Saturday, October 30, 2010

Losing Weight Is Bringing Me Down ...

Losing weight is bringing me down ...

in size! 

And it is creating more work for me.

I had an interesting experience getting dressed today.  I suddenly have so many more things in my closet from which to choose. 

And, I've come to the realization that I am going to have to take on a project this upcoming week.  I need to go through my closet, try on clothes, and do some rearranging.  I need to donate the stuff that is too large for me now, and I need to take inventory of what is now available to me. 

This is no small task.

I was never a "clothes horse" but as I went up in size, I didn't do a LOT of weeding (though some).  I think the last time I went through things was about six years ago.  Yep, some of the items in my closet haven't been worn in 5-6 years.  (Crazy ...)

I'm comfortably in size 26 jeans now, and the 28s I bought in early September are pretty baggy.  They are almost to the point I can't wear them - almost.  So, the lesson there is when I next buy jeans, only buy two or three, because I may only get two months use out of them.  I am NOT complaining about that - at all - but it wasn't very far-sighted of me to buy seven, when I feel I barely had a chance to wear them.  It is a waste of money for me, but I know it will help someone shopping Goodwill next month.  (It isn't easy to find fashionable large clothing.)

I don't look forward to the extra work, and it is so time-consuming, but I can't keep reaching for stuff, only to find I look like a hobo in them, all baggy.  Hey, it may work for Halloween weekend, but definitely not afterwards.

Here is a fun NSV for me today ...

My husband has been eating the same things I have been (for dinner), only in slightly higher volume.  And today, he fit into jeans he hasn't worn in years!  I'm so happy for him!!

DDDY6 Updates:

Calories today, so far:  1,473

Glasses of water today, so far:  8

Day 102 and looking forward ...


  1. I love your NSVs - this one is great. I would think having to weed the closet and go shopping is one too, right? YAY

    I was surfing [blog hopping] the other night and found so many fun blogs that had fashion tips, hints and just plain great pics of all the beautiful clothing - A good place to start is "Fatshionista" - I think the main stream is finally starting to come around that there is a need and a lot of money to be had for larger size fashionable clothing.

    I know Evans [online] was mentioned a lot and their stuff is CUTE!

    Have fun shopping a little bit at a time - I am sure it will be fun!

    PS - One thing I learned by reading all those blogs was that don't let size fool you - tags are just that, tags. You might be surprised at what fits even tho' you think you are X size. It never hurts to try something on you think might fit even if it is a Y size. Again have fun!

  2. Your posts are always so inspiring! I love that NSV. When my husband talks about losing some weight, he automatically loses 4 pounds! Groan!!!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. GREAT NSV! Having to clean out the closet to find clothes small enough is just the best!

  4. OK it freaks me out sometimes how we seem to be on the same wavelength!

    I went through my closet today too! I do this once a month to scout out clothes that now fit. I have my "I can wear anything here" closet and then in another closet I have allt he smaller clothes. I always look forward to the days that I get to try them all on because it makes me feel good to see more and more smaller sizes in my wearable closet!

    Today I pulled out 4 new things that fit and have about 10 in the "should fit by next month" section =)

    <3 Katie

  5. Ooooooh, I think weeding out "too big" clothes would be a fun thing! I am so proud of you! Congrats to your hubby too!!!


  6. Skippy - what an informative commentary! Thanks for the sites, and the words of wisdom. Today, I went rummaging in the back of my closet, and found a second pair of size 24s ... I'm going to try those on tomorrow. Wish me luck! LOL

    Casey - TELL me about it! Guys seem to just drop lbs overnight. The groan isn't loud enough! hahaha

    Jo & Allan - Thanks, you are so right & ditto!

    Katie - I'm going to use your "sorting" idea. I like how you stage things that are almost ready! Wow, FOUR new things that fit .. AWESOME!

    Mary - Thank you (from both of us)! Weeding out large clothes should be fun, but it is such a chore to reorganize an entire closet. Maybe it'll be easier than I anticipate. I'll take it in small stages over a couple of days perhaps, treating it like I do weight loss - small bits at a time. (Or is that small BITES at a time?) LOL

  7. YEAH for you!!! You'll enjoy going through your closet, really you will. Finding things you can't wear anymore. EXCELLENT!!! I have a daycare mom that's a couple sizes behind me and it is so fun giving her my clothes and she enjoys it so. I did find it hard to get ride of a few things that were my favorite.
    Keep up the great work. You are such an inspiration. Take care and have a blessed weekend.

  8. Congrats to hubby -
    and to you - you wild thing, you!