Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 159 - Weigh-in Results: 245 lbs.

Up 2 lbs. from last week's weigh-in.  (WHAT??!!)  Hey, no worries.  I did very well this week, staying on-plan through every festivity and drinking plenty ... of WATER.  Okay, with the occasional diet cola tossed in there too.  I treated myself to a diet Pepsi here and there ... zero calories, etc.  Hey, it was Christmas.

Why am I not dejected over giving up two pounds? 

1. I stayed on plan.
2. Female stuff.
and ...


That's right.  The scale may have gone up a little on water-retention (female stuff), but that doesn't mean my progress cannot be tracked.  I've lost some girth from both my waist and hips this week!

YAY!!  Actually, DOUBLE YAY, because the hips actually lost more than the waist this past week, and any time my hips give up any fraction of an inch, it is a good day for me!

Did I mention I even got in some exercise?  We had a rare Christmas snowfall here, and yesterday we arrived at church a bit early, to discover hazardous walkways.  I grabbed a shovel and helped clear the main entryway of the heavy, wet snow.   

So, how did everyone do on their diets over Christmas week/end?  Are you kicking yourself?  I hope not!  This is, for me, the first Christmas in a long time where I stuck to healthy everything, and that sense of power felt great!  It wasn't always easy, but I'm having none of the post-Christmas regrets (as in "why did I eat that?!!")  - life is good.

I'm lookimg forward to the beginning of a new year, and all the promise that brings with it. 

Day 159 (already!!), and moving forward ...

ADDENDUM:  Dad spent a good portion of the weekend in the ER for his antibiotic infusions.  The infusion center couldn't get the bag in properly, and we were directed to the ER on Christmas.  You can't skip antibiotic treatment when you are fighting sepsis.  Dad's treatment continues, but the remaining week's daily infusions should be easily handled by the doctor's office.  Keeping our fingers crossed on that one ...

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  1. Blergh, why would anyone want to drink Coke/Pepsi? That stuff tastes plain bad, diet or not... but then again, okay, the BF doesn't understand my love of hot tomato chunks. Or balsamico cream. Taste buds are different, I guess.

    Congratulations on that loss!