Sunday, October 3, 2010

Evening Musings

I ate a veggie burger and kale salad (dressed with a vinegary hot sauce) for dinner tonight. I enjoyed that! The veggie burger had lettuce, tomato, and onion on it.

Afterwards, I ran to the grocery store for a few essential items (TP is always a good thing never to run out of). As I was energetically unloading my cart's contents onto the conveyor belt at the check-out, while reaching into my cart for the next item, my ring slipped right off my finger and fell into the cart! I was in shock ...

That has never happened before (and, thank goodness, it landed on something in the cart, so I could easily retrieve it). I knew it was getting more comfortable, but holy cow. So, I am going to have to be very cautious. In fact, I'm going to temporarily substitute a different ring for it, until I get this one resized. I don't want to risk losing it, or having it damaged from falling off.

That was something that never, EVER, occurred to me. So, I guess my fingers have lost weight since last week. They look the same, but I know the ring didn't suddenly change sizes. LOL

I've been enjoying pickled beets with lunches lately. They don't have many calories, and I drain the juice off, but it just seems to hit the spot lately. (Gotta like beets to appreciate this, of course.) Honestly, I could eat an entire jar by myself. LOL How about that? I'm talking vegetables here, not chocolate! My tastes, they are a-changin'...

My walk today didn't go so well. I pulled something behind my left knee. OUCH! It feels like a sharp spider-vein sort of pain, if you know what that is like. I think I hyper-extended that leg, pushing up hill. It will probably be a few days before I can comfortably walk again.

As it is, just around the house, I'm being careful not to pivot or turn that leg in an odd way - or to extend it all the way either. I'll see how it does in another few days. Other people get injuries from downhill skiing, off-road biking, hiking canyons ... I can't make it around the blog three days in a row, strolling, without injury! Sheesh.

Time to catch up on the happenings around Blogland today!

Good choices to all ...


  1. One of the funniest typos ever... "I cant make it three times around the blog....:" You are a trip.. Get well, inspiring me daily..

  2. LOL ... I am a mess this evening, that is for sure! xxox

  3. Bummer!! I am so sorry you're injured.

    I absolutely love beets. They are like eating candy ~ so yummy!!!!

    Take care of yourself!!!

  4. That sounds a lot like the pain I got in the same spot a few weeks ago racing my grandson up a hill! It was very painful and I limped around for about 3 days before it got much better and it took a full week for it to be well enough to get back to walking! I hope you will heal faster and get back to walking around the "blog" soon! I might have to get me some pickled beets to try.

  5. Wow, ring falling right off your finger, thats an NSV I have not heard before. Take care & heal the aches & pains.

  6. Ring slippage is a major NSV. I can't wait for it to happen. I am getting pretty close. My wedding band is flopping all over the place, it just hasn't actually fallen off, yet.

    Looooove pickled beets. Nom, nom, nom.

  7. Ann, great about the ring, I have the stubbiest far as the walking, your doing it that is awesome, it is three times you did not walk will be out there again very soon. I bought a treadmill today. I am so excited about it. I have been drinking water, water, water, Cant wait for you to get into your bathing suit. c

  8. Nice!!!
    My ring is so loose some days, but it has yet to fall off :)

  9. I love the pickled beets, too. Haven't thought of them in awhile, so I think I'll add them to my grocery list.

    Great NSV about your ring, just glad you didn't lose is somewhere.

  10. I figure another 20 lbs and I might have this problem. I used to have this happen with my ring in 1999, 2000. Then ring got tighter and tighter. (I don't wear my original wedding ring. That had to be cut off my finger, cause I'd gotten it when I was 154 lbs, but by 230 lbs, it was choking my finger!) Hubby got me a pretty new band with a Celtic design to replace it. When that gets small on me, I'll have to decide whether to have that shortened or have the original wedding band enlarged, but that's a worry for another day. :)

    I look forward to having that ring looseness problem. Way to go for YOU!!!

    Hope the leg is better soon.