Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 92 - Weigh-in Results: 271 lbs. !!

Oh, this was the most fun I've EVER had at a routine doctor's appointment! 

My doctor's nurse escorted me to the weigh station first (as usual).  I'm wearing a bulky coat, which I take off and put on the nearby chair, before I get on the scale.  The nurse's head is buried in the chart, so I stand on the scale and wait ...

She looks at the number, refers back to my chart, looks back at the scale ...

Then, she makes me STEP OFF and get back on again - like the reading was glitchy or something.  Now, I'm smiling.  She looks at the number again (still reading 271), and finally lets out a "WOW ..."  hehehe 

While we're walking back to the assigned examining room, she is telling me my doctor is going to flip.  And, of course, once we're in the examination room, she finally can look at me without the jacket on.  All she can do is stare and say, "WOW ..."  takes my BP, etc.  But she keeps looking at me and shaking her head, like she just can't get over it. 


The nurse leaves.  After a few minutes, enter my doctor.  He doesn't even open the chart.  He walked in, stops, and says, "Holy cow, Ann, what have you been doing?!"  THEN he flips open the chart and looks at me, looks at the chart, flips a few pages back, looks at me again, goes back to the first page ...  hehehe 

He slides his stool right in front of my chair and says, "Okay, tell me exactly how you did this."  So I tell him, low-fat diet, blah blah blah ... And he says I've lost 56 lbs in less than a year (like I don't know this?).  hehehe

I, of course, correct him, and say I've lost 36 of those pounds in just 3 months. 

Well, my doctor tells me now we'll have to wait for the blood work-up results.  He may have to make some adjustments DOWNWARD in a few of my medications.  (SWEET!!)  But, in the meanwhile, I am to continue taking the meds as before. 

No problem, Doc!!

As I leave the office, he stops in the hall, looks back at me and smiles.  "Ann," he said, "you've just made my day.  For the hundreds of patients I tell every month to lose weight, very few actually do.  This is what we doctors long to see.  Great job!"

Officially (and by my doctor's scale), I lost 3 lbs this past week, now down to 271 lbs.  I am THISCLOSE to saying good-bye to the 270s!!


  1. That is so amazing! I am so proud for you! I hope to have that reaction with my doctor soon! GREAT JOB ANN!

  2. SAWEET!!! That is a doctor visit to remember. Good for you!! You are rockin'!!

  3. So glad for you Ann. I'm also happy that the doctor told you how great you've done. A lot of doctors will complain about patients being too heavy but never acknowledge those that have lost. I have my yearly two days before my birthday next month. I am planning on giving myself a nice present.


    P.S. Thanks for your comments again on my blog. Did you see the explanation for TOPS?

  4. ANN!!!! That is awesome! I hope you had the biggest smile on your face the whole time you were there! You are simply amazing. :) It must feel great to know that your doc is so proud of you!

  5. Thanks, Sally! I hope you have an awesome reaction from your doctor too!!

    Margene, "sweet" is right! Now, of course, I wonder what he'll expect of me NEXT time. Oh, oh ... hahahaha

    Sheilah, yes thank you. I saw TOPS mentioned in passing on a few blogs, but no one ever said what it was. Does it stand for something? They don't have their own diet, so it is more like an in-person support and accountability group? Did I understand you correctly? Are they only in your state, or are they national? I may have to check them out. What will your present be?!!

    Christina, I know I smiled at least part of the time. It was so fun to watch their expressions - almost disbelief. LOL Now, I am really hoping I get the added bonus of (maybe) some medication reduction. That would be the cat's meow! (I was going to say "icing on the cake" but that didn't seem appropriate on my weight loss blog. LOL) I actually got a great deal of satisfaction, knowing how surprised and pleased my doctor was, silly as that may sound. Mostly, however, I was glad to finally not get a lecture. I was beginning to think lecturing was "his thing" ...

  6. Wow that's one of the best doctor's appointments i've ever heard of :) Great doctor too!!
    Congratulations because you've done all the hard work and it's paying off in buckets.

  7. Pretty soon you'll need new pics on the side bar!

  8. My doctor does that too. She drew a smiley face on my last physical's blood work. I LOVE going to the doctor now. :)

  9. Your post was worth the price of the bag !! You made me smile, thank you !!! Awesome !!

  10. **Smiling from ear to ear!!!**

    I am so happy for you! It sounds like the best doctor's visit ever!

    <3 Katie

  11. Awesome! ♥ I'm glad it went so amazingly well!

  12. I'm hoping I can get a similar reaction when I see my dr in a couple of weeks. Sweet, indeed!

    You are such an inspiration. Always so positive, with something good to report. Thank you - I have needed this lately.