Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 69 - Weigh-in Results: 279 lbs.

Yes, that second digit is a SEVEN, folks ... I did it!! I've lost 4 lbs. this past week! So long, 280s and GOOD-BYE to "The Wall."

That plateau put up a good 3-week fight, but I won in the end (which is now a wee bit smaller, by the way, see "hips" on the right sidebar).

Consistency and persistence pays!

I've posted my updated measurements. Those with comments are the ones which have changed from the last update.

I am a mere 2 lbs. from achieving my first mini-goal (losing 10% of my weight, or reaching 277 lbs.) ... AND I have officially left the 280s.

Let's face it, 280 would be a wonderful I.Q., but it makes for a lousy weight.

I have about three weeks before I'm stepping on my doctor's scale. That is three weeks to lose those last two pounds. I really, really want to hit my 10% loss by that check-up. I want to see for myself what losing 10% does to my numbers. I'll post the results on the right sidebar, when I eventually get the results back.

Speaking of numbers, just look at that gorgeous BMI, sitting there all ready to drop into the next lower number. I love you, BMI. Keep falling, my shrinking little friend.

Kimberlynn (blog: Minding My Weigh) just celebrated achieving her 10% loss (YAY, Kimberlynn!!), and I hope to be not too far behind her in celebrating a similar victory. My bar has been reset - 280 is now the number I will never again revisit. (I've lowered it from 300.)

So, one of the weird things I've noticed - which was different from last week - is that when I fold my hands together, the "fit" of the interlocking fingers feels different - familiar, but from a long time ago. Do you know what I mean?

Isn't it strange, what we notice as we lose weight? I don't see any real difference in my fingers from last week, but my ring is much more loose, so obviously even my fingers lost weight! LOL

I've blogged before about a brand new pair of size 24 jeans I have in my closet. I've had them for at least 10-12 years. Well, I am less than 20 lbs now from being able to FINALLY wear them!

And YES, to the blogger who emailed me. I will definitely have an updated profile picture taken, when I achieve my first mini-goal! I may need Anne's (blog: Carb Tripper) expertise there, but she'll help me with a side-by-side comparison photo too.

Hmmmmm, maybe I better check with her to see if she'll be available to assist in that next week or the week after ...

Day 69 and I am losing it!! :D


  1. Kathy is my -60 lb challenge buddy! Kathy, I've updated my number after my signature, to now read -12 lbs. I am officially 1/5 of the way to our target, with 326 days left to knock out the remaining 4/5. I know it seems like a long way to go, but I think we can do it!! xx

  2. Congrats, Ann! I love the shrinking BMI, too. What you're doing is definitely working!

  3. Terrific news ... I can the yelps of joy!


  4. Yay...(hands clapping)...I'm so excited for you Ann. I feel the same way when I reach a new 'decade'. It's the best feeling knowing you'll never have to be there again. I'm thinking you'll definately be at your 10% before that doctor's appointment. You're doing great!!!

  5. Woo Hoo!!!! Great Job Ann!!!!
    I can't feel it when I lock my fingers, BUT my engagement ring is my weight loss gauge :) It is so much looser now, so I know what you mean :)

  6. Awesome, Ann!! So glad to hear it! There's nothing stopping you now! ;-)

  7. ann that is so wonderful!!!! congratulations!!! send me your email i have something to discuss with you =)

  8. Thank you, One and All ~ it is actually your encouragement and your successes (and struggles) that help me, so REALLY, thank you!

    Katie, an email is on the way. I hope you are soon back to typing with both hands!

    Tina, just be sure it doesn't slip off!!

  9. With true pleasure I will help you -
    and teach you -
    all the "How-To" that I know!
    Which is not much, but it gets the job done!

    Woo Woo! Congrats, Ann!

  10. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. I have so much respect for plateau busters. Plateaus terrify me to my very soul. You are my hero. :-)