Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wednesday, Day 85 - Let the Countdown Begin

One week from today. 

I'm in countdown mode for my doctor's appointment, the first since starting this diet.  I'm going in 33 pounds lighter, maybe even a few pounds lighter than that (we'll see at the next weigh-in).  I'll have labs done, but it will take a good week (or more) after that, before I'll know my results. 

I've been reading blogs this evening.  I see that a few bloggers have done a "power day" - or two - leading up to their doctors' appointments, but no one ever follows up by saying whether that paid off or not.  I wasn't planning on doing anything special, but maybe I ought to ... LOL

I picked up the pants I dropped off for alterations earlier in the week.  I won't attempt to try on the (now) famous size 24 jeans until a week from Friday, but I'm going to give a 24-Update.  We'll see if I can get them off, once I get into them.  I won't have an extra long leg material to use to  my advantage next time.

Anyway, I started thinking about what I'd like as a reward for making it to my next goal, and dropping out of the morbid obesity category.  I've decided on a Kate Spade handbag.  I REALLY cannot afford it though.  I just wanted to make this milestone special, and this bag does it for me.  It is a black & cream colored barrow street anabel bag.  NO, I don't have a baby, but that bag has loads of convenient compartments.  The price tag is pretty hefty though, for this gal.  (Let's face it, who can afford those NY prices, unless you live in NY.)  I may go with choice # 2, the Kate Spade New York Travel Anabel.  Less compartments, same great look, and only slightly less damaging to the pocketbook.  I'm still dreaming about the barrow street anabel baby bag though, in black/cream ... maybe I have some more thinking to do on it.  I just hope it is still around by the time I hit my next mini-goal.  LOL

You'd think I was a fashionista, and really I'm not, which makes these things so much more special.  I dangle nice carrots for incentives.  (Trust me, I've rarely earned any ... until now.)

I read on one woman's blog that she is buying charms for a charm bracelet.  What a great idea that was!    It makes me wonder what (if any) rewards others set for themselves.

I so rarely buy anything for myself, it is a luxury, which also makes it special.  My husband teased me about the RL shoes I "earned" with my last mini-goal.  I needed replacement shoes anyway (always practical), but he teased me because I haven't bought shoes for myself in 8 or 9 years.  (Yes, ladies, YEARS)  LOL  

Day 85, onward and downward, as they say ... I say, Kate Spade Barrow Street Anabel Baby Bag, here I come!


  1. I never heard of power days, I mean what good would that do? Whats done to your body is done I figure.

    I hope you are able to get your bag, I would love one of those too one day. :-)

  2. My reward for every ten pounds is an hour-long massage. Something I really enjoy, but would rarely do for myself.

    I've never heard of the power days either. Interesting.

  3. Hey Ann...I totally hope you are able to get the bag you want. It sounds like you are very responsible with money and you really deserve this!! Don't settle for something less if it's at all possible to work it out. You're worth every penny!

  4. I don't get the extra-clean dieting/workouts before a doctor visit. I'm like Nancy, I figure what is done is done. I guess they do it for the weigh-in, but why? I think it is more important for a doctor to get the reality of what is going on with me anyway. I emailed one of the gals to ask. She said it is like "Biggest Loser" but I don't know what that means. I've only seen one show, where the teams had to do a goofy stunt to see who outlasted the other. I turned it off, figuring the next thing would be to make the contestants eat bugs or something ... yuck. LOL I've since been told BL doesn't do that sort of thing, but the goofy stunts just reminded me of Survivor. I stopped watching that show when they started making the contestants eat gross stuff. Who wants to see that?

  5. Thanks, Karyn! I really hope I can swing the bag purchase, but I've never in my life spent that much money on one clothing item, never mind an accessory item like a handbag. But, it isn't everyday I drop out of morbid obese categories either. So ... I'm going to save my pennies and hope it will be enough.

    Sharon, the message sounds good! I thought about doing something, rather than buying something, but right now, I want the tangible reminder of what I have accomplished so far. I'm such a kid that way ... LOL

  6. Yeah, I don't get power days. When my son was on the wrestling team they did ridiculous things to cut weight. I would think starving themselves would decrees muscle mass. I told him that living well all year long would put him further ahead. Do boys ever listen to their moms? He does now, but he didn't then. LOL!

    I want to see you post of pic of yourself with that bag!!


  7. I usually don't do anything different other than the 12 hour fast for bloodwork. Hope your appointment goes well, and you are able to get your bag. My husband bought me a bracelet after my first 5k. It is not something I would buy for myself, and I love it. When I look at it, I always remember how excited I was finishing the race!

  8. I hope your doctor has a nice comment for you! The last time I went in, my regular doctor was on vacation. The doctor I saw enthusiastically congratulated my on my hard works. YAY!! Since doctors are the only ones who should be allowed to bring up our weight problems, it nice when they recognize our hard work. :)

    The purse sounds nice! I reward myself by investing in my healthy future. My feet are starting to hurt when I run in my pink running shoes (which probably means I've put too many miles on the shoes), so I'll have to buy another $100 pair of shoes. I love running, so new running shoes are super exciting, and they really do feel like a fantastic reward.


  9. When do you expect to get to the Bag goal ? Send me a picture of the scale for confirmation, and I will call my catering customer, Kate Spade Co. in NYC.. My treat, hit the goal !!!