Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm Just Sayin' ...

I'm hoping for a drama-less day today!  Dad has a now-routine doctor appointment this afternoon, for his antibiotic infusion, but hubby is free of medical stuff today, and we are both off through the holiday weekend!  Hooray!!

Speaking of drama-less:

Just because someone may look indestructable, doesn't make it so.   And even the most positive person has a down day. 

My friend, Allan, has had the wind temporarily knocked out of his sails, by perhaps well-meaning posts (and some not-so-well-meaning posts).  He's received lots of pep-talk commentary from everyone, including myself, but the bottom line is that he was knocked down.  I have no doubt he'll be just fine, but everyone must remember, what he does and what he says, is out of kindness and concern for others.  This is a man who finds it helps himself to help others.  You may not like his style, but you have to respect a guy who'll tell it like he sees it, and who will put himself out there for the benefit of all. 

Perspective is an important thing too.   No one on the weight loss Blogosphere needs the added pressure of being hero-worshipped, well-intended though it may be. 

Admire someone, be inspired certainly, but remember, we are (all of us) just regular folks trying to break old habits and get healthy, sharing the ride with others.  Every circumstance is different (not better or worse, just different), and we hope to end up in the same place at the end of it all.  Some will make it, some won't, but in the end, we're all on the same playing field. 

I'm not saying anyone did any of these things, of course, but the perception was there (for Allan).  Let's not forget, he is a big guy, trying to became a less big guy - just like the rest of us.  He has been more successful, sooner (and has been willing to share that), but in the end, we need to care for him like we do for everyone else on this journey.  No pedestals, no gutter-kicking either.  Enjoy Allan for the precious gift he is, just as we would any of the bloggers we follow.  We all have "stuff" we're dealing with, aside (and as part of) this weight loss journey. 

Let's be thoughtful of one another. 

Okay, YES ... I'll have weight stuff to blog about later, but I need to get showered and dressed first, and get some breakfast into me.  It is important, to start the metabolism going.

Enjoy the day!  More later ...


  1. Amen. Allan is a hero in this weight loss blogland. He is shouting against all of the things that have made us and kept us fat. He refuses to let us cave to those things without calling it out. I wish he was around 20 years go so I could have maybe had 240 months more of being a happy thinner person.

  2. "No one on the weight loss Blogosphere needs the added pressure of being hero-worshipped, well-intended though it may be."

    That is a really interesting perspective and very insightful. I have never thought about that but it makes absolute sense. It would be a lot of pressure to be "hero-worshipped" in the blog world and that is something everyone should be mindful of, i.e. not to put too much pressure on others or 'burden' others by projecting our successes or failures onto them.

    Thanks for the insight!

  3. Great perspective, Ann. I really respect Allan and agree that he is coming from a place of concern for others' physical health. We all have different styles and methods and there is a place here for all of us.

  4. great post, Ann. I agree with all of this and it's a great reminder that everyone here needs the support.. even if they are doing awesome... they still need the love and support that is throughout blogland. I'm still a newbie to the entire blogging world, but I still see it and hope that I am a positive part of that. :)

  5. Excellent post, Ann. I love the part about us all being regular folks just trying to take care of ourselves. Well said. I can not agree with you more.

  6. I like allan, I worship only God. I know what you mean though....when people look up to you too much it's a standard that is impossible to bear because we are human...not indestructable. It helps to keep humans in perspective. leads to less broken expectations which aren't fair to anyone.

  7. I think we could all benefit from remembering that everyone has down days. No one shares their entire life via their blog, there could be so much more happening behind the scenes that followers are not privy too. There's never a reason good enough to leave hateful feedback, ever. Even to someone that appears to be so thick-skinned, because you just never know. Love this post!