Sunday, October 24, 2010

Questions To Ponder

Just some things to think about:

1. Do you make yourself a priority? 

2. Do you have a positive outlook?

3. Have you set achievable goals for yourself?

Remember that little airline demonstration, where they indicate (in cases of emergency) you are to put on your own mask, before assisting the child who may be traveling with you? 

That is because you can always give aid to the child, if you are getting oxygen, but a child cannot always assist YOU, if they are taken care of but you have yet to don your mask.  It makes sense.  Well, so it is with weight loss.  If you take care of YOU first, you'll be there in years to come, to help those you love.  But, if you forego your own health concerns to handle the immediate needs of people around you, you may be gone before you know it.  And then those around you cannot count on you ever again. 

Did you make up your mind today, to be positive about your efforts?  A postive attitude really does make the journey easier!  If we have to do this anyway, we may as well make the best of it - look for the positive and surround yourself with optimists!  Life is just more pleasant and fun that way ... and who doesn't want pleasant and fun in their lives?!

Goals are important, but more so for a weight loss journey, in my opinion.  Goals keep you focused and moving forward.  They challenge you, drive you, and give you a boost in morale, every single time you achieve one!  Small goals, strung together, get you places you want to be. 

No goals mean no direction, and no direction gets you ... NOwhere. 

If you gave up on a goal, set a new one!  My goals always change and shift, as I move forward or hit road-blocks.  But I always have goals - always.  Make them achievable and realistic, and you'll reap the results!

What are important aspects of your weight loss efforts?   Mine are, obviously, prioritzing, positive thinking, and goal-setting.


  1. GREAT post! Thanks for making me stop and reflect. :) You made a lot of good points.

    1. I make myself a priority when it comes to school and running. I usually run when Ramsey is asleep, and I feel guilty when I do races because that eats into my awake-time with him. There is a surprising amount of guilt involved with being a single parent. :) Your mention of helping yourself so that you are able to help others really hit home for me. Thanks for that!

    2. I feel very positive about my health journey in part because I've already accomplished so much. Looking at my little boy gives me the motivation to keep trying to be healthier.

    3. I signed up for my first half marathon in June, back when I couldn't RUN at a 20-minute pace for more than half of a mile. I rock at setting goals. Since I just ran my second half marathon race, I actually need to set some new health goals. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. There isn't a greater motivator on earth than a child, Christina!! xx

  3. 1. Do you make yourself a priority?
    Yes, I do now. I didn't always, but I do today. I've come to believe we have to put ourselves first if we are to be of any good to others over the long haul.

    2. Do you have a positive outlook?
    Absolutley. Life is too short not to have fun, look on the bright side, and laugh as hard asone can.

    3. Have you set achievable goals for yourself?
    I have now. Before, I have set unrealistic goals or unrealisticly short spans of time to accomplish goals. This time, I have decided to pace myself to a slow & steady drumbeat.

    Have a Great week!

  4. Patrick, you've hit upon the goal key - not just setting realistic goals, but realistic timeframes too. So important! I'm glad you mentioned that. I have no doubt you are a positive person - your photos are often very amusing, so you obviously have a sense of humor. Love that!