Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Practical Tips - 101: GOT TIP ?

Okay, I've mentioned my ring came flying off - twice - this week.  NOT cool.  I've been trying to decide whether to resize just yet, when I read a comment by Princess , whose rings keep flying off in public bathrooms, whenever she washes her hands (which, by the way, I hope is EVERY time)!  Hand-washing, that is, not ring-flying ... LOL

Anyway, her comment caused others to comment on their loose rings too.  And I realize there is a need for some practical tips out here in Weight Loss Blogland.  If YOU have a practical tip, please PLEASE post it in the commentary below! 

When I said I was deciding whether to resize my ring just yet, it wasn't a question of whether I'd put up with a flying ring or not.  I, of course, will make sure it is properly secure on my hand, regardless of whether it makes it in to a jeweler this month or not.  How?  Well, here is my practical tip:

I simply put a RING GUARD on it (sometimes called a "Sizing Ring Guard").  It is a little device that attaches to the underside / palmside of the band, and "sizes," temporarily, the ring to your finger.  In fact, I decided to use that, since I am still losing weight, rather than go through the expense this time of year, of having it done permanently. 

Ring guards are LESS than $10, and are largely undetectable to the casual observer.  More importantly, it saves the ring from possible damage.  They can be found almost anywhere, and can be used on any size ring.  It beats tape or yarn! 

So, to all the women who, like me, are finding their fingers a little less pudgy these days, save your rings and still enjoy them, by purchasing a simple ring guard.  You'll be so glad you did!

Tip # 1:  Use ring guards when rings become too loose to stay on the hand!

What other tips do you have?  Share with the rest of us, because we don't (any of us) know it all ... and experience is a great teacher.  Share yours and help your fellow weight loss bloggers!!


  1. I use tape, that white medical tape, not duct tape. I'd never heard of these Ring Guards, but they sound like a good idea. I'm definitely going to look into them.

    I'm waiting to have my rings re-sized until I reach my goal weight. Resizing too often decreases the strength of the band (says my jeweler), so I'm waiting until I'm done losing.

  2. I need to get me one of those ring guards!! Mine came off in the bathroom and I didn't even notice! I've just been using tape which is gross.

  3. I am actually doing something different with my ring. I purchased a plain silver band to wear while my hands shrink. I am going to have a special message engraved on the inside of the band and when I finish and I can size my regular wedding ring, I am going to wear it as a thumb ring to remind myself daily about how far I've come and that I do NOT want to go back!

  4. I read you other post where you bypassed morbid obesisty into severe. I remember doing it and I remember being so happy about it too! congratulations! It takes hard work to turn your life around.

  5. My father, who worked in a rather messy job, put his wedding ring on a piece of leather around his neck. This way, he got to keep it with him all the time without fearing to damage or lose it.