Friday, December 24, 2010

Must ... Fight ... Craving ... Must ... Be ... Strong ...

Well, I awoke in a mood this morning.  I'm feeling rather peckish, and there is no reason for it.  Hubby is blissfully sleeping (as I should be), and I've started the vegetable chopping for the hearty vegetable soup I'll be bringing to the Christmas feast.  There will be lots of yummy, not-on-my-diet things to tempt me this evening, but I'm sticking to my diet.  If nothing else is available, I know I can at least enjoy this vegetable soup.  So, my plan is in place and I'm working it.

We had another Christmas gathering to attend yesterday.  It was at a fabulous restaurant ...

Restaurants, at Christmastime, go all-out.   -- sigh --  And the host knows the restaurant owner, and so you can imagine the table of food that was comped.  The kitchen sent over all sorts of fabulous things to nibble on, and even tossed in some wine !!

It was just incredible-looking.  But, I was good.  I had a portabello mushroom sandwich, minus the cheese, with a side of roasted new potatoes, naked, and no dessert.  I drank water, and had one diet coke.  I enjoyed the company and had a great time!  Hubby even got in on the act, and ordered a tuna burger!  I was impressed. 

I passed on the appetizers, but it was hard.  A cheesy, mayonnaise artichoke concoction called out to me in particular, to no avail.  I watched everyone else going to town on it though.  It looked soooooo good!  No pity parties here.  I've had more than my fill in years' past, or I'd not be 243 today.  It isn't such a sacrifice to pass on some of the less healthy things this one year.  It is the price I pay for overindulging over many, many years.

Today, I have a taste for Carrabbas' Chicken Bryan - the dish was custom made for my tastebuds.  It is like the perfect food to me.  If we can have only one dish in Heaven, this would be mine.  Maybe that is why I am peckish this morning.  I want what I can't have, and today (Christmas Eve), I'm irritated with myself.  I make a fabulous vegetable soup, but it is no Chicken Bryan.  And, of all days, why get a craving TODAY?  Grrrrrrrrrr ...

This too shall pass, but if I just learned to say no more often, years ago, perhaps I'd be able to enjoy a little taste of CB today.  So, whose fault it this?  MINE.  Can't even enjoy my favorite food on Christmas Eve Day ... wah, wah, wah ... I know, whiny baby that I am today.  But, no pity parties here!  I'm filling the house with the wonderful scent of a healthy soup, and have Christmas music playing in the background.  Hubby should be up soon, and I have to starting packing up the Christmas presents for the kids, so there'll be lots of distractions from this rich food craving I'm having. 

Time to read up on what those who are around are posting out in Blogville today.  Happy Christmas Eve!!


  1. Great attitude Ann!! And that is why you are winning the war on fat.


    I am going to employ that tactic on myself. I don't need extra indulgence since I've had more than my share in years past. This one I can go without.

    Keep Rock'n! And Happy Holidays!! Enjoy your Christmas tomorrow with family and friends.

  2. I mentioned you in my post this morning. You are such an inspiration to me so maybe the mention will bring a smile to your face. It certainly did to mine when I read your original comment. Flashback to the first episode of the size 24 jeans experiment - bet the visions of Chicken Bryan will fade..........

    Merry, merry Christmas to you, your family and I have a specific prayer that your dad will have good days on this Christmas Eve and tomorrow! That is my wish for you!

  3. Wow, you've got great discipline!

    Have a magic holiday!

  4. Love the attitude! Food is awesome, but it's not what the holidays are about. Haha, I keep trying to convince myself of that. It sounds like you've got this. You're certainly doing great! Happy holidays, Ann. :)

  5. You have made terrific progress this year. You will get through this season. I love your words about the many Christmas' or seasons that were not as healthy. I agree. I am "paying" too, for many indulgences in the past. I will have a few treats though. But only a few. I look forward to tasting every last morsel, for now, I will drink coffee. . It has been so great to get to know you through your blog. Stay strong, my blogger friend through this wonderful season. Merry Christmas. Michele

  6. Is there maybe a healthier version of Chicken Bryan that you could make? I have found that it really helps me to get the flavors of my favorite foods without actually eating the real thing.

  7. I agree with Diandra. You have great discipline ! I know I won't be skipping the holiday foods. I won't go crazy, but I sure won't be skipping them. Big up to you if you are able to do that !


  8. All this nice stuff. Are you ready for Phase 4, I feel you just might be !!

  9. Now that's a great way to handle the holidays!!

  10. Love it all, Ann - Happy Holidays!
    Be strong and carry on!