Monday, December 13, 2010

Update - Monday

Hubby is back home, resting comfortably.  The opeation went well.  Thank you for all your kind thoughts, prayers and emails !!

We'll know more tomorrow, at the surgeon follow-up visit, how well my husband is healing.  For now, all looks good.  We hope half his vision will have been restored, when the bandages come off.

We had an unplanned stop, on the way home, for some food.  (Hubby was starving, not having eaten for about 16 hours.)  Being an unanticipated stop, I had to make some healthy choices and do some quick calculations.  I did well.  My lunch calories came to 320.  Excellent!  It was a good test of how well I've been learning my lessons.  Also, I have a taste for a bean burrito (no cheese) for dinner tonight, and I wanted to save some calories for that treat.

Someone also was kind to email and ask after Dad. 

He is doing well.  The last blood transfusion seemed to give him a much-needed boost to his energy! 

His very last cancer treatment will be next week.  Then, we enjoy Christmas and our time together, and basically wait to see what, if anything, happens.  We are hoping, of course, the cancer will be put into remission, but it will be entirely in God's hands.  (God's Will be done, right?) 

There is, we're told, a 25% chance that the treatments will have had no affect whatsoever.  Regardless, Dad fought hard and nothing more can be done, after next week's treatment.  We'll just live the best life possible, either way, grateful for the time we have together, regardless of length.

That's it for the updates.  Time to check on the newest patient!  I'm reading (though not commenting much) blogs this afternoon.  Lots of cold winter-weary bloggers today ... between th weather and Monday ... fun, fun, fun!


  1. marianne Williamson has a new book out called A Course in Weight Loss. Nothing about food all about enotions on why we eat rather then what. It could be your doldrum fighter.


  2. Good that is all went well...
    You've got your hands full there, eh, Nurse!
    Be sure to save some Sanity Time for yourself!

  3. Thanks for the hubby update! I'm glad to hear your dad is doing well, too. You and yours will be in my thoughts, Ann. They're lucky to have a bright ray of sunshine like you in their lives, just as we're lucky to have you in ours. :) Great job at lunch today! You really have got this!

  4. I happy to hear both the hubs and your dad are doing well! Take care of yourself as well.

  5. Glad your hubby is home and best wishes to your Dad, great choices you made today...your a leader...hugs.

  6. I'm glad your husbands surgery went well, it sounds very scary to me! I might have missed a blog on this, but what was wrong with his vision?