Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Htis and Misses (78)

Today was a day of hits and misses. I am short one fruit serving today, and that is a miss. I did really good eating on plan otherwise (a hit). I had perhaps a bit too much salt (a miss). I ate an early dinner (a hit). I am short on some water (a miss). I had an extra serving of vegetables today (a hit).

Days are like that, filled with hits and misses. I try to make the hits really good ones, and the misses minor enough to not negatively impact my weight loss journey. Of course, I always try better the next day. And each day gets easier. The hits are more major, the misses only slight.

One fruit serving short, one day, isn't going to negatively impact anything. (I DO take a multivitamin too.) Eating on plan is a major hit. Short a glass of water is relatively minor, and eating dinner earlier (further from bedtime) is fantastic.

It is about balance, with the scales always tipped toward what is beneficial to improved health.

Now, off to try to make up the slight water shortage for today. I may yet be able to turn that miss into a hit!

Day (78) ... and feeling good about today's efforts.


  1. Wow - day 78 - time flies!
    Just like that weight is flying off!
    Good job.... it IS about balance, and health.....
    Not just a number on a scale at any given time!

  2. Sounds like you are doing great!!

    My problem with water right now is getting up in the middle of the night...because I am making it up at the end of the day too.

  3. I at dinner at 6pm tonight and am not going to be until midnight! That is a big difference. I think I'd like to make that a november goal =)

  4. Are you still doing the vegan diet, or have you changed plans?

  5. Thanks for the reminder on the water. It's just so easy to come up short in that area. And I need to get on the fruit wagon, too. Sigh.