Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 91: Doctor Appointment Countdown

It is just under 16 hours to my doctor appointment - and my official weigh-in figure for this week.  Last December, that same scale weighed me at 327.  This year?  It will be UNDER 277 ... so I'm expecting a happy doctor visit for a change.   This may actually be fun. 

The blood draw results will take 7-10 days or so, but I'll post those results when they eventually come in.

I've seen zero changes to my measurements this week, but I know (unofficially) the scale has moved down a little bit.  That is okay, any loss is movement in the right direction.

Confession time?

My last two doctor appointments (both well over 300), I was sure to wear the lightest weight clothing I owned.  Like THAT is going to help the scale.  LOL  This time, I can't even wear the lightweight pants, unless I like the pants-around-the-ankles look.  It'll be jeans, and I'm not worried about the scale - curious, but no longer worried.  I'm actually looking forward to it.  That, by itself, is very freeing.

We're eating Mexican tonight (sans cheese).  Lunch today was minestrone soup and salad - loved it!  (Can you believe it?  All vegetables, and I actually WANTED it?) 

Hmmmmm ... sounds like I've been able to make some positive, permanent changes to my diet (aka Lifestyle Changes).

So much to catch up on in Blogland ... I'll be doing a LOT of reading tonight!

Day 91 and doing well ...


  1. You have made great progress. And I hope that all goes well at the doc's and that your numbers rock. :)

  2. I'm sure your doctors appointment will go well. Having lost as much as you have is terrific. You are certainly in the right direction girl!! There is no stopping you! :)


  3. Ann, I can't WAIT to hear what the doctor has to say when you show up all slim!!! I'll be waiting for the update!

    <3 Katie

  4. Hah. I do the same: lightest clothes for doc weigh-in. :)

    I had minestrone for lunch, too. Was gonna have a spinach side salad, and just stuck the spinach in with the soup. So good. And I saved the dressing calories. Had a protein shake for protein, since the soup was mostly veggies--squash, carrot, spinach, peas, cabbage, and a tiny bit of pasta and some beans. I did sprinkle parmesan on top. So good. I love fresh minestrone (better than canned).

    Hope the doc gives you lots of props. I want to have a nice endo visit with at least 10 lbs down from visit in August. :D

  5. Bag is in my clutches.. Nice choice... Get on the stick, and earn the prize,,,

  6. Your doing great! I'll bet he has a big grin on his face.

  7. I hope you doctor comments on how well you've done. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm taking it all in and I'll be okay.


  8. Your doctor is going to be so happy. :-)

  9. Ice - thanks!
    Margene, this is probably the most I've ever anticipated a doctor appointment, in a good way. LOL

    Katie, "slim" is still in the future, but "slimmer" is here now. I will definitely post the experience tomorrow.

    Princess, I'm going to try adding spinach to my next batch of minestrone. That is a nice way to add nutrients, and it DOES save dressing calories. Thanks for the tip! When do you visit the endo?

    Allan, I'm nicknaming you "The GM," for Great Motivator. LOL Congratulations on your nearly 3 lb loss this week! Wow ... 132 lbs gone!! That is fantastic. Duke Medical needs to put you on their payroll.

    Suzi, if my doctor isn't smiling, I'm taking away his right to lecture me about needing to lose weight. lol

    Sheilah, I'm counting on you being okay! You will conquer this!! We are (all of us) probably our own worst enemies sometimes.

    Blu, I'm thinking the doctor will be happy, but his nurse will probably make me "re-do" the weigh-in, just to be sure the scale is working. Wouldn't that be funny?

    Thank you, all of you, for your continued support, advice and insights! This will be my first doctor visit since starting this diet. I am most anxious to see how the numbers have changed (cholesterol, etc.) ... those are the measures of internal changes.

  10. Good luck at your doctor appointment! Just being thinner you will feel better going. I have to have my physical this week and I'm not thrilled even though all my bloodwork was awesome because I am a only 10 lbs thinner and I had hoped to be much more!! Oh well!

  11. The reality is that is less than a year, you've lost 50 pounds.