Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good-bye! It was a pleasure to get to know you in this Diet Journey. Thank you!!

I've been reading a lot of blogs this week, not commenting as often, but reading ...

Half of Blogland, it seems, is taking a break from dieting this next week. 

I get it, I do.  I've done that myself, almost every single diet past - as if I am incapable of enjoying Christmas without unhealthy eating.  Nothing says "celebrate" like a cheese log, auntie's fudge and the family's gooey cookies! 

I've tried the "taking a break" route.  It has never (ever) worked for me.  It sounds good, heck, even logical, but in practice, it usually doesn't work.  In my case, I open the door to long-standing habits, and it is doubly difficult to close it again.  Actually, closing that door isn't difficult, but making up my mind to DO so is nearly impossible.  So, this year, I decided to try something different, and stick with my diet right through the holiday season.  I proved to myself (at Thanksgiving), it is possible.  So I am confident I can do it again.

But, I wonder how many of my favorite bloggers (who are taking a "break") are even going to make it back in January.  It is a little sad, like learning someone has passed away, and not being able to say good-bye.  Everyone jumps on to comment, when they announce their intentions, and people say such supportive and understanding things.  I kick myself, because the best I can muster is to say I'll see you in January (then hope like crazy it is true). 

I'm just a little worried, not uncaring or unsympathetic. 

I've really enjoyed getting to know these bloggers, and am invested in seeing them achieve their goals.  Hey, it helps ME too, when others inspire me.  So, knowing how I've personally handled "taking a break," in the past, I'm a bit worried.  Yes, I know my experience isn't necessarily anyone else's experience (and I hope it ISN'T), but experience is what forms our opinions.  I just can't help it.  This, then, is my opinion:

I think "taking a break" (while understandable) is a major, major diet misstep. 

I'm not judging the "breakers" - I'm just being completely selfish here, because I want them all to return!  I think we all give each other strength, and this will be - for some - the break-up of the support system that is my favorite blogger list.  Some just won't make it, despite their best intentions.  That has been my own personal experience.   So ...

For those leaving their diets with the full intention of making it "temporary," I just want to say thank you for sharing your struggles and successes, the highs and lows of your diet journey.  Successful, or less so, you've helped me, encouraged me, educated me, and mostly, inspired me!  I know you don't intend for this break to be a good-bye, but "just in case" please allow me to say:

THANK YOU!  It was a true pleasure to get to know you in this diet journey!!  I hope our paths cross again one day, but if not, I want to let you know, you made a difference to me!  You helped me.  And I hope one day someone can do for you, what you've done for me (so far).   My heartfelt wishes for a long and happy life, and the warmest of good-byes.  I'm going to miss you!

You made a difference, to me.  We may never communicate again, but I just don't want this chance to pass by without letting you know it.

So long and best of warm wishes!



  1. Great post!

    I haven't read (yet) about anyone taking a complete break over the holidays, but you make a point I had not thought about.

    I sincerely hope that everyone continues their own journey towards health!

  2. great post! I agree about it being harder to close that eating door each time around.. which is why I am not taking a break this year. I will keep on plan.. because I'm pretty sure if I did break for the holidays, I would not make it back for a very long time... and that isn't an option.

  3. Yep -
    I'm taking a break usually means-
    I've messed up and don't want anyone to know it and maybe I'll get lucky and lose it all and come back later with a new Ativar!!!
    Heard it all before!
    Keep on keeping on Miss Ann!

  4. Nice. Yea, blog world can be sad and disappointing at this time of year. I started my journey in November last year, so my journey started with Thanksgiving and Christmas. The holidays are as tough as we make them. I learned earlier last year that there will always be special circumstances - family parties, graduations, baby and wedding showers, holidays, birthdays,... I can eat myself into oblivion all the time. What makes an occasion special enough to stuff myself? Well, now I don't want to stuff myself. I'm not looking for excuses to return to my old habits. I think that's why so many people never return when they leave blog land for the holidays. If you're looking for an excuse to fall into your old habits, you probably won't try too hard to get back on track. Haha, apparently I get frustrated by this. :) Your post was a nice one, Ann!

    P.S. - The gels I mentioned are carbohydrate and electrolyte gels. When you run for a long time, your body goes through its carb stores, and you have to take in more carbs as you go so that you don't crash. Also, your body uses up its electrolytes, and it's important to replenish those stores as well. Some people just take packets of salt, and others go with gatorade. My usual runs are 7-8 miles, and I don't take gel for those. I do take gel (or now Gatorade with the cold weather) on longer runs. Fueling along the way is a HUGE part of endurance training. Thanks for your interest! Haha, I could talk about running stuff all day. :)

  5. Thank you so much for posting this!! Taking breaks in the past has caused the same problems for me- as recent as my honeymoon this summer. It saddens me to see so many PLAN to fall off the wagon, it's bad enough when it happens by mistake. We're all much stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

  6. I have never gone away. I'm always lurking.

  7. Although that is a good comment (and true for oh-so-many), I think it is also necessary to learn how to cope with "off days" and get back on track the day after.

    My approach to dieting is a lot different from most on the internet - I try to improve my diet step by step instead of cutting out everything "bad" at once, and I am not as strict about "missteps" as most people. Well, my progress is slower (since summer, I lost 10 pounds - but then again, I had "only" 40 to lose to begin with), but I don't dread any kind of food.

    Be that as it may, which ever way the dieters choose - I hope they return to a healthier approach to life, be it in a group challenge or on their own.

  8. Whether they are called "speed bumps" or "breaks", etc., I think it comes down to the person's individual personality. I enjoy the rush of a short-term challenge and then am okay to take a short break for awhile. But I KNOW that I always come back. It's never a question in my mind. I also always have a big long-term goal or event that I commit to (like a race or a lower weight). Without a goal looming out there, these breaks could be dangerous.

    Good post, my friend.

  9. Thank you :) I was thinking about this the other day. Why do people feel that taking a break from dieting means taking a break from blogging? Why do people stop blogging when they slip and slide from their diet? I've done it before. I have found for myself that one of the most important things I can do to keep myself on track even when I mess up (like having a darn Arby's turnover this afternoon) is to still track my food and to keep on blogging. I can eat more or less and still track my food. I can take a break and still track my food. I've found sometimes that my break isn't really a break at all and isn't as bad as I thought it was when I track my food.

    I hate seeing people disappear too. The precursor is often very small, short posts that become farther and farther apart. Guess it's partly because I'm so talkative myself that I feel sad when I see this happen with someone.

  10. Oh how true your post is! I am a little more jaded about it then when I first started blogging. I still ping on a few people that I hope revive their blog someday...

    It is ALL about choices...

  11. You've got my word - I may not be writing, but I'm still reading, and definitely taking notes for entries when I get back!

  12. It is so sad!!! I am certainly not going anywhere. I'm here for the long haul!!

    Keep focused!

  13. Wow, I haven't revisited my post since listing it, and didn't realize it had all these comments! Thank you for all the insights. I'll catch up on the reading soon. I've had my hands full with Dad and hubby lately (doctor appts), and now Christmas is almost upon us! I visit EVERY ONE OF YOU though, even if I don't comment. I will, I will ... but perhaps not until after the holiday! Hugs!!

  14. I will take a break from blogging probably on Friday, but, I have no intention of taking a break from my journey to be healthy. I agree with you, if I can do it through Thanksgiving, I can do it through Christmas. I would not even consider taking a break from my journey. It feels just so good and it is about time!

  15. I am one of these people that is taking a break.. but not forever.. and my break is more of a "relazation".. lol

    excuse, right?! but I can honestly say that trying to count points right now would stress me out more than trying to pay attention to what/how much I'm eating..

    I WILL BE BACK ON WW ON DECEMBER 26th though.. I can't let myself fall back into my "old" life..

    Thanks for the kick in the pants, btw.. ;)

  16. No breaks for this girl. I'm blogging on vacation and sticking with the diet. 1200 calories a day is the best Christmas present I can give myself and my family. Glad you are sticking it out too!