Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 90 Changing My Numbers

Wow, I've been dieting for three months now.  I'm going to let my doctor's scale be my official reading for this week.  That appointment is on Wednesday morning.  I've already hit my goal, of reaching my 10% loss before that scheduled appointment.  It will be interesting to hear the medical opinion on this.  Speaking of medical ...

Just a quick update on Dad, who is doing well and is back home again (as of yesterday).  He begins this last round of cancer treatment next week, and should be concluded before Christmas.  It is, as always, in God's hands, but after the treatment is concluded, we just have to wait and see what affect, if any, it has upon the cancer.  (It is the last treatment option remaining for him.)  Thank you, one and all, for the many emails and well wishes, and especially for the prayers.  Dad is optimistic and hopeful, which is a good thing. 

I ordered the pink (for the Cause) Emile Henry pie dish, using the gift certificate I won recently from Big Clyde's blog (The Clydesdale Project).  I'm told to expect it today already!  I'm very impressed with how fast delivers ...

And, of course, I can't wait to get the pie dish!

Here is a tiny NSV from the weekend.  I attended a kids' football game yesterday evening, and the host only had available those dreaded collapsible tube-framed chairs ... the very kind I've always resisted sitting in, because I just KNEW I'd end up on the ground with the twisted metal frame and/or torn fabric around me.  Well, I actually attempted to sit in one of those things at the game.  It was that, or stand.  And ...

It held just fine.  I took a peek at the tag, as everything was being loaded back into the trunk afterwards ... the weight capacity was 300 lbs.  NO WORRIES!  Of course, if I tried sitting in that back in July, I'd have been in trouble ...

Just one less thing to have to think about. 

Plans for this week included my routine doctor appointment on Wednesday, and the 24-Update on Friday, where I try (again) to squeeze into my size 24 jeans.  I'm going to attempt to put them on every other Friday, until I finally fit into them.  Last time, I got them over my legs, although the jeans were like a second skin.  And, I could not zip or button them ... I don't even think the zipper teeth could see each other, over the gap that was filled by my middle section.  The zipper halves were practically in different "zip" codes ... sorry, couldn't resist.

Since the food holidays are fast approaching, I thought a good additional incentive to stay focused and on track, would be to ... get this ... WEAR the famous size 24 jeans over Thanksgiving weekend! 

I know.  I couldn't believe myself either. 

Considering I was seriously afraid I'd have to get outside assistance to cut them off me, just 1.5 week- s ago, it is a big goal to shoot for, but I look at it this way, the venture is either mad, or genius.  Regardless, it is a goal I can shoot for, and will at least carry me through Thanksgiving Thursday.  I've watched our Canadian fellow-bloggers breeze through their Thanksgiving holiday with nary a ripple, so that is additional incentive.  The Canadians are blazing the trail ...

The size 24 jeans are tan, by the way, not a nice, dark (SLIMMING) color.  I think the last time I was a size 24, it was summertime (thus the lighter color).  I don't care if it is mid-winter, I'm wearin' those jeans whenever I manage to get into them.  LOL

Speaking of incentives, I set as my reward for reaching my NEXT mini-goal (30 lbs, or achieving 247 lbs - getting OUT of morbid obesity) a Kate Spade tote.  I've looked over the budget, and it just isn't happening. 

The Kate Spade Barrow Street Anabel Baby Bag Tote - in black - is $345 (the cheapest I could find it). 

That just isn't going to fit into our budget, anytime before April.  I'm hoping, of course, to leave morbid obesity sometime in late January, so I will probably have to rethink my reward for achieving this mega-milestone.  One female relative (aka, "the hater") told our other sibling that - and I quote - "Fat people aren't fashionable anyway," and that I shouldn't even be looking at nice things.  How about that?  And this comes from a gal who could stand to lose a few pounds herself, not that I would ever criticize her.  So, whatever her problem, clearly she is no supporter of my weight loss efforts.  I have to be honest, her criticisms do nothing to thwart me from my efforts, but I'm really not looking forward to my side's family Christmas gathering this year, because of her attitude and outright hositility.  She doesn't have to support me, but how about just keeping silent?  You'd think I killed her dog or something, with the viciousness of her verbal cruelties.  If I outlined even half the stuff she has said (directly to me) about my weight and this weight loss journey, you wouldn't believe me.  ANYWAY, this isn't about her, but about my giving up the idea of my next reward incentive (the Kate Spade tote), for something else.  The hunt is on for a different (cheaper) reward idea ... to celebrate (when the time comes) leaving morbid obesity behind!!

Day 90 (already!) ... and feeling a little less enthusiastic today.  This too shall pass.  I'm actually looking forward to changing my numbers - though I think it takes 7-10 days (from Wednesday's blood draw) before I know what impact this diet has had upon my body, other than weight reduction.


  1. I ordered the bag already. Get to the goal please..

  2. If you really want the bag so badly, then get it! You have worked hard for this! Pocket some of your grocery money for a couple of weeks and add it to the pot.

    (GET THE BAG.)

  3. I truly hope and pray that your dad has a miracle and can beat his cancer.

    The female hater relative is merely a gnat flying around in the air. Annoying. But not big enough or important enough to effect you or derail you. Seriously, Ann, she just doesn't matter. You know why you are doing this and you know for whom you are doing it. It isn't for her. She is nothing. And that is probably why she is so hateful

    You are a rockstar. :D

  4. What great incentives. I like the idea of using your size 24 pants as an incentive instead of the scale. Good for you in setting yourself incentives and not letting a critic define you or your goals. You are amazing and doing great! Best of luck to your dad... been down that road myself. God bless!!


  5. I wish I could hit this hater in the face! You are doing such a good job, Ann! Keep up the awesome work! I have a ridiculously expensive photo shoot as my ultimate reward for hitting my weight goal. I never got senior pictures as a kid, so that will be a way to reward myself. I will be hooking myself out on the streets if I have to in order to get the money. =)

  6. 24, 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10....
    The countdown continues!

  7. I'm glad you aren't allowing this relative to thwart your process. Good for you.