Thursday, October 21, 2010

NSVs - Share !!

Two great NSVs to share today:

1. My neighbor's son came over selling PIES.  Gotta help him get his uniform, but I really don't need a pie in my freezer, mostly because it probably wouldn't stay there.

Solution: I called his mom and asked what pie was her favorite and recommendation.  Then, I ordered / paid for the pie, and wrote on the "reminder" card HER name, and "Happy Thanksgiving" !!  I bought her a pie for their Thanksgiving, and still helped her son out.  Win-win. 

2. I was outside, working in the yard.  I came into the house to get cleaned up, and was just out of the shower when the doorbell rang (see # 1).  I wasn't finished getting dressed, so just grabbed the nearest pants, so I could answer the door.  The nearest pants were the ones in my profile photo - my old favorite black jeans ...

I grabbed them, and pulled them up without even unbuttoning/unzipping them ... and they fell right back down again.  I had to put on different pants - I cannot wear these anymore.  The hips won't stop them. 

And, after I was done at the door, I went back to the bedroom and put the black jeans back on.  They are so HUGE on me.  Even more so than when I had my update photo taken at the end of September.  After the high of that, it is going to be hard to face the 24-Update of tomorrow (aka, my second skin jeans that can't close).  LOL  But, those will someday be too big too ... it just takes patience and time, and adherance to the plan, of course.

What are YOUR NSVs (non-scale victories) for this week?  Share!!


  1. That's so Awesome! My NSV was noticing that my fat rolls (ugh) on my back have shrunk to almost disappearing. I was able to wear some clothes that I couldn't before this week also.

  2. So cool! I love it.
    I had a NSV today when I went in to my hair dresser to get highlights. She looked at me up and down and said "woo hoo, you look good". She kept commenting while doing my hair how thin my face is now. That was sweet!


  3. Post a picture! Post a picture!

    My NSV is that my old 'skinny' clothes are now baggy on me!

  4. AWESOME NSV, Stacy! When the rolls on the back have all but disappeared, you know you are closing in on your goal. Fitting into new clothes this week (formerly not able to) is about the best NSV out there. Two good ones!! Congratulations!!

    Margene, your hair dresser would know! They deal with face shapes all day long. I wonder if your hairdresser will soon recommend a different style, since your face is changing. Very sweet NSV! I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

    Wii - Boy, I found out what that felt like today. Having those old "skinny" clothes turn baggy is amazingly uplifting, isn't it?!! So, will you have to hit the stores soon, for new clothes? Don't be baggy for Christmas!! xx

    By the way, I LOVE that profile picture, Wii. And congratulations (belatedly) for taking off 50 lbs.!! (I can't wait to get there.) November 22nd is fast-approaching, and I'm cheering for you! Keep up the good work!

  5. Not being able to stop staring at myself- I've never loved my reflection. :-)

  6. These are great! The pie idea was phenomenal :) and now you can buy new pants, no more black jeans that don't fit. YAY!

  7. I love that you sent the Pie back to your neighbor. I am a children's librarian, and am constantly being asked to purchase fund-raising items. I will have to remember that trick!

  8. Clothes related NSV's are some of the best. And your pie evasion trick, not that is original!