Sunday, December 19, 2010


Assessment is my motivational word for today.  Assessment:  The act of evaluation.

I am two weeks into my month, and I'm on target to having my best month ever for weight loss, even surpassing my very first start-up month.   Awesome!  I think it is my body adjusting to the new, tighter, calorie restrictions and the added water.  It is treating this change, in essence, as a new start-up.  

I've read it is important to keep the body guessing, and perhaps this is proof of that.  Keeping the body guessing, from all I've read, helps keep the metabolism in higher gear (well that, and staying properly hydrated). 

December has traditionally been one of those months (in diets past) I'd "take a break" from dieting ... aka I'd quit.  For, while I had every intention of going back on the diet, I never really got back into it.  Or I would, but had gained so much over the holidays, I'd kick myself for undoing so much previous hard work and progress. 

So, it is especially amazing to me to be at year's end and still steadfast in my commitment.  I was stronger than I gave myself credit for being, OR, I just know myself so well by now, I am anticipating my usual reactions and am circumventing them - for instance, by doing a tougher challenge in December.  I picked something to force me to focus more intently.  So far, it seems to be working.

I know the body will eventually adjust to this regimen too.  But, I feel I have a very good handle now on proper portion sizes, proper hydration, proper foods. I'm not perfect by any means, but I'm well on the path I need to be on.

I am going to turn my attention now to something that is (for me) an even greater challenge - exercise. 

It is necessary for good balanced health, and it is something I've NEVER (not even when thin, not even as a child) warmed up to.  I think exercise comes naturally to many people, but not to all of us - not to ME.  I recognize, for the sake of good and sustained health, it is vital  to incorporate regular exercise into my routine.  This is why I've made it a resolution this year. 

Yes, something I've always avoided, I am going to learn to love and embrace.

I did well in my walking earlier this fall, but typical for me, the downturn in weather was the very excuse I needed to stop doing it.  I read with envy Clyde, Patrick and Christina and others, who RUN in all sorts of weather, setting personal bests and enjoying the movement of their bodies and the challenge of it all.  I love reading those posts, actually.  It is like watching the Olympics.  I may never engage in that activity, but it is a beautiful thing to behold.  LOL  My knee won't allow me to run, but that doesn't mean I can't do something. 

Well, I was delighted when Allan announced Phase IV will be a focus on exercise.  I'm committed and looking forward to changing my fitness level.  You know, over Thanksgiving, I got on a treadmill thing at the local hotel, where some of the overflow guests stayed.  It had all sorts of buttons and gadgets, but I eventually figured out how to punch in the fitness test. 

The machine starts up, and I begin walking ... at a good clip.  It wasn't long before I had to breathe through my mouth, sucking in air.  Well, you hold onto bars that measure your heart rate, etc.  And, after a 5 minute workout, where I actually broke a sweat, the machine read: 

Very low 

And here I thought I did well just to make it to the end of the 5 minute fitness test without passing out.   So, my fitness level is pretty much not there.  And that is why I'm shifting my focus to something I've always avoided.  I'm jumping in where I traditionally avoid most, feet first, no net.

I probably should be scared, but I'm so uneducated on anything remotely fitness related, that I don't have the common sense to be.  I don't even know what, if any, effect regular exercise will have on my appetite.  I'm an exercise infant ... a great BIG exercise infant.  LOL

I'm ending 2010 more than 80 lighter than this time last year.  And I am so pleased!  If I do that again, in 2011, I'd be very near normal (healthy) weight range next December!  Awesome ...


  1. If you find the exercise that is right for you and that you love, you won't even have to think it about it. It will just be part of your life. :-) I hope you find yours.

  2. The best exercise for people "our age" is simply walking. Outside, treadmill, around the mall, whatever. Also, lifting some light weights.

    I know what you mean about December and quitting the diet. I have done that, too, up until now. Now I know I can enjoy some holiday treats and still stay on my plan, and even lose a little weight. What an awakening!

  3. Yay! Strength training is great, too. You can get a pair of weights at Target or somewhere. Even the stretchy bands work well. With the weights or stretchy bands, you can do bicep curls and all sorts of other stuff. Here's an upper-body workout:
    Worry more about doing things correctly than doing a lot of repetitions or using a lot of weight. Weight training is amazing. Coupled with walking, it's super fantastic. I'm a bit of an exercise nut, so feel free to ask questions!

    You are kicking weight-loss butt!!!! December is totally your month.

    Found it!
    Scroll down, and find one or two you like in each area (chest, biceps, etc.). Once you click on a muscle group, you'll get to choose from a bunch of exercises, pictures included.

  4. Oh, Christina - these are great! Thank you!! xx

    Blu - it never even occurred to me that I may just have not (yet) found "my thing" ... it makes sense though. You've given me something to think about.

    Jo, TELL me about it!! hehehe "Awakening" is right! I enjoyed walking outside a great deal. I didn't enjoy the treadmill so much, but probably because it told me I was not fit. The truth hurts. lol The mall ... I keep forgetting about the mall! Well, for "walking" anyway. I'm probably better off staying out of there until after the post-Christmas sales though. The budget is really tight as it is. LOL

    I probably need to buy a DVD player, and get some workout things to try - at least for the winter. Cold and snow/rain aren't excuses in my livingroom.

    Thank you, All, for your valuable comments this morning! I'm already learning some new things!

  5. First, you need to find the right kind of exercise for your body.

    Second, it takes time to get to like it. I bet it was the same when you started changing your diet.

    Third, exercising together helps. I have a colleague with whom I swim 1,000m at the local pool. We literally drag each other there, and once we're there, we actually enjoy it. (I also try to get in some TaeBo and weightlifting at home, which I learned to enjoy - but it takes time!)

  6. Walking is the bomb dot com!
    You Go Girl!

  7. Good analogy, Diandra! Too true, when I started the low-fat diet in the third week of July, it was HARD and not much fun. Over time, it became easier and esier. Now? I actually enjoy it. Heck, I PREFER it (most days)! If you told me that back on July 27th, I'd have thought you were nuts. The diet was something to suffer through. I still miss cheese every so often, but I no longer even crave it. I don't know why I look at exercise any differently than I do dieting. I may have to revisit my way of thinking about it, from the foundation level. ANOTHER good eye-opener. Sheesh!

    I like the friend idea. I wonder if any of mine would like to kick off the new year doing some exercising ...

  8. Anne, I know you do an amazing job incorporating hiking/walking into your vacations. I need to start thinking along those lines too. Where can I add little bits of exercise into my day? You know, that sort of thing. My vacations are beaches (sitting and relaxing), cruises (sitting and relaxing), mountains (sitting and relaxing) ... I see a theme.

  9. After 15 mins going 2.7 miles on the treadmill, my left leg would hurt and my foot would go numb. Even if I did that out on the street, if I walked briskly for X minutes, same thing. I once was afraid I'd have to crawl the way back home--since my foot wouldn't lift off the ground except me hitching up my hip to position it. So, anything like walking/running scares me. I have zip cardio fitness. I only do strength and flexibility, so I've gotten stronger and more limber. But cardio--scares me. Between triggering asthma and my wonky knees and foot-that-goes-numb, I fear it. But I know I need to do something other than Pilates....and I am not an exerciser. That's why I spend a fortune for a trainer at the risk of my retirement savings. It's the one way I know I get SOMETHING.

    Here's to us becoming movers.

  10. What a testament to a year well-lived. I'm so proud of you. Thank you for all the supportive comments you leave on my blog. they are soooo appreciated!


  11. man, this is awesome! exercise (after a while) will make you feel fantastic. It won't at first...but pretty soon it will be paying off two and three fold.
    Good luck.

  12. I am horrible at exercise too so I am glad for Allan's challenge. Funny, but he's so blunt about cheating so I feel like I CAN'T cheat with him. And I haven't. I so hope it is that way with Phase 4. It's helps to have someone accountable to, even if it is an invisible friend!

    Thanks for inquiring about my health. It IS better. It seems to have localized in my side and it is way better. I THINK it was a muscle pull or something, I just thought it was weird how the pain was in my upper arm and chest too at times. It's very mild now and it doesn't seem threatening at all, I'll keep an eye on it though! Thanks!

  13. Because you are so focused, you will be physically fit in no time at all, I just know it. Just keep doing it every day, a little bit more than the day before.