Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Allan's 12 Days of Christmas

Yes, I know he is Jewish.  Work with me here.

Princess did a spoof to the tune 12 Days of Christmas about Allan's latest challenge in the Double Dog Dare You series.  Fun!  It was very cute, and I thought I would do my own version.  So, here it is ... Ann's SPAWN SONG (last verse only):


On the 12th Day of Christmas, Allan gave to us:

Twelve morning emails

Eleven Band blog shout outs

Ten sample menus

Nine bathroom photos

Eight meal descriptions

Seven wife Sue mentions

Six weight loss graphics


Four puppy pictures

Three medic helpers

Two interventions

And a date each of us will hit Goooaaallllll ...


  1. Oh, I like your first and fifth days much better than mine! And the band and Sue issues. HAHAHAH!!! I was almost gnona do the band thing, then decided I didn't wanna spark anything, since that was a recent sore issue. Heh.

  2. The date of hitting goal is the best gift of all. That is more motivating than anything I've thought of.

  3. Haha, cute song!!! Remind me who this Allan is, please.

    I love seeing your Skinny Minnie profile picture!!! Dang, girl!

  4. No negativity toward the lap banders, Princess! So no worries. We're all on the same journey, just different paths. There is a weight loss method out there for ever taste and every type.

    Kimberly, TELL me about it! hehehe

    Ice, Christine and Jen - thanks! It was a good giggle. Did you sing it out loud?

    Christina - Allan is Allan Klein, and his blog is: Almost Gastric Bypass. If you click on his highlighted name, it will take you there.

    Allan is a fellow blogger, who has lost more than 150 lbs this year (2010), and is following the Duke Medical diet they give to gastric bypass patients - but doing it without the surgery.

    He developed a series of challenges - each step more ramped up than the next - to challenge dieters and help them move more surely, and quickly, to their goals.

    This current challnege is called The Spawn of the Son of the Double Dog Dare You (SSDDDY, for short) - I just refer to it as The Spawn for short. It is phase III, but can be taken as a stand-alone, without needing to take the previous two phases. He is working with a nutritionist (and doctors) who are providing unofficial guidance for the challenge takers.

    The next challenge begins just after New Year's Day, and incorporates exercise - a plan mapped out (and free to those who want to send Allan an email, saying "I'd like to join Challenge IV") by a famous celebrity exercise person, who agreed to do something special for Allan's challenge takers.

    Space is limited, so if you are at all interested, go to Allan's page, and send him an email (not a commentary on his blog). He may still have room, I'm not sure when he is going to close off sign-ups.

  5. This is Allan's page. I didn't stay with the challenge but he's a trip!

    I love the song Ann. That's hilarious.