Sunday, December 12, 2010

Looking Forward, With Confidence

I just squeaked past 250 lbs. this weekend, and am confident in my ability to break through the morbid obesity floor soon.  I confess, I am now (for the first time) going to weigh myself daily.  I want to know the very day I kiss MO good-bye forever.  It is a major, major milestone. 

Looking forward, I set my next mini-goal at 230 lbs., which means I'll be focusing on losing the next 17 lbs.

There is no particular reason for picking that weight as my next goal.  I wanted something other than a 30-lb target (this time), just to make it interesting, and 230 is a nice round number.  The last time I weighed 230 was in 1990 - two decades ago. 


I received two awards, both of which can be found on my "Awards and Rewards" tab. 

The first is "Cherry On Top" from a new follower, Kati - Thanks, Kati !! 

The second is "Honest Scrap" from one of my favorite bloggers, Katie - Thanks, Katie !!

Honest Scrap includes a requirement to share 10 honest things about myself and pass it on.  So here it goes:

1. I admire people with artistic talents.

2. I'm afraid I am going to lose another parent in 2011, realistically, but I try not to think about it, so I put on an optimistic front while praying for the best.

3. I have absolute confidence I will (finally) succeed at reaching my goal weight.  That is, as long as I can avoid bus paths and meteorites.

4. I cry near the conclusion of Born Free.

5. I procrastinate more than I should.

6. I give everyone the benefit of a doubt, and I feel hurt when they don't reciprocate in kind.

7. I unabashedly love dogs. 

8. I am not too crazy about flying these days, if my only choices are to have naked pictures taken of me, or be groped by strangers.  I understand the need for security in the air, I do, but there isn't a better way?  Seriously?  Of course, I've been asking myself the same questions over mam'grams.  Seriously, there isn't a better way?  I don't see men's testicles put into vice grips.  Hey, we put men on the moon, people.

9. My eyes now need readers.  I know I should go and have them examined, but I'm putting it off, with the intention of going sometime in April. 

10. I enjoy beaches, sunsets, warm rain, breezy summer days, still starry evenings, the scent of lilacs and the beauty of peonies, enthusiastic puppies, comfortable armchairs, good music, and even James Bond flicks.  (Cue the music.  You know the tune ...)

I'm to pass the Honest Scrap award along to someone.  While there are MANY worthy bloggers, I'm giving it to Sheilah (aka Mensa), and to Princess Dieter ... both for being so open and honest in sharing their weight loss journeys - and taking responsibility, rather than making excuses or rationalizations!  They are wonderful, and if you haven't visited their blogs, do so.  You'll see it all, the good, bad and in-between!

Things I've noticed today, just mentioning to record here in my journal for possible future reference.  Look away for a minute:

My middle torso, which has always been firm (fat, but firm) is now squishy, like a soft pillow.  What's with that??  Should that be happening?  I've never (even in thin days) had a squishy torso.

My upper arms ... let's just say, flying squirrels have nothing on me.  Guess it wasn't all muscle.  Umpf.  (Yes, I know it wasn't really muscle, sadly.)  No surprises there.  But here was one today ...

Can inner thighs sag?  I'm watching that, because it looks like it may want to, and that would be SO not cool.

I'm hoping the skin recovers, much like lungs do, after someone quits smoking. 


I'm weighing in tomorrow, but won't post until I hit (or pass) that magic mini-goal number: 247 lbs.!!

Stay strong and follow your path ...


  1. haha! I lost the plot when it became time to deal with squishy tummy, deflated balloon look, far too much skin and wrinkles. I regained more than half the weight I'd lost. It's taking a loooong time to get back down to that lowest weight in many years, and even that was barely half-way to goal.*SIGHS*

    This time I'm determined to not allow such vanity to derail me.

    So many mental adjustments to make as we travel this road. As if life doesn't have enough challenges without our bodies going all squishy and saggy. At least most of it can be hidden and disguised by clothing. Here's to looking awesome with clothes on. *giggle* I don't think I'll ever try out a bikini. *tears in my eyes*

    Oh the cliffhanger you've left us with. Please up date us without delay as you leave MO forever.

  2. Hi Kathy! I've missed you ... Are you doing anything special for Christmas?

  3. Hi MargieAnne - I won't let a little squishy middle stop me from reaching goal. No worries! I'm glad to hear of your experience, though I know it wasn't fun for you. You'll make goal this time! We both will ...

    Yeah, I'm not planning on donning a bikini either, but I take comfort in knowing there aren't a lot of women my age who SHOULD. LOL

    I definitely plan to shout from the blog tops, when I leave Morbid Obesity behind! I hope it will be this week sometime, but regardless, shout I will. You'll hear me all the way down there, on your side of the planet!

  4. Congratulations on your loss, and your awards! I'll never wear a bikini either -- I've got the squishy tummy and bat wings and yes, saggy inner thighs. :}

  5. Hahaha I love the part about the flying squirrels. I guess it's what comes with a big weight loss, which is what really matters anyway --- that you are losing all that weight. I'm inspired.


  6. I have some loose skin on my stomach and on my thighs...but since I lost it relatively slowly, it really allowed my skin time to bounce back. Just drink a lot of water and should really help.

  7. Thanks for the tip, Christine - ANOTHER good reason to properly hydrate!!

    Elle, I get inspiration from all over, wish I was 100% joking about the flying squirrel arms, but I appreciate the kind words! Kisses back at you!

    bd160, thanks! Oh, I was hoping you'd say "but the saggy inner thighs firm up in time for summer ..." LOL

  8. Ann, good to hear that your keeping in shape. Unlike me, i tried several weight loss supplements as i want to reduce more fats without pushing too hard with heavy workout. How i wish i could bring back the confidence i had before.

  9. My sister, who first lost some weight and then had to re-shape after giving birth to her daughter, recommends body lotion and oils containing wild rose essence... you can find them in the "Mummy" aisle in your drug store, and they really help with the skin! I will have to try them myself next... ^^

  10. Shantel, I'm not keeping in shape - yet - but I'm working hard to GET in shape! Confidence takes practice, and time. You can regain it! We are, all of us, a lot stronger than we give ourselves credit for being.

    Diandra, thanks for that tip! Rose essence, hey? I'll hunt for that after the holidays.

  11. How fun getting to know you better!
    About the skin.... I use Manual Lymph Drainage...
    a type of massage... and don't have any hanging skin,
    and not too many dangling ir misplaced modifiers!

  12. ..."or".... not "ir"...
    Guess I still mess up my typing....
    go figure! :)

  13. Hey I think the squishy tummy may be because the fat cells are shrinking and the fat isn't as compact as it once was. I've noticed the same. Its like the little fat sacks shrivel up and there is so much extra space in

    and I am loving that i'm "one of your favorite bloggers." I always tell my hubby that you are one of my faves when I'm talking about my blogging family. This made my day! =)

    I'm actually trying a very strict 3-day diet to jump start my weight loss again and make my body go what? maybe that will give me the final push past my annoying bit of blah that i've been feeling. lol. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens!