Sunday, October 31, 2010

Updated Measurements

I won't have a formal weigh-in until Monday morning, but I went ahead and updated my measurements this afternoon.  How much can they really change, overnight? 

I've lost a little off my neck, waist, and ... HIPS!  I'm most excited about the hips.  They need to come down, down, down, if I want to fit into those next smaller pants. 

Plus, with all the walking I'm doing, I expect that NEXT week, the waist will show more loss.  I did a lot of walking over the weekend, which should really show by next week's measurements.

Will I break below 43, for my BMI?!  Tomorrow will tell all ...

I'm happy with the measurements this week, so I'm anticipating a good weigh-in.

Onward and downward ...



  1. Yes, you will!!!!

    Will check in tomorrow to see...

  2. No doubt your going to have a good one :)

  3. I think you are doing awesome!!!

    You asked what I bake....everything. I did bake all of our bread, but not now.;) Its just too tempting when it is hot out of the oven. Maybe in a few months.

    I'm trying to plan Thanksgiving dinner for the family around my needs...and their wants. I think I'll be eating lots of turkey and broccoli, with fresh fruit.

    Do you have a plan for Thanksgiving dinner?

    Have a great week!


  4. Looking forward to your weigh in, cheering for you!

    Have a Great week!