Thursday, December 9, 2010

Check This Out - current pants?

I knew my current jeans were getting baggy, but check this out:

I was getting my second update photo taken, and realized two things:

1. These jeans have to be held up, and

2. This same shirt I wore for the first update photo is now so big, I don't know what to do with all this fabric

The photo was taken this afternoon. My weight is currently 255 (as of yesterday), so I'm within 8 lbs of leaving morbid obesity!

I'm going to have an entirely new outfit for the next update photo (update # 3) ... I'll be posting my official update photo soon, but I've added this (above) as my new profile photo.  I don't notice much difference, mostly due to the volume of fabric, but for these few things:

The tummy is down significantly (well, duh ... look at the waist difference on this jeans that "fit" me), and the twins are sitting much higher -- what's with that?  LOL 

My arms have gone down in size too, but you can't really tell unless you look at how differently the sleeve fits.  Look at the photo at the right sidebar, under the motivational word, and you can see it was tighter and riding higher.  On this photo, above, it is too long and too baggy.  The shirt hasn't changed.  I have.  I'm not filling that sleeve.  Most of what you are seeing is simply hanging, like a drape.

Okay, and I'm also forced to admit, I need new clothes that fit me better.  No surprise, big people like loose clothing, but this is getting a little ridiculous ...

Anyway, I wanted to get this posted, before I change out all the photos, for those who may be interested.  I don't suspect many will be, but this blog is for me, and it is a good record of my progress.


  1. Yay - look at you go!
    Congrats, Ann!

  2. Wow. Big difference. You are the woman.

  3. Thanks, Anne!! xxox I solved the massive shirt fabric problem. Same shirt, but duct taped (on the unseen back) ... so my figure can actually be seen. Then, for kicks, I used my OLD black jeans in the photo, just to show what 9" less waistline looks like on me. It should make for an interesting update photo.

  4. hehehe Kathy, thanks, but that "you ar ethe woman" reminds me of what WE say to guys (i.e., "you're so big and strong ...") :)

    If Anne has time to work her magic, you'll see this next official update photo - the difference from late July to now is pretty obvious.

  5. that is awesome! It's very evident the difference in the two pics. Way to go!

  6. Wow! You are doing so well. Keep up the good work. 72 pounds down and almost out of morbid obesity!!!

    Such an inspiration.

  7. Duct tape. What would we do without it? Wow. Lots of room in the pants now.

  8. Jo, the photo (above) is not duct taped. WAIT until you see that one. LOL I was lamenting to Anne that this photo isn't all that obvious a change from the previous update photo - when, in fact, there has been a tremendous change. I posted this one (above) showing my current jeans ... but when I took the official update photo, I used my original (July) pants, and the green shirt, now duct taped to show my figure more. Hey, at least I have one again! (Figure, I mean) lol

    I hope to post that picture soon. You'll get a kick out of it.

    Gertie and Beth, thanks for your kind comments and encouragement! Stay tuned for a much more telling photo ... it'll be fun.

  9. Isn't it thrilling to see clothes HANGING, just HANGING.....of course, it's not thrilling having to buy new clothes and wear them for like a month or two and that's it! I've started to just buy snug, get used to snug a few weeks, then have it fit. Got tired of only getting one week or two wear. Looking forward to mroe updates.

  10. Just awesome Ann, I am so glad you are doing so you are having a new figure. can't wait to see your picture.

  11. Wow...that's fabulous! Keep up the good work because you are such an inspiration to the rest of us!