Saturday, October 2, 2010

First Goal Reached

Knowing I was within one pound of reaching my first goal, I've been hopping on the scale each day, to monitor my progress.

Today, I reached my first mini-goal! I am now 30 pounds lighter, and weigh 277 lbs. This represents a 10% drop in my body weight! My BMI has dropped nearly 5 points - awesome!

I did it, and it feels GREAT!

I am going to celebrate with a walk, one with a lighter spring in my step, actually. My knees will be thanking me. I read an article (I believe, on WebMD) that indicated for each pound of body weight lost, there's a 4-lb. reduction in knee joint stress! So, with 30 lbs gone, I've significantly lightened the load on my joints.

After that little celebritory walk around the block, I'm going to order my Ralph Lauren Zoe Loafers! That was the little reward I promised myself, for reaching this first mini-goal. (What is more classic in autumn casual wear, than a comfortable pair of jeans and a good pair of loafers?)

So, I am now setting my sights on my second mini-goal. It is another 30-pound drop, to bring me to 247 lbs. Achieving this goal has a special significance, because it will officially drop me out of the morbidly obese category. I'll still be obese, but no longer morbidly so. It is a step in the right direction. I'm too busy celebrating this victory, to think about a reward for this next goal - plenty of time for that later.

I did it, I really, really did it!!

Day 74 and my first (10%) goal was achieved today! Onward and downward ...


  1. Congrats! Woo Hoo! And what a very nice reward for yourself!

  2. Congrats!!! I googled the shoes... too cute!!! Black or Red??

  3. Thanks, for the congrats, Ladies!

    Jo, I dangle really good carrots, just as an extra incentive. :D But, I happen to need some replacement shoes, so there is a practical aspect too.

    Karla, that was a tough choice, but I went with red! Maybe not quite as versatile, but still stylin' in a classic fashion.

    Listen to me, like I'm some clothes horse! (I'm really NOT.) LOL As if you couldn't tell by the photos.

    I am SO HAPPY today! I love how this feels, reaching a target, overcoming a plateau to get here, and still staying on plan. Then, as extra fun, I get to have probably the best routine doctor visit ever - NO LECTURES !! I can't wait ...

  4. CONGRATULATIONS, ANN!!!! AHhhhhhhh!!!!! Woooo Hooooo!!!! How great for you! You have done such a terrific job. You really should be proud of how far you've come! Hitting those numbers is so much more fun on the way down!

    <3 Katie

  5. OMG! I just calculated my BMI and I am not morbidly obese!!! I never even thought to check! I have lost enough weight that now I am just regularly obese. haha. whoever thought I would be glad to be obese? But hey, it beats MORBIDLY obese...I mean...morbid is such a bad, bad word!

  6. Congratulations on keeping you goal in sight and reaching it. They say to lose 10% of your weight increases your life span and your all around health. Way to go.

    Thanks for your comments on my post. We learn so much day in and day out, if we pay attention.


  7. Congratulations. That's such a good milestone and I like your way of celebrating.

    Thanks too for your kind comments. I've deleted that post now. I intended to keep it in the drafts folder. I have one or two like that which belong in a personal journal but I can no longer be bothered running several places to write into. I'll keep it for my eyes only because it's my heart cry. Most of the time I just get on with what is. I've learned to live with places that need healing and I have received wonderful healings, release and promises so I know where I'm going. I just get tired sometimes and yesterday was a little shocked by the depth of pain I still carry. Thank God He understands and loves me whether I'm weird or not.

    I'm glad I did post it because this morning I was dithering about going to church. Now I know I will make the effort.

    Thanks again for encouraging me to keep on going with good heart.

  8. Wow Ann! That is awesome!!! Did I read that right? You've lost 30 pounds since July 20th!!! WOW, you are kicking butt!!!!

  9. That is terrific Ann! You are doing so well and such an inspiration to me. I'll be here to congratulate you on your next mini-goal!!

  10. Awesome and inspiring Thanks !!!

  11. Thanks, Everyone!

    Katie, under my "Progress" tab, I have the obese categories listed (for my height, 5'6"). I am so glad you calculated your (now) NON-morbidly obese BMI!! Congratulations!! I got a big kick out of your post! (And yes, those numbers are much more fun on the way down, than on the way up.)

    Sheilah (Mensa) - I loved your post today, great story!

    MargieAnne - I hesitated adding a commentary, but your "temporary" post touched me in such a way I felt compelled to say something. The words just spilled from me, as if they wrote themselves. We ALL hit those tender spots once in a while, don't we? I'm glad you know where to find solace - you may not feel like it, but you really do have it together. xxox

    Tina - Yes - I've lost 30 lbs in about 10 weeks. It is amazing what sticking to my diet can accomplish when I don't "cheat" on it. LOL I'm going to remember that too, the next time anything chocolate starts to call my name.

    Sharon, wow, thank you! I hope we'll be here for each other, as we hit those goals!

    Kathy, my challenge buddy, thanks! I'm walking because I'm trying to follow your exercise example. I'm -14 of the 60 we're trying to lose, with today's numbers.

    Perky Allan! Thank YOU, for keeping it real and reminding us all (all the time) to stick to our plans. It works! Despite a 3+ week plateau, I still managed 30 lbs in 10 weeks - one good decision at a time and no excuses. It is HARD work sometimes, but the payoff is pretty nice.

  12. Woo Hoo Girl! You are kicking butt and taking names! You are doing incredible! So proud!

  13. Congratulations!!! What a great reward for a job amazingly well done!

  14. Awesome job Ann!! -30 is a huge milestone! Just about 1/3 of 100 pounds! =)