Friday, October 22, 2010


The 24-Update is my biweekly attempt to get into my old size 24-jeans.

Here is the link to my first attempt (oh boy), which seriously involved my thinking I'd need third-party help to cut them off of me:

You may wonder why I am doing the 24-Update so early.  It is because if I got stuck in them, I wanted my husband to be able to help get them off of me.  I was seriously in trouble the last time I tried this.

Well, I need not have worried.  This morning, I managed to get the jeans over my legs with ease! 

They are NOT baggy, but neither are they a second skin this time.  I actually still had feelings in my legs, and I could pull the jeans off without gyrating on the bed like a sick horizontal copy of Elaine Benas, dancing.  (Jerry Seinfeld episode reference there.)  

Clearly, the legs are getting better, but the hips, bum and tummy have a way to go. 

The open zipper halves still cannot see each other over the tummy area.  I'd have sucked in my tummy, but it was hard to breath in the jeans as it was.  LOL

So tight are the jeans on the hips, I could actually see a panty line through denim.  I estimated the distance between the button and buttonhole to be about 4" ... but I may be off by an inch, give or take.

The legs are still tighter than I'd wear jeans, but I am amazed at how much easier they were to pull on this morning.  Going over the hips still gave me that "oh-oh" hesitation, but they made it. 

I'd sure like to be able to zip/button the jeans by Thanksgiving weekend.  I'm just not sure how realistic that is.  I'll give it a go anyway. For now, however, I've tucked the 24 jeans back into the drawer. 

I'll pull them out in two weeks to try again. 

You know, I should be able to wear the size 24 jeans (I think) by the time my next photo update is due.  Hmmmmm ...


  1. "Spirit ... has fifty times the strength and staying power of brawn and muscle." Pull them bad boys on your ass, and wear them with pride !!

  2. I gotta close that 4" gap up front first, or I'll be in trouble. LOL The spirit is willing though ... does that count? :D

  3. Love the descriptions ... especially the Seinfeld connotation. You're getting there!


  4. Progress is happening here... those jeans will be conquered. So your next photo you will be of you in these jeans? Seems like a great add onto the challenge... have a great weekend!

  5. Your determination is amazing! You will get it to them soon!

    My NSV this week was getting (today) into a shirt I have not worn for over 2 years. Feels great!!

  6. I told you doing this would keep you motivated! You'll remember how good this feels to watch the jeans get closer to fitting for a long time. And when they finally do fit, you'll shout for joy.

  7. A huge "Yay!" for progress ... and for Seinfeld references, haha. You'll be fully in them soon!!! I just got into my first pair of 24's that aren't made with that awfully deceitful stretchy denim.

  8. Slowly but surely, Sheilah. (Say that 3x fast)

    Thanks, Jessica!

    Good point, Patrick. Consider them added.

    AWESOME, Michele! I love that!! The wardrobe is expanding in a good way ...

    Sharon, I am doing the jean update completely at your suggestion, though I made it biweekly instead of weekly. I thought that was an excellent and interesting idea. THANK YOU!! It is just one of several things that may seem trivial to some, but they help keep me motivated. Maybe I'm just easily pleased ... lol

    Yay!! AWESOME job, getting into those 24's. I am not too far behind you ... maybe 3-4 weeks? My hips are stubborn little things, as it turns out. Why can't THEY go, and the twins stick around a little longer? But nooooooooo ...


    Thanks for stopping by to cheer me along, everyone! xxox