the epicentre looks as though it's been ploughed. It has made a huge shift sideways.

    We have woken to a different world in our 2nd city.

  3. Wow, MargieAnne ... we stayed for a while on a sheep station not too far out of Christchurch some years back. I wonder how they survived. I may have to place a call. The Mayor SHOULD use the M-word. For no one to have died is nothing short of God's intervention. How did your mom fair? Thanks for the update. We'll continue to monitor your blog for updates, but no pressure to post. What sort of international help (if any) does NZ need? Take care!! Anne, the pizza oil stains just make the household chore ensemble less "uppity" ... haha ... I lamented the shoes though, until I realize I don't have too long to wait before my shoe reward (I hope, I hope).

  4. Good luck on the veggie life style. That is a change I would have a hard time making. But many have and many swear by the life style.

    Changes are changes, right? They start getting into them mentally; knowing why you want to make the change and what it is going to require from you.

    As you say you you don't know how much, or how little, work this will be... I have to ask, do you know why you want to make the change and what it is going to require from you?

  5. Yes, it's the latest issue of Woman's World.

  6. uh well, good luck with that! I eat a ton of vegetables but would never go vegetarian, I think meat is good for you. But I admit that for a short term diet, it might be something to try. However, forever? No. But to each his own, good luck with it!

  7. Good luck with your new diet! I could NOT do that at this point, and you should be proud of yourself for trying something new like this!!! Have fun, I hope it's easy peasy for you since you like veggies... at least you don't hate them lol.

  8. Ahhhhhh ... "Forever??!!" ... Nancy, you scard me for a moment. LOL My all-time favorite dishes are Chicken Bryan (from Carabbas) and Alaskan Round Steak. Chicken and beef.

    Good morning, Patrick. Yes, I know why I want to make this 3-week change. It is all about learning to incorporate more healthy choices (esp. veggies) into my diet. I'm hoping to also learn what all the vegetarian fuss is about, just to satisfy my curiosity. Plus, it is supposed to be a very healthy diet and I want to see what benefits, if any, it can give me - for these three weeks. I'm not anticipating this to be a lifestyle change forever. It is a 3-week experiment.

    Tina, thanks! I probably wouldn't do this either, except that kickstart program is essentially holding my hand through it. Plus, adding more veggies can't be bad for me. I don't see a downside, for three weeks.