Thursday, December 9, 2010

Paying Attention

Has anyone else noticed how many hidden calories are in things?  Sheesh!

Now that I'm trying to keep my calories to 1200 per day, for this SSDDDY challenge, I am paying close attention to those counts.

For this morning's breakfast, I had a small low-fat yogurt and a small banana.  What else?  Nothing.  That was it.  I had water to drink, which is typical for me for breakfast.  (I start with rehydrating myself.)

It doesn't sound like much - and it isn't.  It was a tasty 275 calories though.  And it broke the fast, tiding me over until snack time.  The snack, in turn, will tide me over until lunch.  The point is, I'm not stuffed full, but I'm not starving either.  I'm eating healthy food to sustain my body, and am still working to lose the weight. 

My tummy growled at me yesterday - a rarity.  But I wasn't uncomfortable.  Just about the time I felt I needed to eat something - it was time to eat something anyway.  Gosh, that sounds like what healthy people do!  Go figure ...

My stomach will probably grrowl at me again today, mid-morning.  That is okay by me.  In fact, it is sort of a novelty I enjoy.  I look at each growl as my body's protest against a shrinking stomach.  Too bad, so sad ... but I'm in charge now, so there!.

Is it working, this new restriction?  I won't get on the scale again until my usual weigh-in day on Saturday.  However, I noticed this morning that my pants were almost too baggy, and I was able to run to the bathroom and not even unzip them.  I realized, of course, I must have grabbed a pair of pants frm a size ago, by accident.  I obviously missed these in my "weeding out" of the closet, so it will be another pair of pants for charity.  When I went to change them for pants that are actually my size, I was stunned to see these ARE my current size!  How can something change that much, just overnight?!  So, it should be an interesting scale reading on Saturday.  (Yes, I'm going to wait.) 

I'm paying attention now - to labels, to how I feel, to how things fit ...


  1. Oh, you are in the zone now, baby! Yesterday's post was extremely inspiring and once again, you will soon be donating clothes to the needy!

    Keep it up.

  2. And I would also guess it's your water consumption!! When I down water like crazy, it really helps w/ the weight loss. I have the exact same experiences w/ my pants!!

    Awesome, girl!!