Sunday, December 5, 2010

SSDDDY, Chocolate Brownies, No Dinner For Me

A well-meaning, sweet, neighbor, dropped off a dozen lucious-looking homemade brownies today.  SIGH

I love chocolate.

So, I thanked her for her kindness.  The scent of the freshly prepared brownies filled the house.  It was heavenly!

I've since split the brownies into two ziplock bags, so my husband is going to be a popular guy at the Monday morning meeting.  The bags are in the frig and ready for him to take to work in the morning. 

I've lived here SIX years, and this is the first time brownies were delivered, piping hot, to my front door.  Figures, I'm on a diet ...

Interestingly, it triggered a need to snack.  Oh, it was purely mental.  Okay, and maybe a little hormonal too (coming up on that soon).

I ate some olives.  Not quite chocolate brownies, but after a few, I was ready to swig some water and check out Blogland this evening.

Allan (blog:  Almost Gastric Bypass) sent out a chart to all the people who signed up for the SSDDDY Challenge.  I call the challenge "The Spawn" for short.   It runs through December 31st, and will begin on Tuesday.  People needed to send Allan an email before Monday (tomorrow), if they wanted to join.  It looks like he has quite a list of participants.  But people could still register through today, so perhaps the list will grow by day's end.  Good luck to all who've joined this 3-week challenge! 

I haven't decided (yet), if I'm going to stick with the 1,595 calories per day plan, or shoot for the Allan special (1,200 calories per day).  The difference, if I'm reading his calculations correctly, is about 10 lbs (yes, TEN pounds) by January.  It might be worth three weeks of 1,200 calories/day, to weigh 10 lbs less going into the new year.  Hmmmm, maybe I've subconciously already decided - 1200 it is.  I can do anything for three weeks.

Absolutely nothing appealed to me for dinner this evening.  I made lentil soup for hubby, but I just had no taste for anything.  I'm not hungry either, but know I should eat something.  THAT is why I'm thinking hormones are at play here.  I had a big lunch, but even so, I'm only at 1055 calories for the day, and I feel done for the day.  I wonder if I can blame the scent of brownies ...


  1. Dang those evil brownies... maybe you can pretend that some dog poop accidentally slipped in them. You are so strong, tho... it's not worth it.

    I made a double batch of choc. chop pumpkin cookies for the kids the other day. One night, I snuck a cookie. It was in rebellion to the fact that the hubs has been sneaking food and I thought "fine, I guess I will too!". I ate it and tasted the chocolate and the pumpkin and it was SO stinkin' good. I remember just last year I'd eat a whole batch of those. Needless to say, I got my kids to take them to school, youth activities and eat them all within a day or two because I didn't want to be tempted again. Don't want to go there. Wow, that was a long story, eh?

    Thanks for your comment today. You are so funny and so clever! I bet you are tenacious too.

    Have a great week, girl!

  2. It is the season, my MIL brought fudge over, I don't much care for fudge though and I know this sounds twisted but I stocked up today at Costco and my frig is full of super yummy fruit so fudge is no big!!!

  3. Looks like someone is going to go for it!

  4. no brownies!!! Skinny women dont eat many of those and you are living the skinny life now. Skinny women would save that brownie till Christmas eve or new years or something....

  5. Talk about timing, it was a test and you passed with flying colors. good for you Ann, your doing awesome.

  6. You mentioned math in today's post, so I looked back here. :) I'm seeing 400 calories/day * 21 days... 8400 calories. That's a little over two pounds of a difference. 'They' say a pound is about 3500 calories, right? Two pounds is two pounds! Just don't exercise too much because 1200 calories are not a lot! :) Get it, skinny girl!