Monday, December 27, 2010

New Sights

I've read (somewhere) women should have waist measurements below 30".

Today, I measured in at 40", so just ten more to hit that target.  I'm hoping the exercise component I will be adding next week will help get me there a little faster.  I'm still a long way from the 28" is used to be in my healthy days, but I'm also not 20-something anymore.

I'm very excited that my hips dropped in size this week.  It will make the next attempt at wearing the old size 24s a little easier.  The waist and legs are fine.  It is the hip measurement that is making the jeans not yet wearable.  Will this next attempt be "the one?!"  (Wouldn't THAT be exciting?!)  Maybe not this next attempt, but soon ...

Lots to do today, and I'll be heading out the door shortly.  I have a lot of blog reading catching up to do !!  Thank you to all who've left comments, suggestions and messages over the last week.  I've read them all by this posting.  I'm looking forward to reading your blogs.  It is great that we can all support each other.  I know the holidays were tough for everyone, but the season is behind us now!!  Time to refocus and look toward the new year, right? 

2011 is going to be the best - let's all apply ourselves, give our best efforts, and slide into summer at our healthiest yet!!  We CAN do this!! 

Onward and downward ...


  1. Not 20 something?
    2011 might just turn out to be a good year, at any rate.

  2. We're all a lot smarter about this than we were a year ago. I hope that works in our favor.

  3. YAY!!! great job on lowering of the inches! Makes a big difference!

    This is a great article on waist size and the >35 inch for women. I am thick middled so its hard... since even normal BMI people who have larger waists have a higher risk for disease.

    Here comes 2011~ I'm excited already!

  4. Ann, I'm sorry I didn't make it by earlier to say Merry Christmas! I'm glad for you that you did such an amazing job! I am headed to the gym soon and so glad that things are back to normal! 2011 is going to be the best!

  5. Good for you!! You can't always rely on Mr. Scales as i've heard he lies :)

  6. Damn they just dont make clothes like the use too. What is this style with the pants riding on your hip, low riders or something? Plue Ann, I think they are wrong on some of the sizes. I also agree with spunky, Mr Scale does lie. LOL

    Best of luck and Bring on 2011. We will kick its butt with the weight loss. Gracie

  7. I'm with ya... let's ROCK 2011!!
    Happy New Year!


  8. 2010 was wonderful but 2011 is "THE" year. Keep up the great work, you are so impressive. I am proud of you my dear. Keep up the great work.
    Take care and have a blessed evening.

  9. So nice to move into a smaller size or see a reduction in inches. You are doing great!!

  10. Okay, Anne, not 20 by more than double - but I feel young, so that should count for something. hehehe

    Jo, I sure hope so!!! I worked HARD in 2010.

    Tamzin, thanks for the great link. I've corrected my figures, but am still working on my figure. --wink--

    Hi Katie! I hope you enjoyed Christmas! I enjoy the holidays, but am equally glad to get "normal" back. I like my routine, I guess. I'm looking forward to 2011 as well. I'm redoubling my weight loss efforts, adding exercise. Gosh, I wonder if I need to "relax" while I can! hahaha

    Suzi, that made me chuckle. Unfortunately, my scale is brutally honest with me - TOO honest some days! :)

    Hi Gracie ~ absolutely, we will make 2011 the best year yet! I'm not fond of the new hip-hugger style of pants either. I won't wear them.

    Happy new year to you too, Margene! And congratulations on the absolutely amazing job you both did in 2010. It inspires me to do better! Thank you!!

    Julie, thank you - and I pray 2011 is your year too, in all ways! I think as a group, we'll do wonderful things.

    Thank you, Digger. It IS nice to move into a smaller size (my favorite thing), but I admit I get the biggest smile when my hip measurement goes down. It is slow to budge, and always lags the waist by quite a bit. Every body is different, and mine just stubbornly holds onto hip and thigh storage.

    Thanks, one and all, for your kind words and encouragement!

  11. Sounds like your hips are like my waist. My waist is the last measurement to go down (I wonder if the c-section is part of that?).

    Congrats on all your great work so far!