Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Conspiring For My Success? Phase IV Preparations ...

Hello, ex-Couch Potato here.  I'm fighting my natural tendency to shun all things exercise.  Part of preparing for my new year's resolution (embracing regular exercise), is getting my mind in its proper place.  Where the mind goes, the body follows.  So, I'm taking this last week of the Phase III challenge (SSDDDY) to also prepare properly for next week.  Part of that preparation is to take an objective look at my attitude, and make some healthy changes, and healthier choices.

It all comes down to choices, after all.  String enough good choices together, and we get improvement.  Don't, and we go nowhere - fast.

So, my self-assessment was not too pretty.  I've caught myself slipping into that self-destructive mindset of "enjoying this last week" of relaxation, before the real work begins.  That's lazy (or crazy) thought for "I don't want to change.  I just want the results without the effort."  Wah, wah, wah ....

That IS crazy-thought.  I can't have positive results without positive change, after all.  Yet, here I sit, thinking up a big-person's common excuse of "I'll do it later, better get in the good stuff while I can."  That is a losing mindset, and I won't have it anylonger.

Then, as if nature itself is conspiring for my success, this upcoming weekend is going to be GORGEOUS ... just perfect for outdoor exercise (aka, walking).  The "it is too cold" excuse door has been slammed shut for me.  Heck, it is even being slammed shut for the Northeasterners - because all that snowfall will be melted like magic over the next few days. 

No couch-potato-ways in the days leading up to the new year! 

I am going to end this year on a positive note, with healthy changes and increased efforts.  Why wait until next year?  The calendar flip excuse is only delaying health.  I can be reactive or proactive ... proactive gets to the goal line.  Reactive gets, at best, treading water.  Delaying things (diet, exercise, etc.) is a fat person's fall-back position.  I've used the "I'll start on Monday" tactic before.  It just doesn't get me to the results I want.

Which am I going to be?  Proactive in adapting changes to improve my health and well-being?  Or reactive, in putting forth partial effort for so-so results?  Please, the answer is obvious!  This is hard work, and I don't want to revisit territory twice.  Let's get it done already! 

THIS IS THE YEAR.  This is the week.  Today is the day! 

I bought new walking shoes, which I will break in this week, wearing them around the house, etc.  And I also bought a better all-weather jacket, for walking outdoors.  I'm taking away excuses, you see.  I am preparing myself for success.  How many people prepare themselves for failure?  Or put another way, fail to prepare for success?  I have, in the past. 

Now?  I'm eliminating those larger clothing sizes from my closet.  I used to be afraid to go there (because I may need them again) -- See?  That is preparing for failure. 

And just today, I found myself thinking (albeit, momenarily), "I better enjoy this week of doing nothing while I can.  I deserve it, after all."  Scary.  I deserve to respect myself enough to do what I need to, in order to get healthy.  Don't we all deserve a fit life?  A LONG fit life? 

So, the ice is melting, the roads are already mostly dry, and it is obvious that nature is conspiring for my success, and I need to get on board and conspire for my own success too.  I am still a very big gal, so I know not to expect athlete performances right out of the gate.  Slow and steady progress, a can-do (WILL-do) attitude, and a rock-solid committment to improving my health  will be the foundation of a wonderful 2011. 

Preparations are starting now.  I'm getting ready.  I'm excited, because I know I am taking another step closer to having one of my healthiest years ever!  I did well in the 5.5 months I worked it in 2010, so it will be FUN to see what I can do with 12 full months of the 2011 calendar.  Persistence, not perfection, but a solid and straightforward effort.  I'm all over this ...


  1. See this... :o) it's me smiling. I love you attitude, your views and all of it. You will do wonderfully. You will rock girl, I know you will. I'll be here to cheer you on every bit of the way. Just like you are for me. It's amazing the friends a person makes when they are all in the same boat, getting healthy one meal at a time, one pound at a time, one mile at a time.
    Have a great afternoon. Good Bless!!!

  2. Great 'tude! It really is easy to put off being healthy. You're right though - that's just delaying health. Why do that? I'm finally understanding that and making every effort to be healthy now. You are doing great preparing for exercise! I bet your jacket is nice. You are going to do well, Ann.

  3. I. Love. This. Post.

    If you don't mind I would like to place a link to it in my blog. I especially love the bit about "It all comes down to choices, after all. String enough good choices together, and we get improvement." SO TRUE!!!

  4. That's theattitude you need for success. No excuses. You'll feel so good when you exercise and have more energy. You can do it! 2011 is going to be a great year.

  5. Attitude is everything re: exercise.

    The truth of the matter is it isn't all that hard. I bet you turn out to be one of those people that find out they love it in the end.

  6. I'm looking forward to the nice weekend, too, so we can get out and get some fresh air! Great step to get your walking shoes broken in. I'm looking forward to the day you say you like walking!

  7. Choices are everything! It took me a long time to understand that i do have choices and that the very choices that i do make are what make me either healthy or not.
    This year is going to be our best yet!

  8. I bought 2 pairs of sneaks for Phase 4 earlier in the month and I love their springiness. I've been breaking them in. :) I didn't need them much before as Pilates is done barefooted. One has neon green accents and one has red. Make my feet happy. Like you, I need to get over my exercise procrastination thing when it comes to doing stuff ON MY OWN...

  9. Great post. Your determination is infectious. There is no point in delaying our health any longer. I am completely with you here!

  10. 2011 is definitly gonna be the year! Your enthusiasm is contagious. I'm so glad I'm finding such great friends to journey with. And I hadn't realized until a few posts ago that you have lost all that weight without exercising. WOW! You'll be in those pants before you know it!
    Hope your Dad is doing better. Been thinking about you and your family.

  11. Excellent post! Take away all the excuses, I love it!

    I loved the part about saving the "fat clothes". I got down to about 20 lbs. less than I am now and got rid of EVERYTHING. Then I gained 30 ++ lbs. and was panicked about having to buy bigger clothes. Now I'm back going down and won't buy anything until after Allan's challenge! All smaller!

    Keep it up, stay positive!

  12. Ann - my fellow challenger. Your outlook is amazing and one to be admired.

    I have to tell you, I used to HATE, HATE exercising. I would join a gym, drive to the gym and sit in the parking lot and smoke a cigarette. But, all of that changed this year. After hitting the mid 40's things that were once perky...weren't. I was sick and tired of people saying, "Brett, you have such a pretty face.". I wanted and still want a slammin' body. So I workout every single day. First thing in the morning so I can't think of excuses throughout the day.

    I promise you that after just one month of exercise you will be addicted. You will crave it. And, when you don't get to exercise you will feel blah.

    You look awesome. And I will continue to follow you as you are an inspiration


  13. You are so on target..... what in the world could stop you now?