Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fast Five Months - 255 lbs.

Today is a little anniversary - day number 140 of my diet. 

I've been doing this for 20 weeks, or five full months!  I cannot believe how quickly that time has flown by.  It hardly seems possible that I've been dieting for five months already.  And, at this point, it doesn't really even feel like "dieting" anymore, but more of just the way I eat (although I'm just starting the SSDDDY challenge, so maybe that feeling will change).  Ha !!

Five months ago, I had 162 lbs left to lose.  Today, I need to lose 110 lbs., but I know I can do better, work harder, and put forth a more dedicated effort - especially now that I have the diet mastered.  That, of course, means adding regular exercise.  This is going to be my # 1 resolution this upcoming year - to support my efforts to get healthy, by adding regular exercise.  This couch potato is determined to change her ways in that arena, just as I have been on changing my diet this year. 

One hundred and ten pounds is still an intimidating number, but I take things in smaller increments  (my mini-goals), and don't let the big numbers discourage me.  I also set realistic goals for myself, and always look for new ways to keep myself motivated, because my journey will be a long one.  I am constantly (as in, always) moving in a healthy direction.  When I started my diet in late July, I figured it would take 24 months to get to goal, realistically.  I may actually get to goal sooner (Dec. 31, 2011??), but only time will tell.

I try not to whine.  Whine is not enjoyable, unless it comes with a little cheese.  Besides, it took a long time and a lot of carelessness and laziness to get to be well over 300 lbs.  It is just common sense that it will take effort and time to take the weight off now, and I have no one to blame but myself.  So, who wants to hear me whining at this point?  (Don't knock each other over, running for the exits.)  Meanwhile, life goes on ...

Last night, one of my closest girlfriends called, to announce her son is going to ask his girlfriend for her hand in marriage!  (She'll say yes.)  So, in addition to a probable family reunion next year, we'll also have a wedding to attend, closer to home.  Cameras, everywhere ... SO, that is additional motivation for sticking to a healthy lifestyle plan, as if HEALTH alone wasn't a good enough reason. 

I have all sorts of challenges and goals in place, to help move me along the path to improved health.  And life's events have a way of cropping up too, as additional motivators.  I use whatever I can to keep me focused and moving forward.

Today is the second day of The Spawn challenge.  I am right on schedule, and realized it was time for a snack when I heard a very unfamiliar noise ... my tummy was actually GROWLING at me!  The nerve ...

So, I hopped on my scale this morning, to officially record my 5-month weight.  Drum roll please ...

December 17, 2009 = 327 lbs.
December 8, 2010 = 255 lbs.

Yes, I've lost a pound (already) since the weekend.  I weighed twice, just to be sure.  I've lost 72 lbs!  And 52 of those pounds came off in just the last 5 months - when I got serious about losing weight and regaining my health.  In the last five months, my measurements improved, my cholesterol medication has been completely eliminated, my blood sugar has fallen to normal levels, my energy has increased, and the list goes on and on and on.

I cannot WAIT for my next doctor's appointment (about 6 weeks from now) - I want to be under 247 - finally out of the morbid obesity category.  And I want to see those numbers continue to improve!  Dieting cannot bring up the HDL level, so that is another reason to add exercise (which can) ... I want to see an improved HDL level and BP level, by the January doctor appointment.

The insidious part of gaining weight, slowly over decades, is that it stealthily steals from us a host of things we don't even realize. We put those changes down to the aging process, perhaps, but it isn't entirely that, is it?

Time to take back my health.  I am in control, and my destiny is up to me entirely. 

Day 140 and looking forward, moving downward, staying strong! 


  1. 233, Feel that 233 on the first ...
    That is the goal, not this 247 stuff...
    You can do this !!

  2. 22 lbs in 3 weeks? Allan, that is a bit more than 7 lbs per WEEK. I'll shoot for the goal, and with a completely positive can-do manner, but realistically speaking?

    Don't forget, you are a guy, with all the added muscle and fat-burning potential that comes from your male physiology. Me? I'm a female, and a hormonal one at that. LOL

    Yes Sir, I will do my very best! THAT I can do, and I pledge it, in fact. These next three weeks are going to be focused intensity!

  3. What an amazing post!! I love it. You are doing so awesome.

    I'm looking forward to weighing in for 2011. I just know that the 100 I have to lose is going to come off in the next 12 moths.

    Hard work is in my future, but its going to be worth it!

  4. Doesn't it feel GOOD to take control?
    Big Congrats on your loss so far. Truly outstanding!!
    Keep it up... keep focussed. I'm right there with ya doing the same thing. :)

  5. "Strong" is probably your middle name!

  6. You go girl.

    I look at my number in the goal column of Allan's chart and think, "hello 125, I haven't seen you since High School. Welcome back."

    We can do this.

  7. You are doing incredible! Congrats!

  8. Congratulations Ann!!! You're doing it!!!

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  10. You've done well.

    I too must move more, much more. *smiles*

  11. Congratulations on your significant progress in 5 months, but, also of course across the year!! That is fantastic!!! You will definitely be in a better spot for the pictures next year. Holy cow you have done well!!

    To comment on your comment on my blog, Yak traks are available at REI, most sporting goods stores (where it snows of course!) and in Minneapolis at my neighborhood Settergren Ace Hardware. Not expensive at all, about $20.00. I swear by them in keeping you upright when you walk in snow and ice.

  12. Amazing progress you've got there. It is daunting losing that much weight and can seem insurmountable. But you are taking the right approach to mini goals and it is working for ya!

    Well done.

  13. Whooo Hoooo, you are doing awesome, and you are going to get there, you inspire me, wow, moving more, yes I am right there with you. keep up the great work.