Friday, October 29, 2010

If You See This, STOP ME

My motivational word today is confidence

I know that may seem an odd motivational word, but I think, too often, people go into things with a great deal of trepidation, rather than with confidence.  I believe, in order to be successful in my weight loss journey, I need to be confident that I can do this - to encourage myself and motivate myself. 

Let's face it, a dieter's greatest enemy is always him/herself. 

I have to have confidence that I can make my goal weight. 
I have to have confidence that if I make a mistake, I can shake it off and continue on.
I have to have confidence that THIS time won't be like past attempts, quitting is not an option!

This journey, this goal, is entirely up to me.  If I start doubting myself and my ability, no one else can just take over for me. 

I have to be my own leader, my personal driving force, my self-assured navigator - if I want to get to my goal weight.  All the best wishes and hopes of others can't make it happen.

We ALL have bad days, and the lick-our-wounds sort of posts (myself included), but I've noticed a few make whining routine, and their blogs are often a string of posts, peppered with excuses, rationalizations and justifications.

Leaders don't do that.  Well, successful leaders don't do that ...

And, in dieting, we are (all) our own leaders! 

So, if you see me posting a string of excuses or a string of laments over this or that - STOP ME.  That is not the sort of leader I want to follow, and it is a future forecast of failure!  Confidence gets results, trepidation gets failure.  And that is why my motivational word for today is confidence! 

I WILL reach my goal weight.

DDDY calories, so far:  1,345

DDDY water, so far (of 8):  11

Day 101, and feeling positively confident!  (How about you?)


  1. I would have to say i'm definitely confident this week! Which is huge for me.
    I am really beginning to realize that it's down to me, my choices whether bad or good will determine my journey to health!!

  2. Confidence!!! I am confident that I have the ability to make healthier food choices!!!

    think it, visualize it, DO IT!!!!!

    uuhh ra!!!!!

  3. Great post. And so true. Thank you. :)

    And to comment on your previous post, math makes my silly little head hurt. But I think, without actually hauling out my calculator, that you are pretty close. :D

  4. Makes sense to me, have a great weekend.

  5. deal!! :) Feeling good today. Have a NSV as well. But I'll save that for my post.


  6. Great Post, Ann!
    I'll have to remember that when I feel whiny!
    Thank you for being an encouraging leader!
    My son had something to say about voicing our encouraging thoughts that I shared on my blog.
    Hugs, Casey

  7. The root word and etymology of the word
    is con=with and fidere=trust.
    Think 'fidelity' - faith and trust.
    Very good post - two paws up for Fido!

  8. Wow!--another great post, Ann. You are on your way to becoming the poster girl for weight loss! I love it!!