Thursday, October 28, 2010

Doing The Math, Allan-Style ? My Head Hurts ...

Allan (blog: Almost Gastric Bypass), creator of the DDDY Challenge, is a big fan of dietary math. 

That's because it works. 

So, I started thinking this afternoon (channeling Allan?!) ...

I am currently 269 lbs.  Using Allan's math, that means I have to consume 2,959 calories per day to maintain this lovely physique.  (269 x 11 = 2959).

If my goal weight is 145 lbs, my daily caloric intake needs to be 1,595 calories (145 x 11 = 1595). 

And, in fact, that 1,595 daily intake is what I aim for in the DDDY Challenge.  (Allan is challenging us to eat as if we are at goal weight, and it will eventually get us there!)

So, back to thinking ... how long will it take me to get there, if I continue eating like a 145 lb woman?

Let's see.  2959 - 1595 = 1364 daily caloric deficit.  Well, if 3,500 calories = l lb., I should be able to calculate this, right?

3,500 / 1,364 (the deficit) is roughly 2.5, so if I stay on this challenge, beyond its two-week length, I can expect to lose 2.5 lbs per week.  I think I did that correctly. 

My current weight (269) less my ideal weight (145) means I have 124 lbs yet to lose.  If I take 124, divided by 2.5 lbs/week = roughly 50 weeks. 

Hey, I can be at goal in LESS than a year?!!  I must have done something wrong, because that means by mid-October, 2011, I'd be at goal weight.  Wow, that just can't be right!  Right there is my incentive to stick to goal calories, if ever there was one (assuming my math is correct, and maybe it isn't).     


  1. Yep. I did my math when I moved to my new blog--new goal, new vision, new math, NEW BLOG! I figured out that at 1 pound a week and a scosh a month I'd get there in 2 years.

    Now, the math is an average for folks. Because of my impaired endocrine system, when I was 265, I maintained at 2300-2400 calories. You can see the math was not perfect for me, but still close!

    I figured that at 1800 calories a day, that was about 500-600 less than the maintain intake, so 1 pound a week plus a scosh (maybe). If acitivity didn't rise. The challenge is close to that number, though I've stayed so far from 10 to 200 under.

    Of course, as we get smaller, eating at goal level will mean a slower loss. Did you calculate that? Once you lose 50 won't lose as fast on the goal-level calorie.

    It's not arithmetic. It's a more complicated formula taking into consideration lessening caloric need with smaller scale numbers. :)

    But I forgot my math....I'm old. :D

  2. be careful too, Ann. sometimes plateaus can come from constantly staying on the same caloric level. you need to give yourself slom wiggle room for when yuou hit them that way you can lower calories or work out more to get your metabilism back in gear.

  3. Oh, I know this is just a rough guideline, Katie, believe me. There are all sorts of factors that influence it (TOM, salt intake, illness, conditions such as Princess referred to, exercise/activity levels, etc. and so forth), and, of course, the dreaded plateau. What I'm excited about, though, is that I was picturing THREE years, so anything less than that gets my attention! LOL

    Princess, I don't know the formula for the diminishing results, but I'm aware they exist. You made an excellent point (as did Katie). As we get smaller, loss slows. And I did not calculate for that - this being just a rough estimate. I was just doing the straight math. I'm sure Allan would account for variations (at least for the slow down as weight comes off).

    I'm interested enough to figure out the rough, but dedicated enough to follow my plan, regardless of what the math says. That is because, NOT doing the plan got me to 327 lbs on my doctor's scale. That wasn't working for me very well. This (so far) has gotten me into the 260s - a much better place to be!

  4. Just the mere thought of knowing it is possible and controllable makes it seem manageable. When you think it will take YEARS and YEARS then it is easy to lose track and get discouraged.

    It will probably take a little more than a year, but you could always reduce your calories a little more (like 1200) or add some extra activity to keep those pounds dropping off.

    You are doing awesome! Keep it up!

  5. I love Allen's challenge. It was exactly what I needed. I'm having a tough time hitting 1595 every day. I usually go over 100 calories or so. In any case, it's a whole lot better than I was doing....1700 - 1900. At least now I try every day to hit the goal!!

    Keep up the great work!!!

  6. Hello Ann. This is me, getting to know you. I had a blast reading your 100 list. I loved each and everyone on those. You are doing wonderful. Yes, there are the days/weeks things seem to come to a stop but with work things pick up again and move. You will do this I am sure of. I am following you and wishing you well.
    I will be back to check in on you.
    I love Allan's challenge and have meet quite a few people working on their life style changes.
    Take care and God Bless!!!

  7. Well, now my head hurts! LOL

    Regardless, if you stay focused, I bet you'll be healthier and happier by next October...even if you aren't quite at your goal.

  8. you done sum guud maths! :) Nice work... I might have to have a stab at that

  9. Haha, if you hit 150, and you're still losing 2.5 pounds/week, I can't promise not to be jealous!!! I wouldn't trust this math too much because it doesn't account for the decreasing deficit between the two calories levels (one to maintain your current weight, and one to maintain your goal weight). At the same time, you are trucking right along, and I know next October you'll be so far from where you are now. Keep it up, Ann!!!!! :)

  10. It sounds like that math is right! You are so great and I believe you could totally do it.

    Go ANN!

  11. Hi Ann: I recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed following you along on your journey. You have a great sense of humor and your attitude is uplifting - two very important ingredients for your continued success in achieving your goals. I am cheering for you and receiving inspiration in the process. You go girl!

  12. Let's not jump ahead, as I won't have anything to surprise you and everyone else with. You will hit 238 pounds on January 1st. Your goal of 145 pounds will be 93 pounds away. At 1,600 calories per day, you will hit the goal on.... Wait until next week, it will make you smile !!! As for the diminishing results, let me handle the math, it is tricky, and I will be within a week of the final day if you follow the plan !!!

  13. Allan, if I hit 238 on January 1st, I'll name the next bagel after you! LOL But, in fact, my goal is to be out of morbid obesity by the new year, so that was music to my ears. The anticipation of that goal weight day is going to kill me, you know that, right?

    Welcome, Carol, Julie and Prairiemaid! I will check out your blogs later today. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

    In fact, thank you - everyone - for your encouragement, cheering, and thought-provoking comments!

    Regardless of when that magic goal weight rolls around, I know I am getting healthier and making positive changes - something we are all striving to do. So, I will returning the kindess and say keep your goals in sight, and stay the course! We can (all) do this!!