Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday, all day today

Well, I think I've gotten too good at reducing fat from my diet.  I'm in need of introducing some today ... we'll leave it at that.  Hmmmm .... this lactose-intolerant gal can have cheese for medical purposes today!! hehehe

I'm going to pick up my old size-24 jeans from the alerations place this afternoon (having the pants hemmed, for when I can actually wear them).  Someone asked why I call them "old" when they are like-new.  Well, for two reasons:

1. I've had them for over 15 years, though practically unworn; and
2. They are the old standard size 24s, not the vain-sizing of today's "roomier" 24s.

Sharon had SUCH a great idea, when she suggested I keep trying them on, and logging my progress.  (Thanks, Sharon!! xx)  Instead of feeling like these things STILL don't fit, I can actually look back and see the progress.  I sometimes forget where I've been.

It is fun looking back, as a reminder, as long as there has been progress!  (How depressing would it be, to look back and find nothing much has changed over a long period of time?!)

Our temps are finally starting to climb back into more normal ranges.  We were so cold here, so early, that I thought I'd impose on Anne soon, to get the guest room ready.  They were warm, when the rest of us were freezing!  (Yes, I was jealous, cold and jealous!)  Okay, and I wanted to shop at that awesome international store too. hehehe

Dad is continuing to get a daily dose of IV antibiotics.  The doctor did a blood draw yesterday, so we're hoping to hear Dad has turned the corner on the sepsis.  It is a serious infection.

I'm having trouble locating a place that will sell (new stock) of the Lunt Silversmith's Bel Chateau pattern spoons.  That is my incentive for this current mini-goal - I'll take either a teaspoon or soup spoon.  I can find them at Replacements, but I would rather have new stock than gently used, if I can find new.  The Lunt website doesn't sell directly.  I guess the hunt is on.  I have to know I can buy the incentive, before I make it one. LOL

Lest I forget ...

This last salad in the series is wonderful.  If you've never worked with tofu, or star anise, this is the dish to try!  Learn something new, and be amazed at the flavor.  I mix up the marinade and put the tofu/marinade in the refrigerator, before heading out for the day.  It is ready, that evening, for a quick and flavorful dinner.  It is also fun to serve this for company, as the salad course - just be sure they like mushrooms!   


Day 12:


8 oz. firm tofu
1 lb. mushrooms (mix the variety)

1 garlic clove, finely minced
1/2 " fresh ginger root, peeled and finely minced
5 TB soy sauce, low sodium
1 TB mirin
2 TB sweet chili sauce
1.5 TB seasame oil

2 star anise

5 scallions, finely sliced
2 TB toasted seasme seeds

Mix the second set of ingredients together for the marinade.  Add the star anise.  Put the tofu in a NONmetallic dish, pour over the marinade, cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours (overnight is best).

Cut all mushrooms into bite-sized pieces and saute in a hot saucepan for one minute.  Cut the marinated tofu into 1/2"- 3/4" squares, mix with the mushrooms and pour over the remaining marinade. 

Garnish with the scallions and sesame seeds.  Eat immediately.  Serves 4


Merry Christmas, for those signing off for the holidays today!!  I'm good for at least two more days.  I'll be signing off for the holiday though, either on Thursday or Friday.  I'll post that, before signing off.  I will be back to my usual posting on Monday, in either case.


  1. What should really be encouraging to you is that those "old" 24's are like "new" 20's, that's how much sizes have bene pumped up in my estimation.

  2. I have waited eagerly for each bi-weekly jeans report. Sometime in 2011, you and I are going to meet somewhere halfway in between us because I want to SEE you in those jeans and buy your lunch!! Deal??

  3. I'm wishing/praying for all the best for your dad.

    The salad recipe sounds really interesting. I am a huge tofu fan but I don't think I have ever cooked with star anise even though I have tasted it. It's such a cute spice :)

  4. I hope your Dad gets better. :/


  5. THANK YOU, Elle & Joy, for the well wishes and prayer for Dad. That means a lot to me. I don't go on about it too much (I hope), because this IS a weight loss blog, after all, but he is a stage 4 cancer patient, with all that implies.

    Princess, okay, THAT just made my day! I was thinking 22s, but 20s are even better!! xx

    Sharon, let's meet up in Asheville sometime in 2011. I'll be wearing those jeans!

    Joy, don't be afraid to try the recipe!