Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 136 - Weigh-in Results: 256 lbs.

I've shifted my weigh-in days to Saturday.  And I've lost 1 pound this past week, bringing me down to 256 lbs.  My measurements have not changed from last week, but given a one-pound loss, I'm not surprised.

My BMI has dropped another few tenths of a point!  I am getting SO CLOSE to that magic 39.9 number.  Goodness, I officially have LESS than 1.5 points to go, to leave morbid obesity behind!  Every ounce gets me closer to that huge milestone.

Now that I am a mere 9 pounds from this mini-goal, I am getting antsy to reach it.  If I don't reach it by year's end, I hope it won't be long into the new year.  It is probably a good thing, to be this close to a major milestone coming into the holidays.  I won't have any problems focusing on the diet that way. 

Speaking of focus, I am getting ready for The Spawn, better known as The Spawn of the Son of the Double Dog Dare You Challenge (henceforth to be known officially as SSDDDC, according to Allan, its creator).  It is Phase III of a series of challenges Allan is coordinating.  I think he is still taking sign-ups through tomorrow only, via email request.  You can find that information on his blog:  Almost Gastric Bypass 

I am looking forward to it.  I think it will be just the thing to get me through the last of the holidays, and to end the year on a good weight loss note.  The momentum of starting a new year will carry me well into January, so signing up is just the thing to ensure the motivational aspects are taken care of for the next month or two.  A person can join in at this phase, without having participated in either of the first two, so all are welcome.

There is no perfection here.  I therefore look for support wherever I can get it.

The SSDDDC isn't the only challenge I am currently enjoying.  I have knocked off 35 lbs. since starting the Lose-60-Pounds-In-One-Year Challenge. I have 25 lbs to go to meet that challenge, and the blue box (right sidebar) tells me how much time I have in order to reach this. I can pretty much get there, losing an average of roughly 3 lbs. a month now. It was an ambitious challenge, but it runs in the background, keeping me focused. (Thanks to Kathy, who created it!)

What was the last OFF plan thing I did?  I took two bites of a mini eclair.  It was done with purpose, not some random nibbling fest.  But, IT STILL COUNTS.  No freebies where diets are concerned.  I have to take ownership of every bite that passes my teeth, whatever the reason, which means accepting the responsibility.

I am hosting a party tonight, and didn't want to tempt myself by baking.  This required a store-bought dessert, and I settled on mini eclairs.  However, I was not about to serve something I had no clue how it tasted, thus the two bites.  It was good, but can't touch homemade.  And those two bites?  They cost me 60 (yes, SIXTY) calories!  I won't go into the fat content, but hey, they are eclairs.  So not worth derailing a diet over though ...

I won't be tempted by them tonight, that is for sure.

But, I count those two bites, and have to sacrifice those 60 calories from my meal plan today.  To be honest, I'd rather have had an apple.  And there is a perfect demonstration of how my tastes have changed.  I didn't get the enjoyment out of the dessert treat that I once would have.  Changes happen, even if we don't realize it.  Enjoy the process!

Except for the plateau month (September), I've lost less weight this month than in any of the others.  BUT, I lost weight - even through Thanskgiving - and continue to inch toward my goals.  More importantly, I stuck to my dietary plan.  So, why did I lose less weight, if I didn't deviate?  Who knows.  Maybe hormonal (TOM-related) things affected the results, or maybe my body is slowing down a little to adjust, or maybe I had too much salt hidden in something.  It doesn't really matter.  It all adjusts out in the end, and as long as I stick to eating healthy foods, moving, and being mindful of my caloric intake and hydration, I'll get there. 

The scale isn't the only measurement that matters.  It is just one tool in the arsenal, a guide to help me set or readjust the course.  I lost one pound this week - movement in the direction of my choosing - zero inches from last Saturday ... no worries.  My feel-good moment was squeezing (barely) into those size-24 jeans yesterday.  THAT shows real progress from a mere two weeks ago.  My point is that the clues to success shift.  One week it will be the scale, another will be measurements, yet another may be how clothing fits (or no longer fits) ... I never EVER rely on one indicator, like the scale, to tell me how I'm doing.  Progress rarely shows itself consistently, and by the same indicator, but it is progress nonetheless. 

And here is an NSV for today:  I wanted to finish a task I was doing, despite my bladder making some rather urgent demands.  I was able to complete my task, but it was a mad dash to the nearest bathroom.  Not having a second to spare, I dropped the jeans and all was well ...

It wasn't  until I was washing my hands that I realized ... I just dropped my jeans, AND pulled them up again, without ever touching the button or zippers.  Holy cow!  LOL  And just like that, another measurement tool dropped in my lap. 

So, day 136, and I am holding steadfast to my low-fat diet plan ...


  1. Wise woman you are, Ann!!
    And the scale - yikes -
    It's not the be-all and end-all of our success!
    AND..... CONGRATS!

  2. Thanks, Anne - high praise from someone who has gone from XLs to medium (thisclose to small) !! You are an inspiration ...

  3. Holy cow indeed!! Your posts just make me smile :)

  4. As someone who only really expects to lose about a pound a week, I say HURRAH. One more pound GONE GONE GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The devil craeted eclaires. I just know it...says the woman who has a weakness for anything custardy-chocoaltey-moussey-creamy--puddingy.

  5. You're amazing Ann...the super woman of weight loss!!! Great job once again. You've been an inspiration to me and so many others. When can we expect to see some before and after pictures?

  6. Great job on the loss. ANY loss. It is SO hard to lose during December. At this point, I can do without the bought pastries. However, there is a package of red velvet jellyroll cakes right at the entrance of my grocery store that are driving me MAD every time I enter. I WILL NOT give in, but still...something about red velvet cake and Christmas.

  7. Thanks, Suzi!

    Princess, are we related? LOL We seem very similar.

    Kimberlynn, look who is calling me Super woman of weight loss! This, from the gal who hiked a mountain, shooting photos along the way! My next update photo will be taken within a pound or two of my next mini-goal (of 247). So, sometime in the next 9 pounds!

    TELL me about it, Jo! Well, you would be proud of me. There were five mini eclairs left over (of the 60 I put out), and when the last guest left, I tossed the eclairs. Still on plan ...

  8. Thanks Ann for stopping by my blog...Yes, they still have those bears and I am close to #3 - where can I put them is another story....but it is an incentive. You are doing so great - my mini goals for 2011 is to get out of the 220's and with 4 more lbs to go, I might make it...hang in there especially with these holidays all around us...

  9. You are doing great ~ Keep it up and stay focused!!

  10. if its a jazz, honeycrisp or pink lady apple YES i'd prefer the apple! all other apples ....phooey!