Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ramblings (81)

Today was a good day on plan, but I admit to an indulgence ... dinner at Olive Garden! No worries, I had the minestrone soup, and undressed salad. (No cheese in sight either.)

I'm calling that my last hurrah, before my routine doctor appointment, which is only about 10 days away now.

While my eating is fine, I am going to try to be better (for these next 10 days) about getting in ALL the water. I'm usually short a glass or two. Who knows, maybe I can finally establish that habit - to be fully hydrated with the recommended 8 glasses each day.

I'll have a routine blood work-up, so it will take a while to discover the numbers, but I'll be sure to post the current figures in my sidebar when I get them back.

Someone asked me what I plan to buy with the gift card I won (on blog: The Clydesdale Project). I plan to purchase the Emile Henry pink (for the Cause) pie dish. Pie??!! Yes ... for vegetable pot pie. Gotta go healthy, of course! I've had my eye on the dish, and of course 10% of the purchase goes toward the breast cancer cause. The gift card won't cover the entire cost, but it will cover a chunk of it. I own a few Emile Henry baking dishes, and they are of high quality, functional and beautiful. And I'm a girl - so pink is grand.

We are enjoying this current mild weather, so today I went swimming for a while, maybe 45 minutes. Yea, exercise!

Well, time for bed. Church is early tomorrow morning.

Day (81) and calling "soup" an indulgence - who'd have thought?!!


  1. Oops, this posted after midnight, so technically, this would be day # 82 ...

  2. A pink pie dish? For a wonderful cause? This is so going to be in my cabinet soon! Love it. The thought of it just makes me smile.

    Good job at Olive Garden - there are so many temptations [bread/pasta anyone?] Nicely done. :)

  3. I fell asleep last night, too.
    Didn't post my post till today.
    So it's still yesterday somewhere
    ...isn't it?
    Congrats on the win!

  4. I love that you refer to soup as an indulgence! We really are changing our mindset, aren't we? From the inside out...that's what it's all about. ;-)

    Hope you have a fantastic Sunday!

  5. Yes, it is amazing how we think of food now, versus how we thought about food THEN.

    A veg pot pie sounds yummy. Will it be crustless? What will you use for moisture/thickener? Uh, care to share the recipe?

  6. Ann,

    You are just doing awesome!!! Keep it up!!

    Enjoy your "pink" dish ~ I checked it out - pretty cool!!


  7. Hey Ann,

    I did a post for you today about counting calories. Come over and take a look. Hope it helps!