Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Check Out This Challenge

I've posted a Challenge Badge on the lower right of my blog page. Check it out - "Ice Queen" (blog: Fat Like Me) came up with this. It is what I call a self-challenge.

Each person challenges himself/herself to stick to their healthy eating plans through the holiday season! (And let's face it, who doesn't need extra incentive to help with that?!!)

Thanksgiving ... need I say more?

Check out this challenge. I got a kick out of the creative badge too.


  1. I love it because... the holidays scare me. :-/

  2. My Holiday Challenge is/was
    Start Now
    Keep Going
    You'll Be Glad You Did!

  3. Holidays scare me too, Blu !!

    I felt the same way, Suzi.

    Anne, Thanksgiving is a tough one for me. I could switch to low carb, but then I give up stuffing. I could stick to low fat, but that eliminates all butter and all the creamy good stuff. I could go vegan, but then I'm faced with a real live version of a funny "Everybody Loves Raymond" tofu turkey episode ... and I somehow don't think it would be as funny in real life. But, I'm going to try to heed your advice, and keep going. If this Saturday is going to be tough for you, DON'T read Allan's post ... his planned dessert ("Awesome") is a killer. (NOT for him, but for his guests.) LOL

  4. I love, love, love the challenge button and the idea behind it. You know from my blog, that I'm attempting to reach goal by Dec. 31, so this is just the challenge for me.

    You are so strong right now and a real inspiration. Life changes in an instant and we are force to create a new normal. With respect to your new healthy and weight loss lifestyle, you are such an inspiration. I've learned this summer that when one can withstand life crisis that come out of the blue, they are well on their way to long term success. I hope I've learned this lesson well because the crisis will never come on our timing or when we are "ready" for them.

    Happy, happy Birthday!

  5. Thank you for the birthday wishes, Sharon. And boy, are you right! The timing is never ideal when one is facing a crisis. You'll make goal, Sharon - I was just in awe that you picked year-end (at the backside of the holiday season) to do it. LOL That is inspirational, and yes, that challenge is perfect for you!! I'll be cheering you on ...

  6. It's so great to have this blogging community to help us get through the holidays. I think that's going to make a world of difference for all of us! ;-)

    Here's wishing you a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope the day brings you great joy despite some of your current circumstances. Be inspired that this is the first birthday of your brand, new life. That in itself is reason to celebrate, and we're all celebrating with you from our little corners of the world.