Thursday, October 28, 2010

100 Days, 100 Ways

I awoke this morning to day 100 of my diet journey!  I decided to shake things up a little bit, and do a "reverse day."  I'm eating my biggest meal at breakfast, and will eat lighter meals as the day progresses.  So, in a manner of speaking, it is a sort of celebration involving food, but instead of eating unhealthy things, I'm just doing a reverse day.

Rather than bore everyone with every morsel I eat during the course of any given day, I'm just going to post my DDDY calories/water at the bottom of my daily post.  I'll update the figures as the day goes on, or by day's end. 

Now that I am super-fueled for my 100th day, I decided I'd post in this journal the 100 ways I have benefitted from eating healthier, in no particular order.

  1. I weigh nearly 60 lbs less than I did last December.
  2. I have more energy.
  3. I can bend/twist more easily.
  4. My clothes fit better.
  5. My cholesterol numbers now rock!
  6. My blood sugar levels have plummeted.
  8. My jawline has reemerged.
  9. My cheekbones are no longer hidden.
10. Blog buddies!!
11. I sleep better.
12. There is plenty of room between my tummy and the steering wheel.
13. My doctor didn't lecture me on this last visit and, in fact, was stunned.
14. I no longer "evaluate" whether I can fit into restaurant booths.  I no longer fear them.
15. I've learned to love vegetables!
16. Regular bowel movements.
17. My joints don't ache nearly as much as they used to.
18. I breathe more easily when exerting myself.
19. Hey, I actually exert myself!
20. My neck is shrinking, so necklaces and turtlenecks fit better.
21. I am stronger.
22. There is a good inch between my thighs and the arms of my office chair.
23. My ring is comfortable, no longer in danger of cutting off my circulation.
24. I get to wear clothes from the recesses of my closet that I haven't worn in years.
25. New bras!
26. Increased stamina.
27. The seat belt is no longer a torture device.
28. I find myself doing more, missing out less.
29. The dental chair suddenly seems much more comfortable.
30. The compiments!
31. My ankles and feet no longer swell.
32. Bracelets and my wristwatch actually fit now.
33. Mini-goal awards.  (i.e., My Ralph Lauren Zoe Loafers)
34. My kneecaps have reemerged!!  I love this one!
35. It is so much easier to shave now.
36. I can finally tie my shoes easily.
37. I can give myself a pedicure.
38. My shoulders have shape again!
39. I have a waist now.
40. I take stairs more easily.
41. No more back roll.
42. I feel much more rested.
43. Improved concentration.
44. I no longer obsess over food.
45. My skin tone has actually improved.
46. My gait is no longer "waddle" ...
47. I can stand for longer periods of time without my legs complaining.
48. And I can semi-cross my legs now!
49. It is easier to get up out of a chair.
50. And I don't worry about sitting in those outdoor folding chairs anymore.
51. New (smaller) clothes.
52. I make smarter restaurant choices because I want to!!
53. I've learned to appreciate water's benefits.
54. My refrigerator looks much more colorful inside.
55. I can finally buy a mini-trampoline, 'cuz I'm within weight tolerances.
56. I can put both armrests down at the movie theatre, and the seat is roomy.
57. Regular public bathroom stalls have suddenly become larger. (odd)
58. My extra chins are disappearing.
59. Less of my legs are rubbing together when I walk.
60. I've rediscovered my ankles!  (So long, Kankles ...)
61. And my calves are taking shape again.
62. I can pick up something I drop, without figuring how to negotiate that now.
63. My favorite chair no longer creaks when I sit in it.
64. I am not as physically uncomfortable.
65. I love the look of surprise, on the faces of people who haven't seen me in a while.
66. My vision has improved. 
67. My hands no longer look pudgy.
68. I've already added years back to my life!
69. No more trunk ledge.
70. My husband's arms fit all the way around me now, when he hugs me!
71. My fav jacket can now be buttoned, for the 1st time in 10 years.
72. I get to go winter coat shopping, because my current one no longer fits me.
73. If anything, my morning chipper is chippier (much to my husband's dismay).
74. Bath towels fit around me again.
75. I can reach things on higher shelves than I used to (weird, I know)
76. Getting in and out of the car is so much easier.
77. And I no longer dread those tiny bucket seats we sometimes get in car rentals.
78. New swimsuit!
79. No more back aches.
80. Better bladder control.
81. I'm doing a LOT more cooking at home - I've rediscovered my fondness for it.
82. Stronger self-esteem (not that mine was ever lacking ... lol)
83. Bigger range of motion in my limbs.
84. I'm saving money (smaller clothes cost less, as does eating home more often).
85. I can sit on the floor now & get up without aid, helpful during Christmas festivities.
86. I can squeeze into the tiny backseat in my BIL's van, so the kids are thrilled at least.
87. I rarely get headaches anymore.
88. If an emergency came up, I could fit into a regular-sized wheelchair now.
89. My husband & I can now squeeze past each other, at the narrow part of the furniture placement.
90. I'm apparently driving a female relative insane with jealousy & I'm okay with that particular one.
91. Improved balance.
92. Increased cardiovascular health
93. I'm taken much more seriously now. (This is good, but also irritating ...)
94. I'm thrilled to see my old hourglass figure starting to return!
95. Improved service (I get a LOT more attention now, so I'm not invisible anymore)
96. I fit into a standard PFD again, when we go out boating.
97. I don't have to sit inside, when outdoor cafes use those little white plastic chairs.
98. No more button pull-gaps in my blouses. 
99. Improved reflexes.
100.  So many more options and opportunities are open to me now.  My weight is not as limiting.  

DDDY 4 (Updated throughout the day/evening):

Calories: 1550
Water (of 8):  10.5


  1. Wow !! This should be the first stop when starting a diet, to read and hope !@!!! Awesome stuff

  2. Congratulations on your successes Ann. You are an inspiration.

  3. What a great list Ann! I concur with many! Here is to your next 100 days and all the items that will appear on your next list!

  4. Love this Ann! I can relate to almost every one of these and it is so exciting!! You are doing great, are an inspiration, and YAY for you!!!

  5. Happy 100 - Number 10 & 69 are my favorites

  6. Wow're the woman!!! I'm so happy for you. I'm so glad we're still in this journey together. It's a long one and we need all the support we can get. And thanks for you kind words this morning on my blog. It's nice to know I was missed.

  7. Happy 100th, Ann. I love your list. Some of my faves are on there, too.

  8. Fantastic list girl!! I forget about all those little NSV's...what an awesome reminder. :)

  9. Thanks, Allan. I know EVERYONE who loses weight has a list of their own. I'm waiting for the day I can fully cross my legs again. LOL But, I'm enjoying (thoroughly) all these other benefits, while continuing down the scale. I've, literally, changed my lifespan. So did YOU! Pretty awesome.

    Kathy, my challenge buddy! Thank you! We are going to be looking back at these (current) weights one day, and marvel ... lol

    Jessica, I'm glad you found some that are familiar to you. The thing I've discovered, here in Blogland, is that we (all) have much more in common than we perhaps realize at first. Gaining weight felt like a solo act, but that isn't really the case. We have similar experiences due to weight (and so, weight loss too). And, it is my hope that shared experiences make us all stronger in our journey to lose the excess.

    First, talk about inspiration - you, walking despite those heavy downpours!! I'd have couch-otatoed it. Now, the next time I feel like lumping out, I'm going to think of YOU, walking under the covered walkway back and forth, for the remainder of your hour. Thank you for the inspiration! Well done!!

  10. I loved reading your NSV's and I relate to them SO much!! Especially #8, 20, 70, heck all of them! SO worth celebrating girl!! You are doing so awesome!


  11. Quoting Ann:
    90. I'm apparently driving a female relative insane with jealousy & I'm okay with that particular one.

    HAH! I have to say, I love that one so much!

  12. You are rocken! I love hte list. I can't wait to make one like that too!


  13. Great list! I should come up with a list to remember where I was and how things have changed.

    P.S. Over here from Allan's place.

  14. AWESOME LIST!!! You are amazing, Ann! I like the one about bath towels. I hate wearing a robe, but I had to wear one after showers for like a year because towels were too small. No more robes for me! You'll be crossing those legs before we know it. HAPPY 100!!!!

    Making your first meal your biggest is a good idea. Several books I've read recmomend that, and it worked well for me when I did it. I hope it works well for you!

  15. This was wonderful. :) I relate to so much of this. My head nearly exploded with delight when I crossed my legs without thinking about it and realized that I was crossing my legs!

  16. Ann, to answer your question yes, I am still doing insulin. However, I have been able to reduce the amount by 80% with my weight loss (60 lbs. +/-) I am hoping to be off of it by Summer 2011.

    I was already able to drop one of my BP meds too :-D

    If you would like to email me you can

  17. Morsels?
    What KIND of morsels?

  18. Excellent post, great encouragement! You go girl!

    Blessings on the rest of your journey!