Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And This Goes, And This Goes, And This Goes ...

I grabbed a pair of jeans today, and while I can wear them, I looked like a hobo, they were that baggy. They will be bound for charity this weekend. So, I grab the next pair ... too big. It goes into the donation pile too. And then I realize, these are jeans I just bought in September. They've hardly been worn, and now they are not usable.  I went through a lot of clothes the last few days, and I'm getting rid of a lot of stuff.

My previous mentality would be to put them in the back of the closet, so when I gain weight again, I'll have something to wear.

Seriously, that is what I'd do.

Oh, and it worked in the lower direction too, which is why I had a like-new pair of size 24 jeans.

Well, my attitude has been adjusted. I'm not going back up the scale. I'm just not. So, these jeans are now going to be donated. I know someone will be grateful for them and will get a lot of use from them.

When I squeeze into the size 24s, finally, I will toss out the jeans I am now wearing. And I'm not buying more than two jeans in any particular size, as I lose weight. I'm not getting enough use out of them. NO COMPLAINTS, mind you, but my practical side is kicking in and saying "don't waste money." When I get into the size 24 jeans I own, I may buy one more, but that is it, until it is time to buy a few size 22s, and so forth.

I'm able to now wear an entire section of closet that was not available to me a few months ago. And I'm saying good-bye to some favorite articles of clothing, that are now waaaaaay too big. It is all good!

I am holding onto one pair of jeans though - my very favorite, well-worn, pair of black jeans, Old Blackie. They were not too big, or too small ... they were my go-to jeans 90% of the time.

And we all know how slimming black is - just check out my before photo. Ooooooo ... prrreeetttyyy ... just look how thin I look.

That is Old Blackie, there in my "before" photo. And I'm wearing them in my first update photo too, although I'm holding OB up (and out, to show the gap).

I am keeping Old Blackie. No - OB doesn't hold especially fond memories for me, but it IS a great gauge on how far I've come. And for THAT, they remain my favorite jeans, now of course, for an entirely different reason.

This is the first day of the SSDDDY Challenge. Good luck to all the participants! I think I read that Allan was keeping enrollment open through this afternoon after all, so he must have a lot of interested people. I seem to recall he'd have to limit the partipants to the first 100, so if you were thinking about trying it, better email Allan (blog: Here) and let him know right away. His email address can be located on his blog site. Remember, email him, don't post a request on his blog.   He'll email your plan, and even recipes.

On this last challenge of 2010, I have a choice, to eat at my goal weight calories, or 1,200 calories per day. I have been eating at or near goal, so I decided to try 1,200 daily calories this time, to try something different and perhaps learn something new along the way. It is only until month's end - roughly three weeks.

My hydration goal is to drink 124 oz. of water a day (minimally), up to 146 oz. per day. I don't see this as a problem at all for me. I've become accostomed to proper hydration during the last challenge. Therefore, the challenge for me, this month, will be the lower caloric intake. Hey, if it was easy, it wouldn't be a "challenge."

If Allan's math is correct, I may actually fit into those size-24 jeans before year's end. That would REALLY be something!  I know I'll follow the rules and not deviate, but let's see if my body will cooperate and lose the way the math predicts.

Well, it is all good.  I'm on plan with this new challenge, and am looking forward to seeing the results of this challenge.  Before we know it, New Year's Eve will be here!  And I'm working hard to make 2011 the last year I carry extra weight. 

Onward and downward ...


  1. Ann - you are cruising. I so relate to the jean dilemma. Good idea to limit to two. I bought 4-5 pair at the thrift store and could only wear them a month or two. I'd need a belt now. Time to donate for me too. It's fun, isn't' it?? I think I could like shopping now... once I get some money, that is. :)

    I love how on top of things you are and how you go for the challenges. You are amazing!! :)

    God Bless!

  2. Yes, it IS fun! But expensive, the way I've been doing it. LOL When I get into the 160s ... or 150s (as you are about to) ... shopping is going to be ultra-fun. When I'm within 10 lbs of goal, I'm shopping for a new wardrobe - I'll need to - but I have a ways to go before I need to worry about financing that venture. LOL Thanks for your kind words, Margene. You have provided me with loads of inspiration, just watching you go through the loss process. I thank you for that. xxox

  3. Oh, I'm still too scared to get rid of my clothes that are too big. I still have clothes that are three sizes up from where I am now. I wish I felt that certainty.

    And wow on the jeans being too big so quickly! That's great. Well done.

  4. I'm noticing old blackie is high waisted. Ann get ready for a shocker, and the uncomfortableness of low rise jeans. Once you get under size 18...its all low rise much to my unhappiness!!!

  5. Say it ain't so, Nancy! Low rise is fine for 20-somethings who are a size 2, but what about the rest of us? Blah ... no low rises for me!

    Beth, take the plunge! You are more ready to do this than you probably think. If you have something 3 larger sizes, at least put your toes in the ocean and dump the biggest of the three sizes. Let someone else, who really needs them, enjoy the largest clothes.

    It will be liberating for you, to say good-bye to that size forever (and mean it). You still have two sizes as a cushion ...

    Hey, look at me. I'm getting rid of the size I JUST left, and RIGHT BEFORE A HOLIDAY. I don't leave myself any choice but to watch myself, or I'll end up with nothing to wear, right? hehehe

    This is hard work, and I don't want to have to go over this territory again, so I make it difficult for me to go there again. Well, I know you have to do what is comfortable for you, but just don't hold yourself back. How does the old saying go? Exude confidence, and you'll become cofident. Exude fear, and you will be fearful.

  6. Good job on having those jeans out-grow you!!!


  7. You are definitely getting where you want to go. My goal is to go to my closet and everything and anything I pull out will fit.

  8. I'm having the same issue...not getting much use from clothes I bought in the summer, early fall, as they're becoming too loose. So, next time I get jeans, I'm buying one pair snug and one pair NOT FITTING, and just expect to get in there. I'm filling up a big trash bag of barely worn (and even NEVER WORN) stuff to donate. Some fat lady who's unemployed will be very happy. Some of these items ain't cheap.

  9. Woohoo! Doesn't it feel great to get rid of those old clothes? I used to hold on to my bigger sizes, too. Not any more! I want to whip my butt right back into shape if my jeans get tight. Literally cleaning out my closet does something for my head, too. :)

    I can't wait to watch you rock this challenge! :)

  10. Get ready to get all kinds of new clothes!

  11. Well, Ann, its lamentable but true. I think you CAN find some higher rise jeans, but its more difficult than you'd think. Next time you go to JC Penney check out their jeans in the misses dept. They say things like "mid rise" but do not be fooled! These do NOT come to the belly button, but more like 2 inches below. I tend to be top heavy so I like jeans that hold me in, and the current style just doesn't cut it for me. But then I don't want to be wearing "mom" looking jeans!!! So there is not alot of choice. I'd never dream of the teen jeans which are even lower than the misses dept. I dont know how those would stay up on me, when I have small hips in proportion. Also it would give me a terrible muffin top!!!!