Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 76 - Perspective Is Important

Now that I am paying attention to what I'm eating, how much I'm eating, when I'm eating, etc. I'm finding lots of learning opportunities. I learn new things every single day, in fact.

I had an interesting exchange at lunch today. A girlfriend and I ran for a quick bite at an Italian eatery. They had one of those little chalkboard sandwich signs on the sidewalk outside. On it, the restaurant listed today's specials.

We paused to glance over the board, before heading inside. My girlfriend commented first, saying there wasn't a thing on the specials I could eat. Odd, I thought, because I was standing there mentally reworking one or two dishes, to make them acceptable. I looked at the opportunity where she only saw the obstacles.

It is all about perspective, and it is everything.

My challenge buddy (Kathy) posted that she is making up her mind, and looking at the positive, and that is where she is going to go. Brava to Kathy! THAT is the can-do attitude necessary for success, in anything, but most especially in dieting.

Well, this is not so different.

HOW we look at something often determines how we react, how we feel, how we perform. If I looked at only the stuff I couldn't eat, how satistifed would I be on this diet? Not very. But I don't look at things that way. I look at the variety of what is available to me, and the options I have within my dietary guidelines. I think pro-actively about how I can make slight changes to make things healthier and more diet-friendly.

I also look at how my new diet is making me feel, how it is postively impacting my body, the energy it is giving back to me. I want that to continue, so it makes the difficult task of dieting so much easier (not easy, just easier).

If all I focused on was the cake I was missing, the cheese that was calling to me, the heavy sauces that tickled my tastebuds ... I'd be miserable, bored and unsatisfied.

Perspective is important.

Look for the joy, and you will find it. Look for the misery, and you will find it too.

It isn't exactly mind over matter, but proper perspective and a positive outlook can go a long way to making the journey smoother, and the goals more readily achievable.

And yes, I had one of the specials - all perfectly within plan. I simply had them hold the cheese on one dish, and toss in a few extra veggies (for which I gladly paid a little extra). Opportunity sought, found, and challenge met! Lunch was delicious.

Oh, and I brought (literally) half back with me, so I have lunch for tomorrow too!

Day 76 (already??!!) ... and feeling satisfied and happy!


  1. I love this, Ann. So many things in life are all about perspective, and this whole weight loss thing is no different. ;-)

  2. Great post :)
    Great attitude!
    Great job! :)

  3. Focus on how good you'll feel
    to be without that rancid, glob of yukky cake!
    You are right - it's all in the perspective!