Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Musings & DDDY 2 (updated throughout the day)

Good morning, fellow health-seekers!

Thank you for all the wonderful and supportive comments on my updated lab numbers post of yesterday!  It was the equivalent to a group hug, blog-style!!  I was feelin' the love ...

Allan, no bag yet.  The KS tote is the reward for kicking morbid obesity to the curb!  That will happen when I hit 247 lbs., and will be another blog party, believe me. 

My recap for yesterday's DDDY Challenge (day 1) was good.  I ate 1,342 calories of my 1,595 allotment.  I went several glasses over the 64 oz, and it wasn't as hard as I imagined it would be, to get those 8 glasses in.  I was feeling a little tender, as girls periodically do (a-hem), so I didn't get any of my usual fruit for the day (not even juice).  That is rare for me.

While I was surprised how easily I was able to drink all the required water for the day, I was even more surprised at how recording things makes one aware of choices.  Does anyone else find that recording their food choices makes them hyper-aware of what they are eating?  That was interesting ...

So, day one of the DDY Challenge was (as expected) a learning experience for me - and a positive one too.  One day down, thirteen more to go!  Best of luck to all who officially, and unofficially, are participating!!

I was so excited about my lab results yesterday, I completely forgot to mention we had another dinner party to attend.  The hostess made things I couldn't eat on my diet, but I solved that by offering to bring the soup course!  I made butternut squash soup and it was a huge hit!  I made much more than would be necessary, thinking I'd have leftover soup for my lunch the next day, but the stock pot was EMPTY by the end of the dinner!  Anyway, I negotiated the dinner being quite satisfied with soup and salad.  Only one person noticed I wasn't eating the main entree and sides ... not too bad! 

Our neighborhood is getting ready for the holiday season's Progressive Dinner.  Our house was selected for the dessert course this year.  The dinner will be in early December.  Oh cruel, cruel world ... LOL  Actually, it isn't much of a temptation for me (at least, not right now).  And I will have plenty of fruit to offer, not just decadent desserts.  That being said, anyone have a favorite festive dessert recipe they want to share? 

Diet or no diet, life goes on.  My girlfriend said she doesn't know how I can host a dessert course, while on a diet.  Hey, hosting (even baking) doesn't mean I have to EAT it.  Life is full of challenges, and it is up to me to adjust.  The alternative is to not participate, and part of the reason so many of us lose weight is so we can participate MORE in things - not less.  Dieting doesn't mean suffering - or no one would bother - at least not I.

Below is my current DDDY 2 (for day 2) status.  I'll update this lower portion of this post throughout the day, for those mildly interested in what I am doing today.  Each day, I'll include a similar DDDY update, at the bottom of that day's post, and it will be so marked, in the title.

Have a successful day!


Large banana  135  calories
1.5 cups chocolate lite soy milk  135 calories


Vegetable Soup  60 calories
Asian Salad (w/out Chicken, w/toasted seasame dressing)  300 calories


Minestrone Soup  100 calories
2 breadsticks  150 calories

Diet Pepsi, caff-free  0 calorie

Snack:  Granny Smith apple muffin 380 calories

Calories Today:  1,260 calories

Water Today:  8 of 8


  1. Ann, I ate 1443 calories yesterday. This morning I was .6 pounds lighter. Thank you for being there for me.

    Have you tried Sparkpeople.com? It's a site where you log your exercise, diet, etc. It also has message boards, recipes, educational articles, and more. I think you will enjoy it.

  2. I just found your blog and am truely inspired! Keep up the good work! Great job on losing some of the meds as well as the weight.
    I'm only just starting to record my journey, and blogs like yours are truely motivating!

  3. Butternut Squash is a gift! I love it. I make all kinds of stuff out of it. BNS lasaguna, mac&"cheese", fries, chips, mash! YUMMMMM Its great. I've not made it into soup yet - but I have HAd BNS soup. love it.

    Great job on the calories and rocken the water.

    This week already there are about 4 traps that I would have fallen into if I had not decided to be accountable for my intake. Yesterday there were muffins and cookies at the office (ate 0) and I went to bed hungry after dinner...no more calories left in the day.

    Today there is a fresh bowl of chocolates at my neighbors desk (ate 0) and she put out pretzles and candy corn...which I would have dipped into as well. But have not and will not.

    No surpise I've managed to get so large. When you graze on sugar/fat treats without a though they add up. Would have added 1,000 caloreis to my day already.

  4. You have found a magic combination -
    You are all over this, Ann!
    Awesomeness in the making!

  5. Kathy - you're welcome! I'm sending hugs and support your way ... You'll do GREAT on this challenge. I am going to try SparkPeople. Thanks!

    Hi Casey, welcome! Thank you for your kind words. I was in "just starting" mode too, a mere three months ago. It goes by so quickly! I'll stop by your blog in the morning to check it out. I think newbies can be so inspiring too, with their infectious enthusiasm!

    Tamzin - Okay, I want to learn from you. BNS Lasagna? I have GOT to learn what you do for that! Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I am glad for the awareness my recording things has given to me. I don't like the extra effort involved in recording/keeping track of every little bit, but I see the wisdom of doing so. I am so proud of you for passing up the goodies!! That is a tough one, when they sit there and taunt us ... AND, like you, I know that sort of grazing has led to huge calorie overloads. Ouch. LOL Not anymore ...

    Keep up the good work, everyone!

  6. Anne, my ARTIST friend, I'm not so sure about "awesomeness in the making," but I'll settle for a healthier, more active, more energetic me. Actually, that sounds pretty awesome. lol Thank you for cheering me on. I look at your before/after and can hardly grasp that was done over 18 short months. Talk about inspirational ...